Tuesday, August 30, 2022

The Art of Setting a New Precedence And How Homemakers May Enrich Their Spiritual Path By Living An Olde Fashioned Lifestyle

Over the past thirty-two years, I have always joyously discovered the answers to my inquisitive nature in homemaking books and magazines from another time. In the olden days, nurturing a family and pursuing the domestic arts—cooking, decorating, and handicrafts was always a woman's most rewarding achievement and never considered second-rate burdens. In addition, I constantly felt a gnawing at the teeth, an internal question of why deep within my soul (what was then the Christian aspect of me) as though my well was in constant need of refilling. My well was prone to drying up no matter how much I laboured to be the best I could be. I would feel high as if my well runneth over, but the sentiments would always wither. My dear friends and readers, I could not make sense of it. I see this now with so many women, and it's quite unfortunate because they believe I mean to do evil when I am only here to do goodwill. Why did a woman of "God" have to work so entirely hard to be happy when I was living the best I knew that was humanly conceivable? This perpetual imbalance would deepen for decades until I became profoundly dedicated to uncovering the secrets of man's/woman's purpose. It may sound highly far-fetched to clamour that after my endeavour, I found the absolute truth. So it was in 2014 when my spiritual transformation commenced. Then another extraordinary moment took place when my son died. I went on a quest that no man under the sun would stop until I came out the other side with answers. The murder of a precious child will do that to a mother. 

Friday, August 26, 2022

Let Us Halt In The Manner Of Boundary Chatter

A few days ago, I placed a reel on my Instagram feed. I was calling health and wellness coaches to the carpet for the constant way they express that one must set boundaries for the toxic. I feel many spread the erroneous portrayal and arrange complications so that everyone outside of themselves (clients) is the matter in question. The notion that clarifying dividing lines with others implies the problematic issues are with everyone other than self.  

Monday, August 22, 2022

Don't Be So Hasty, Dear; It Doesn't Suit You

Good morning my fruits, 

I have some of the most wonderful news I am nipping at the bit to impart. However, it must keep a bit longer. It is life-changing and most miraculous. Yet, that is not why I've been vacant. I'm preparing many bits and bobs, one of which consists of sewing numerous new clothes to fill up my Victorian wardrobe. A few defining items I am creating are an exceptional corset, two corset covers, two petticoats and two pairs of bloomers. In addition, I purchased a new pair of stockings, silk and cotton twist and a cube of wax from Burnley and Trowbridge & Co.

Raquel's Letterbox-In-The-Hedge

Hello dear friends,  I truly believe that a blog can be a kind of post-office-in-the-hedge. Think of it such as this dear friend. There is a...

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