Friday, February 24, 2023

The Banning Of Corsets At Netflix Is A Detriment To Women In Society (According To Me, A Daily Corset Wearer)

Bridgerton corsets 'banned' as Netflix receives health and safety complaints from stars. 
I could give you an anecdotal perspective as a daily corset wearer; likewise, and all of the legitimate proof that the daily wearing of a corset does not harm or injure, and yet that is not what I will discuss today. I am not going to fight in terms of convincing proof that my daily wearing of a corset would provide in which I live. We're down to the bare bones with how things are positively revolting these days. I am on form; rest assured, we would be here all day. Every person that has a belief that what they think is true is
ACTUALLY TRUE for them (and that drives the actresses on Bridgerton as well.) We create our reality, and our assumptions provide the evidence; that is how the law of belief works. What we believe to be true is true, and our assumptions make it so. 
Take notice, I do not subscribe to Netflix, nor have I ever watched Bridgerton. However, that is neither here nor there in importance; the implication is banning corsets which isn't the fundamental issue; it is what's beneath the corset banning; corsets are the symptom of a deeper problem. I am addressing this topic as a woman who wears corsets daily and has been running for nearly four years, and this 'banning' of corsets at Netflix is an utter travesty. If it's not corsets, Roald Dahl editing for the sensitive and woke, The Little Mermaid must now have a brown mermaid Ariel at Disney, etc. It will be their bankruptcy demise just as they eliminate external factors (such as corset-wearing and editing writers' original works) rather than understanding the more profound crisis beneath the surface of their company. 

"The Queen Consort Urges Writers to be "Unimpeded" by Curbs on Freedom of Expression Amid Roald Dahl Row"

There have been ongoing complaints from the actresses of Bridgerton for nearly a year or so. Well, well, the 'suits' at Netflix did not disappoint, took the plunge and caved once again on an issue as one would relent to a small child who's complained and pitched a tyrant fit tantrum until they obtained their way—well, done, Netflix, another moment in history which will be your downfall. My inherent psychic intuition suggests your company will not be around much longer. 

I could lay out with great clarity all of the reasons the actresses have complained about corsets, except I am not going to do that; I will explain why a ship will completely sink rather than plug the hole and begin to ascend once again. In their drunken stupor, the captain and crew allowed small amounts of water to get into the ship and, little by little, ignored the issue until it was too late to recoup the loss. For example, have you ever seen a very wealthy business person lose their money and then lose their house, boat, beach house, vehicles, etc.? It all goes to pot. It is the rule of momentum and universal law. Netflix has begun their dissension into the abyss. They have been on a downward spiral of backlash, issues with Disney, providing reprobates airtime through specials and deceptive documentaries, untruths and pure rubbish on the airwaves for some time now, and they've not much longer to go before they're belly up. (They allowed water (drip by drip) to get into the ship and paid no mind that each decision was the start of a crisis. 

The scenario with Netflix can exist as an example for people as well. When particulars begin to go awry, the first instinct for a human is to become heightened in fear, and then the unrest of instability creates havoc as if one is grasping for breath and begins clutching hold of anything to keep from drowning. Netflix spent enormous amounts of money buying Roald Dahl's works, censoring and changing his original writings, believing this would save their company. Again, it may appear to be working at the moment, but give it time, and it will plummet. They performed another action, such as paying Megan Markle and Harry millions for a documentary, which appeared to do well, yet if one has a peek into their stocks, on that deal, they've lost so much capital they cannot recoup their money. They will go from one mistake to another until we, as a society, give them enough rope to hang themselves. I am a certified lifeguard, and when terror occurs to an individual, they lose the ability to self-regulate, for most humans are not accurately and healthily taught self-soothing and stabilising skills in their environment. This exact matter occurs when a person or corporation catches a glimpse of the books. They begin cooking the books rather than settling themselves and using their god/spirit/divine-given intuition to turn things around. Likewise, this is difficult for many to accomplish because, like a person who's become out of touch with their inner being, they've also deadened their senses to the most profound spiritual nature of the god within themselves. In a nutshell, folks are a hollow existence of what they once were and have become hardened; they've been out to sea for far too long, no longer listening to their hearts. 

How might we utilise this article to learn? First, we must immediately recognise and take on measures of correction when we notice the slightest whim of particular incidents in our personal lives when the tides are out is; when we remain focused and monitor accordingly. When the tides are in, they're too high, and it's too late. When we provoke change straightaway (nip it in the bud), we're on board, and our instincts remain highly alert in a promising way, which in turn are not caught off guard because we've battened down the hatches. We take out the pillagers at the onset, and no one has the option of raiding our (emotional) ships, for we never left the helm to another mate's care. Got it, get it, good!

Most affably yours til my next swim, Lady Raquelxxx 

There's Whinging in the Village (She's A Bright Lass)

As many of you know by this account, I've always found myself alarmingly prepared to do battle. Emotional war has made me an early riser.

I will behave toward a scenario with indifference by not focusing on it until I've collected my reflections, examined all aspects from several of my varying perspectives, internalised a strategy and then rightfully possess the wisdom and a great deal to occupy my pen by writing with accuracy.

Granny Violet on Downton Abbey said it best to Isabel. 

Isabel: "How you hate to be wrong."

Violet: "I wouldn't know; I'm not familiar with the sensation."

I concur, Lady Violet. 

(I'm winding you up, ya know. So step off your moral high ground and smile. There's nothing serious going on here, my fruits.)  

Let me crack on. 

