Don't Be So Hasty, Dear; It Doesn't Suit You

Good morning my fruits, 

I have some of the most wonderful news I am nipping at the bit to impart. However, it must keep a bit longer. It is life-changing and most miraculous. Yet, that is not why I've been vacant. I'm preparing many bits and bobs, one of which consists of sewing numerous new clothes to fill up my Victorian wardrobe. A few defining items I am creating are an exceptional corset, two corset covers, two petticoats and two pairs of bloomers. In addition, I purchased a new pair of stockings, silk and cotton twist and a cube of wax from Burnley and Trowbridge & Co.

I've also been compiling all the specks of my writings I'd generally place here on ye olde blog and have now safely positioned them into my manuscripts. I have been writing with feverish pleasant delight. There shall be books, books and more books, dear hearts. 

I had the opinion a fortnight ago that I do not always have to post miniature novels whenever I unfurl my pen to paper. Nonetheless, you know me, I am an unyielding lass, so there's hardly any getting around the matter on that score. 

Well, goodness, so much has ensued that I hardly know where to begin. So let us get on, and I shall start a chatter with you and what becomes of it, let it be. I have some exhilarating adventures coming about in future, so be on the lookout for them, as they will utterly astonish—a true testament to my power to manifest extraordinary measures.

My daughter Zoë Kennedy and her dear beau are engaged, which was a beautiful experience to share in her excitement. She called me first (yes, I must insist on the boasting of being informed, firstly). This step in the correct direction was another feather in our caps in her and my relationship. Likewise, she requested that I sew her wedding dress, which was touching. I was a bit misty-eyed for several hours afterwards. I am glad that my relationship with my children is coming along splendidly. I've had many "Take Joy" moments as of late and can hardly contain myself. I set many intentions to manifest, and they have nearly all come to fruition. It is a testament that manifesting works; it indeed does, so never let anyone tell you, my dear hearts, that the conjuring up in your imagination (the vastest notions) can not be acquired because they most certainly can. So when you hear of my two following feats, you will trust me on that score. You are going to drop your socks!

 I have spent most recent weeks sewing by hand, and my genuine love for sewing retained such a rich course of action in my heart, just as it had when my children were tiny little doorsteps. A needle and thread accompanied as a constant companion. I genuinely enjoy sewing as much as I did when I was younger and as a mother to my children. I've been sewing since I was a teen (15), and as I've sat in pondering, time passes quickly. I also spent a little stint on a few new episodes for my Patreon. Are you a patron? I try to add at least two episodes a month. I am toiling at three projects to be up to snuff with the rest of the year. I've begun planning. One project is restoring my mum's Victorian sofa, another is converting the modern metal doors of the cottage into Victorian doors, and the last project is turning my human-size skeleton into a mermaid. I'm very eager to present the mermaid, as she will be the focal point this year for All Hallows Eve. I'm using wooden dows along with a bit of wood carving. It is going to be blooming mermazing. If you think you'd like to support my Patreon, I would love to have you in our little mermaid community. It's rather delightful and such a comfortable slot. 

In other happy news, my youngest brother and his wife are expecting their first child in October, and I am throwing her a surprise baby shower. I painted the invitations and planned a lovely theme—a fishers Nantucket-style party. I've completed every bit of preparation and cannot wait to see it all put together. 

I was attempting a Norman Rockwell type of vibe. I think the invite is precious. In addition to the shower, my gift is this original watercolour I had custom framed for the nursery. 

Onto other topics, as this post is going in all directions. The other day on Instagram, I took a poll in my stories to see what folks think the temperature these days is for blogging. Several declared to me that blogging seems to have become dismal. Yet, I had several that still love to read a nice old-fashioned blog post, which was the best news to hear for a writer such as myself. I do not accept the conviction that blogging is dismal, for I believe blogging is, for a writer, a mere necessity to develop into an incredible writer. To blog (write) is the perfect breeding ground for honing one's craft as an author. Would you not agree? 

I finally purchased a new faucet for our claw foot tub in Scarlette Rose Cottage, and I am in love with it. However, when It arrived in the post, I quickly realised it was a bit too wide, so the solution was to buy a little kit to narrow the pipes. It should arrive in a week, and then we shall plumb it. So take note, my sweets, if you ever have this skettle of fish yourself whilst renovating, it's pleasant to know there is a solution afoot for such conundrums. I shall indeed celebrate with a lovely Victorian bath with candles to boot. 

I shared on Instagram last evening that I would dive in a tad more on the notions of household management and homemaking, so let me get on. Full stop; before I commence, might you be so kind as to read this lovely quote?

"The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only- and that is to support the ultimate career." ~C.S. Lewis

The ones that create a place of rest, beauty and love unfeigned are quite lovely souls. It's a task and one that plagued me with guilt for many years. My mum was a homemaker, and I also thoroughly anticipated the joys of being a mum that, too, stayed sat with my children and attended to matters of the home. But, I will confess, just as I stated here on the Stillwater page, It was a struggle for me at times. Not for the reasons one may think, however. I could see many other mothers employed outside the home, receiving the world's accolades and pay rewards. 

