Monday, January 30, 2023

Suspend Your Presumptuous Disbeliefs And Listen

Those who remain languishing in the dungeons of Instagram are getting a repeat portion of a post I conveyed from my perspective on a make-do mindset. You shall have a mammoth feast of my mystical philosophy. Put the kettle on my fruits.

You can be assured of my continued attention as I will call out miscarriages and shed light on the dysfunction and low self-worth that plagues Instagram in the cottage core community. It is of vast importance that I speak of my forthright truth so as to assist in inspiring women to begin pulling back the veil by not placing celebrities or any other person, onto a pedestal. Stars, icons or even ordinary homemakers on Instagram with a large following, are no better than anyone else. I want you, my dear reader, to never doubt your individual worth. There is no one above or below you. You are a Mermaid Goddess/ God. If I must beat on about a subject for decades until I've gotten my point across I will. I wish to see women rising to the notions of changing their mindsets, and I shall hold fast such as a rabid dog. I mean to change the way women are constantly posturing, and usually, the ones that seem to have their p's and q's in order are the precise ones who are quite fraudulent. I could name a few, but my mama taught me manners. I feel certain those individuals of ghastly ill-bred behaviour and every bit unpleasant know who they are. I will remain proper with grace and dignity. I am here to write for those lovely folks who enjoy my chronicles and pay no attention to those who do not wish to change. I have not the time nor the gallant desire to place my pearls before swine. ( I am not peevish or angry; I am merely passionate about changing lives.)

The mindset of 'making do' is like having a counterfeit Louis Vuitton. If one boasts of purchasing this item or that handbag or bigging themselves up, I find is an excellent indicator that the one doing so believes an item makes them significant. These individuals have deep seeded worth and value insecurities. "Money screams, wealth whispers." I also would like to fling gas upon the fire again (thanks to my Sagittarius in rising) and touch on Instagram posturing. I came across a relatively medium-sized celebrity account from a suggested reel a few months back on Instagram. The lass began declaring she was unnerved that one of her recent well-known guests refused to post a picture of the two of them on his Instagram account (of which he had a wee bit over 2 million followers), and the host (the lass speaking) was upset and said she would never invite the guest back onto her show. Basically, he brushed her off and refused to advertise on his account that he had been on her broadcast. 

The host, having felt slighted (having 180,000 followers) on Instagram, was engulfed in agitation that he wouldn't promote her Instagram page. 

Darling, the constant need for validation is so middle class. The guest felt the host's superficiality and meagre vibrational energy. I know I am beating a dead horse, mind you; however, this example perfectly demonstrates a person (celebrity) with huge self-worth issues. She appears externally to have all of her ducks in a row, yet, when pressed, it became quite apparent she looks at others (as many celebrities do) that if you have a big following on social media, you are somehow a more significant individual. She was absolutely scratching at her conscious, and it was apparent and tat. These types of personalities think they are cloaking themselves with exterior appearances, and it's clearly undeniable to the person with great confidence of spotting the insecurity from a country mile. I have taken up the charge to burn down these buildings of insecurities and shallowness with terrifying regularity. Someone must take up the lead, so I volunteer myself. (Smile.)  

I feel confident you would never see the Your Majesty (The Queen) flashing her Launer (handbag) or sauntering around announcing, "look at my enormous, costly 450 million pound crown!" I ask you. 

Where was I? Oh yes, I was blithering about "making do." 

In the recent past, I would have been the first to bolster the rule of making do. However, whereas the mindset of making do has served me throughout my history, that mindset must be a shelved notion.

Allow me to explain. I'm speaking of personal experience; please do not pluck me as a hen set for Sunday supper. When the money belief is severely limited, "making do" sounds clever. This belief was a common thread in our home. It reminded me of always relying on that in my life. I would say, "Oh well, I don't have this or that, so I'll make do." We tell ourselves this because we do not want to admit the truth. We do not believe we are deeply worthy of such things as a grandiose home, living in a country we adore, a castle, expensive handbags, expensive cars etc. (The pretending to have loads of quid, I'll get to that in another post). We calm ourselves by internally affirming it's all well and fine, yet it is not. It is not the same. The self-soothing comment is why women go about and begin judging others on what they have that's of great significance and then turn round about their carriage wagon and say they are this or that. One will name what they are when it is the human heart specifying their deep desires and then blaming it on another for their low self-worth. This scarcity belief, and one, if perpetuated long term, creates a person never rising from their burdensome scenarios.

This sentiment is also a low self-worth belief. However, when a person becomes confident in themselves and confidence is their constant companion, this notion no longer holds water. This is another reason I advocate for listening and imprinting new beliefs at night to build the self-concept. I am also a great proponent of daily affirming. One's confidence will significantly increase, I assure you. If one persists in affirming, one will manifest everything one desires. There is no difference in manifesting a castle from a button. Now that I have been swift in throwing off individuals with low self-worth, I will explain how to become the confident mermaid that has yet to surface. You must begin changing your thoughts to be the woman you desire. The only action required is to change one's thoughts. I often experiment as I wish to be everyone's master, manifesting mermaid and mystic. However, simple thoughts of what one desires by constant thinking of those wanted desires are all it takes. This forest of fools (world) has entirely complicated matters to this degree and the tenth, yet I will teach simplification. I do enjoy personally listening to beliefs at night of affirmations of who I want to be, as it is quite fun. During the daylight hours, you must find wee bits of snipped moments and affirm, affirm, affirm. I sleep at night with beliefs (and my next post will be a descriptive version in written form of how to create your own beliefs on a voice recorder. In addition, I have a video on my Patreon for patrons.) The information will also be in my book, The Little Mermaid's Transformational Tale, forthcoming this year.  
It provoked me to ponder my little window in Scarlette Rose cottage. I created it to look old, yes; however, it remains a modern window that looks like a victorian window. It is not the same. Tethering to the belief of making do, as my self-concept has escalated, I no longer accept in the same manner these days. 

I would also caveat that this isolated incident is a cherry-picked scenario.

How do you feel about making do?

Mostaffably yours til my next swim, Lady Raquelxxx

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