That's The Pot Calling The Kettle, Black

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

{That's The Pot Calling The Kettle, Black: Something you say that means people should not criticise someone else for a fault that they have themselves.}

[Preface: I'm merely venting here and giving my subjective opinion, and there's no crime in that. Also, to preface, I no longer feel ill will towards this woman as I'm sure many adore her like mad and think she's a sheer delight, however, that was not my experience.]

Yeah, you know the ones and so do I, very intimately. The one's that are screaming (not literally, but figurately because of course that would-be loud AF) about how they are so disgusted with folks that are taking away their creativity and stifling their artistic energy. Oh, the injustice! Someone call the creativity police. STAT! Err...

The particular occurrence I'm speaking of happened a good six years ago,(way to drag the past up and carry it forward Raquel. You're welcome, it's my way), where I was bullied online by an artist and her slew of black magick Wiccan friends. Many folks know this woman as Guinivere Von Sneeden, but her real name is Jenny Woods. If you read Fairie Magazine, she has her art published in there quite often. When Jenny was much newer and just beginning her artistry, I liked her art so much; I bought two of her paintings myself and gave them to friends as gifts.

I'm bringing this topic up presently because, at the time, I was yet to experience the many viscitudes that taught me about life and to be quite honest I didn't have the confidence to stand up for myself. Another is that now I'm not taking horseshit from anyone, most notably someone that wants to challenge and attempt to barrage me with intimidation behind closed doors or, (behind the computer screen) if you will. The one good thing that I've now become quite fantastic at is standing up for myself. 

So let me tell you how this event resurfaced for me recently and why I'm speaking about it now after six years. I was thinking about how those that yell the loudest frequently themselves have a lot to hide. A right good clue is to watch how folks dip in and out of social media. When life is good, they post til' the cows come home, when life is in the shitter, they slip in past the back door and you don't see them as much on social (like a black cat do). Also, another reason is that I was going through some old journals while seeking some research for my next novel, {Deceit and Dissension} and I came upon several entries about this experience with Jenny and her friends bullying me. It had me quite upset at the time, and now I'm going to crow about it.

Now after it's been many years, and when Jenny blocked me online on all platforms like a psychopath (listen, honey, you aren't that relative), reported me, and had her black magick friends harass me with all sorts of threats and putting spells on me, it bothered me quite a bit. The spells didn't scare me; I thought those were actually funny and immature. What I didn't appreciate was them reporting me numerous times to Instagram and all of my social media outlets, even reporting me to Etsy to have my Etsy shop closed down {I was newly divorced, and my Etsy shop was and is my livelihood, along with my blog. I get paid to write and paint} along with numerous threatening emails. What a load of horseshit and how old are you? Errr...

Yep, you knew it was coming! After reading those journal entries from six years ago, last night I decided to do a little anthropology digging myself on said ol' artist Jenny Woods. Boy, did I go down the rabbit hole on this one and whattaya know! The girl that had once shamed me for causing her grief as she claimed I had done to her has in fact been doing the exact thing to an artist named Kelly Louise Judd, also known as Swanbones! Jenny claimed I was copying her and making her severely depressed, unable to paint and stifling her creativity for the craft. She claimed this so intensely that in fact, she couldn't paint and she was very distressed and depressed about it. I was hindering her from painting—her words. {That's a lot of power from me if I can do that to someone, yes?} And when I said that Jenny and her friends bullied me online, I'm not using that word out of context; I just wasn't knowledgeable then that's what they were doing to me at the time. I'm a big girl, so I'm not going to act as if I'm a victim here either, because I'm far from one and that is why I'm severely allergic to folks that play the victim. I have no tolerance for it.

I know I've posted several reviews about the Austen Kleon's book, "Steal Like An Artist, but I'm going to give him another shout out because the book is bloody genius {Jenny, you should get this book, just sayin'. Someone buy this book for her}. If you haven't read it, I highly suggest you run not walk and pick up a copy. It is the one book that gave me a clear view of what inspiration is and how we go about becoming beautiful artists, not thieves but inspired artists.

Those that yell the loudest frequently have a lot to hide. 

Anyway, back to my Anthropologie, and what to my wondering eyes should appear, after a quick check on Jenny, I discovered a good ol' flaming copycat herself! The amount of hypocrisy this woman has is stifling. Well, as I did my research, and I noticed her art and then another artist named Kelly L. Judd "Swanbones" it sure looks to me like some similar artwork. Today, I don't give two rips about the way she attempted to make me feel scared and intimidated, but what I do care about is wanting to share with you my dear readers about how to navigate through something like this for yourself if it ever happens to you. The reasons someone might attempt to blame you for something like this {besides us attracting these type of people through the law of attraction} has much to do about personal insecurity. It doesn't have to be art; it could be you're being manipulated by someone which is in itself a form of bullying. Maybe someone in your family is using guilt over you as leverage. The whole feel sorry/pity me routine is old and a bit drab, don't ya think? And if you aren't mentally strong enough, you're going to falter, cave and feel embarrassed much like I did when Jenny and her friends harassed me. You'll probably be tempted to run and hide for a while. Don't do that my friends. The fact is that once again those screaming the loudest seem to be the ones hiding their own dirty little secret.
And look, today I think it's great that Jenny has found her muse which happens to be Kelly L. Judd. Their Instagram feeds are similar in what they post, they use the same techniques of painting, and they both have a way of painting that is definitely similar. If you go to Pinterest and type in Swanbones, her art and Guinivere's will pop up. And you could call me a copycat too because I am. I fully admit it. I have no shame in my game. We all are copycats to a degree, and if someone is as high-minded and egotistical to think they're above all others, I've news for them, they aren't. In some form or another, we ALL take inspiration from others. We're humans, and humans do that {nothing to see here folks. "We're all just plain little birds like all the rest with our very own tale of woe."-Charlotte Brontë}. That's not a terrible thing to be ashamed of; we all find our heroes and mimic them. That's how the artistry trees of genius keep growing and branching out.

I've brought this up is not because Jenny copies or has taken inspiration from Kelly, no, that's not where I take my issue. I take effect when folks are doing the exact same thing as I am by using other folks lives and art as inspiration and then act like they are the victim of some sort of creativity crime. It's preposterous.

Another reason to share this post with you is that when you feel someone moving toward you for something, don't wince and allow them to make you feel disastrous. If I've done something unlawful and I wasn't aware (but mostly I am because of this experience with this artist, so thanks to Jenny for that. After this encounter I took avenues to have all of my work copyright and trademarked), I would make it right. However, unless something is copyright or trademarked and you know that what you are doing is merrily taking inspiration that's a whole other animal. It's merely inspiration. Plain and simple. When women are insecure, they are always in a state of feeling threatened by someone taking their ideas.

" The lady doth protest too much, methinks."- Hamlet

When women blame others most particularly other women for why they can't do something, that's certifiably a poor me victim mentality. But that's just my opinion. I know I have the personality of no-nonsense, and if you're acting like an asshat, I'm going to tell you you're a total asshat. Jenny, you and your friends, were being complete asshats!

The news has been flooding with many celebrities that have bullied others online, and now we see ever more presently, they are bullies themselves. So the next time someone accuses you of copying or taking their creativity away, most likely they are secretly guilty of something quite similar. And furthermore, tell them to take a flying leap off the nearest bridge (I know... I like the analogy of flying leaps off of bridges. I use it a lot. Heh...) And all in all... that my friends like my dear ol' mum would say is "the pot calling the kettle black!"

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

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