Tuesday, May 10, 2022

A Good Victorian Spring Cleaning (And A Few Gentle Suggestions About The Mute Feature On Instagram)

I am an incurable optimist. May I offer you the compliments of glad tidings and a variety of thoughtful notions I learned at the weekend? I hope that said notions will flower your library of contemplation.

“To assist in managing complex dynamics, in 2018, Instagram brought us the quietest, most nonconfrontational and noncommittal way to dismiss someone in an age when most are terrified of commitment, rejection and confrontation.”

May I give rise to the acknowledgement that I am reasonably behind the eight ball with the component on Instagram termed the mute button feature, that is, until the weekend. Last week I felt the rumbling beneath my landlocked feet to be extravagant with the task of sprucing up my computer, photos, iPhone and apps (none of which are Victorian whistlings, I might add, smile). In addition, I tidied my Instagram lists. Afterwards, whilst in the decency of my thoughts, I published an isolated question on my Instagram stories to discern what the thoughts were from others in views to the mute feature use. Is the feature used often, or is it simpler to utilise the unfollow technique?
In my inquisitive nature, I began exploring why Instagram would add this feature, and as presumed, my instincts prevailed accurately. The advancement of new technological ideas are pleasant; however, this is most often invariably what society proceeds to do; it fails to understand that whereas the revolutionary rise of improvement is lovely, this technological modification does not correct a mortal matter.
Elon Musk is deeply involved in AI (Artificial Intelligence). Mr Musk has prevailed in sharing his convictions of wishing to implant a device into the human brain to amend appendages and failings using AI. He possesses grandeous reasons, and I am in favour of many of his findings; however, I have my limit. I believe the confines are lovely; for instance, when you see a little girl regain her hearing from a device in her ears to a wounded veteran having a bionic leg and arm so he can now function a bit more normally. However, I should like to propose my groundbreaking philosophy. Humans possess faith, although rarely if ever, utilise it to capacity. Our Inner Being (which is the God within each of us); has the power to see remarkable, impossible, and improbable aspects in the natural man's eye. The justification as to many of these notions remains unsuccessful as so many folks have vast disbelief in themselves. They also grapple with dire foundational belief systems of inadequacy. This absence in self-worth stems from the constant conscious awareness of autopilot (generationally ingrained); to attain anything, it must come from outside of self. Many folks habitually determine that fixing an internal struggle requires pressing a (metaphorical and physical) external button. Rejection and confrontation are not the poorest possible matters known to man; in truth, life experiences teach man better than any other aspect. The ability to navigate and learn is the purpose of man's descending to earth.

I liken the mute feature to this quote by Teal Swan.

"The people who trigger us to feel negative emotions are messengers. They are messengers for the unhealed parts of our being." 

To believe that we must struggle to be truthful with ourselves by utilising a mute button rather than simply unfollowing a person is unduly soft. Collectively Instagram has billions of users, and the feature of the mute button implies that we would rather secretly mute a person than run the risk of appearing rude. Pray ye, when did being true to ourselves become characterised as dismissive and unkind to another? The continuum of painfully discrediting our feelings rather than risk hurting another is not a magical accomplishment at the end of the yellow brick road. It is essential we are true to ourselves, and upon doing so, we will fill our hearts with glad tidings of joy.
One of the first elements an individual learns in lifeguard certification is to protect their air allowance, even at the expense of losing a drowning person that was overcome with alarming panic. If the sufferer attempts to submerge the lifeguard, the lifeguard must release and distance from the fearfully distressed. A lifeguard cannot risk their vigour as it is their employment to save as many lives as possible. The aircraft is a similar concept. In an emergency landing, passengers are advised to place the air mask on first and then assist others. May I gently prompt us to visualise that when the thought of selfishness arises, let us contemplate the truthfulness of this gesture? The word Selfish prevails as lovely as a rose; it's a mighty wonder to change one's perception through a new perspective. Might we look upon it oppositely than what we were taught as youngsters?
The mute option models the tone of passivity. To take accountability for our feelings/emotions is how we begin healing as individuals. This rippling effect will create a wave of causal impact on our world. Boldness, strength and courage are vital to inflict a revolutionary change within our lives forevermore. It bears repeating, and I shall keep banging on about it, that to change the world, we must first begin changing ourselves. We try to change human beings through control and manipulation, as one would manoeuvre a watch upon one's wrist. Let us take the plunge and leap, rather than setting our emotions upon the shelf, collecting dust balls of refusal to accept our self inflicted avoidance issues. This description of escape (using the mute feature) is another form of insecurity with lackful bouts to convey what we deeply feel. In truth, often, I think we want to unfollow a person we no longer resonate with; however, instead of acting on our guiding spirit, we mute the person for fear of rejection and confrontation.
Avoidance and indifference are two wholly varied scores. We must be able to rise above slightly uncomfortable notions if we are to evolve as a collective consciousness. If we remain incapable of making a scant decision to unfollow a person (but choose to mute them), revolutionary change will not occur.
May we be the change we desire to see in the world.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


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