Just look at the news and the recent post on Instagram from the HGTVs Erin Napier about wanting and feeling the need to be many things. I have spoken about this topic so much that, surprisingly, there's not blood on the stairs. However, the sting remains for many women, so I get on and continue banging about it. This circulation is directly related to low self-worth. So many women, not all but the thousands I've worked with, all have this same thing in common (at one time, myself included). We often grew up in a home (especially if it was a home of religion) to feel validated and significant as a person; we had to be busy accomplishing things. Women's worth ties into the number of aspects they can achieve, or else they feel as though they're an empty cavity of worthlessness. I hope to inspire women to know their worth as worthiness is a birthright. This new revolution will be an undertaking of assisting women with the implements so they will begin restructuring a healthy mindset full of self-love. My book to be released early next year (The Little Mermaid's Transformational Tale) will be a wealth of information and treasure trove tips. The techniques (pearls of wisdom) in my book will be the treasure chest to becoming one's most excellent version of themselves.


Whereas much of the world does not see fit to encourage a woman to be about the house, as that can be a bit underappreciated. However, as of late, I have felt a shift in society. Thanks be to the heavens for my tenacity. I withstood the temptation not to abandon my course of conviction as a mother and maker of the home, and now I am highly compensated. I also taught myself many accomplishments, which I passed on to my little lads and lass. If there is anything to derive benefit from in this post, it is to remain steadfast. I know it can be a bit unmanageable to want to pursue many hobbies and passions. I am not saying it is impossible to do both for some ladies; however, I constantly reminded myself that I would have to take extraordinary measures to be a wonderful mother and household manager. This responsibility was exhausting and enormously arduous. I am aware that when a mother is in dire straight circumstances, she may feel there is no option for compromise except to exit the home to provide. I'm afraid I have to disagree, but before you box me up inside the attic as a suicidal maniac, allow me to explain from the mindset approach of unlimited imagination. You do not have to agree with me; however, might you hear me first? If one believes that there are no options but to cave to the masses naturally, I ask that one might seek direction from their higher fourth-dimensional self (Mermaid Inner Being) to receive solutions. If one does this, I genuinely believe with all of my heart there will come forth a resolution. Call me crackers, but this is precisely what I did, for I had a bit of a go many nights of feeling enormous pressure from my spouse to leave home to get employment. I never relented, and I owe it to my tenacious, spirited soul that I would find a way, and I indeed proved herewith.  

I am an eternal optimist. If I did one thing correctly in my marriage to the olde sod, it was my defiance not to leave home and work. I made it very clear from the offset I would not work until my children were much older and nearly out of our home. I set the record from the start; if my mate had to work four jobs, then that is what he would do for me to stay home with the children and be a homemaker. There is not a one size fits all solution; I do comprehend this, but for each woman toiling away with desires to be stay-at-home mothers, I know there are unique ways for every person to get what they desire fit to their specificity. I refuse to limit women, and I hope they will not restrict themselves.

I believe in women, and I wholeheartedly support and profoundly adore women. However, I do not support some women and make no bones about it. The ridiculous jargon I've seen as of late with some of these ladies on Instagram professing to be supportive of other women feels like deceitful waterboarding. I speak most of those accounts I have run up against that are pretentiously phoney. My spirited nature must be squelched as I've had a mind to call these women to the carpet; however, I do not believe in scandal. They are doing a disservice to the good women that give them the time of day. At the end of this tirade, I will say that chickens always come home to roost, and their inauthenticity will eventually catch up to them. One can hide odious behaviour on Instagram, but not forever. I am very protective of my friends and mistreated women, and I am trustworthy and loyal to an enormous degree, if I am anything at all. However, if you betray me or are unkind by treating another as an outcast, all bets are off, as I will not stay quiet if my conscious prompts me differently. I've performed enough mindset work to understand women who stonewall (and use the British or religious reasoning of ' I shan't confront for that is incomprehensible and of deficient manners) is a complete justification for being cowardly; align your torso, lass.

One cannot inspire women and be a soft tail jellyfish? Women who constantly stonewall anyone seen as a foreseeable threat have the brain of a kipper. The constant schoolyard antics (thank you, to you know who, for that delightful turn of phrase) I have seen displayed on Instagram from accounts that have bigged themselves up with flattery is a sure sign they've fallen for the delusion of follower count by social climbing. In addition, another main issue I take with these types is they constantly profess to be believers and women of God. This is deeply damaging, most especially for faith-driven women, as religious women (not all but many) are prone to support dysfunctional, abusive behaviour because they think that's the Christian way. They fall on the sword for these women because they wear delicate dresses and unify their appearance, like a wolf in sheep's clothing. I shall inevitably cast this attitude aside. Although I would like you to understand, dear friends, I began banging on about it as there are no words to edify the amount of dm (direct messages) and emails I have received in the last fortnight about this same kind of nonsense happening repeatedly. I must admit It has put my back up. Soon, I will draw a line under this whole unfortunate episode. These dear women reaching out to me have become disheartened and feel betrayed with broken spirits. They want answers to know how to repair themselves. I find it heartwrenching and devoid of common sense. These outlandish ladies surely have forgotten to utilise their smelling salts. I have something to say about it, and I will help these ladies find a way to live their truth without telling it to the world. They will rise above it with dignity and grace by reinvigorating their power. In Princess Diana's words, "There are many ways of lancing the abscess." 

The philosopher John Stuart Mill delivered an inaugural address in 1867, stating, "Let not anyone pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men (women) need nothing more to compass their ends than that good men (women) should look on and do nothing. He is not a good man (woman) who, without a protest, allows wrong to be committed in his name, and with the means which he helps to supply, because he will not trouble himself to use his mind on the subject." 

I am well and strong; therefore, I will take up the charge.

Have a lovely day, my dear hearts, cheers.


Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx 


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