In all seriousness, as I've mulled over my attitude and confidence as of late, I've noticed that a few folks genuinely do not know me to stand in judgement of my choices. Although, as I've stood on the outside watching these same people, I learned more clearly how much they had begun to show their true colours. Have you ever watched someone budge up against a predicted circumstance, snap back in their flux, and their trueness reveals who they are? It really takes the sting out of things when folks let the mask slip and leave their manners outside the back gate. The revelation may be surprising, yet it's also quite a positive divulgence. I've been experiencing this quite a lot lately. I notice everything, many Pisces obtain this trait, and misgivings exist where it is often looked upon as gullible. I am far from naive these days; I dismiss nonsense on stilts.

Will this particular matter help make the world a better place; Is it adding value? Most times, it is not. Hell is not a fiery pit of flames; hell is when we review our lives upon transitioning from this mortal planet and examine what we did and did not accomplish by utilising our capacity. I hate Greek drama when everything happens off-stage. I want no part of anything that is pure drivel. The way to make something grow is to give it attention. Merely look at the world. It's as if we are seeing creatures from a lost world, and we wonder why the profligates get the majority of attention worldwide. Whatever is the matter? It is that healthy-minded folks do not treat them like a bad smell and break with them. Yet, most are responsible for the ghastly debacle for invoking an increase in their attention-grabbing fountain of variety, boosting their momentum. It is the bringing down upon one's own head, is my feeling. There's nothing simpler than avoiding those you don't like; avoiding one's friends is the real test. (wink, wink.) 

One must learn (especially as a writer and master in the field of self-development) to disembowel interactions objectively with others and remain entirely confident in our rightness without the constant lamentations in the public arena. Our task is to develop mastery in tearing ourselves from smutty deliberations. A person in the world of a public platform is not for the fragile. A person under enormous pressure must possess delusional confidence not to slip the hook. If one is in a tender state, I do not suggest a career in the diplomatic for one will be eaten alive. I suppose this is why I have endured the many viscitudes and hardships. I am well equipt, that's for certainty.  

For many years I did not vocalise my truth (hence I was perpetually insecure and delicate) and kept my emotions beneath the hearth rug wrapped up as tight as Dick's hat band. Therefore today, by all accounts, I am not hanging fire. I am not man-like and keep things concealed, and perhaps that makes me a woman of the most unappealing aspect. I ask for forgiveness through my good intentions. I've always been cognizant, even in the past, but I would feel too insecure about mentioning anything that hurt or caused upset. My self-worth was at a kipper level and quite feeble; however, today, it's tipping down, and I'm taking the kettle in assurance, which appears conceited and arrogant to those without confidence. In fact, even reading that sentence to a person lacking certainty will reject my letters giving notice and may even full stop reading my articles, finding my words revolting. Nevertheless, I will continue forthwith in penning about uncomfortable subjects, for this is how to create long-lasting change. I do not intend to be offensive, but I do intend to be truthful. If we swim around in circles, never to unearth life's obstacles, we will continue forthwith in additional generational atrophy. My topic of discussion today is when we experience nonsense on stilts; perhaps it is a petty issue, tug of war, jealousy, malice, or a snide comment; it could be any number of things. How should one handle the problem? I've had particular individuals even today who are fed up and genuinely dislike me and have a bit of unkind things to say about me, and I know this as a fact. However, do I oversee their thoughts? No. What I am doing is something generous and fine. A person of successful measures must maintain resilience with no room for negotiation and possess steel-armoured confidence carrying on like she invented motherhood. The tactics that folks would once utilise to cause me withdrawal or switch on me intentionally do not operate today at all, as I created and imprinted an entirely new belief system.

There is no unmasking at hand; I keep dwelling upon the identical thing I carry out because it is the method of building change. Dare I say what I am really doing is affirming the same message in varying ways with frequent regularity? It will eventually resonate with those who read my writings, will take heed and arrive at the general comprehension that my teachings accurately operate. If our beliefs about particular events or how we assume others are as people do not change, our outer world will not change. We can jolly well put a cob in the wheel of a friendship with a person or cluster of individuals, disconnect from family relations, move countries, move house, divorce an individual, change career or place of work, leave social media because of exclusion and bullying online, etc., and it will not make the problem dissipate. One can spend copious amounts of time entertaining notions of passing the time in carriage rides in the park, and one may think the issue has laid dormant even for decades, even yet, it will eventually pop out at another juncture along one's life span like a jack in the box. Allow me to clarify. It will, for a time, seemingly go away because ignoring something drops momentum; just as glitter tarnishes, however, stagnation occurs. Yet as I stated in the previous post, it is like the game Whack-A-Mole. The internal belief will bubble to the surface elsewhere in one's life. It may come out in an entirely new scenario, yet if we unwind the foundational belief that stimulated the event, it will become known to be identical, perhaps with a new mask. We do not vary much.

Remain steady, my pet; there is good news! All of this is changed with permanence as I wish you every good fortune through building new beliefs and listening to them whilst one sleeps. It only requires 21 days to change a belief and a bit longer for the deeply imprinted ones. I still languish on about listening today, for I've found excitement in inventing new things to exemplify and embody. But, in the fundamental scheme of things, is 21 days truly that long if one's life turns about 180 degrees? Steady on, dear hearts, I think not.

For example, before I changed my beliefs about women's friendships, I would constantly recreate the same scenario with every womanly companionship upon which I embarked. The only commonality with all of them was ME! Although I found it difficult to accept initially, I knew I must become the change. I listened to new beliefs at night, and today, those same thoughts I had back then (just two years ago. Can you believe in two months it will be two years I've been writing about new beliefs) never resurface. It's as if I never held those concepts. It no longer crosses my mind, and I haven't met those types of unequally yoked women since. The ones I did know all dissipated and removed themselves naturally, for this is how the universe operates. The beauty of attracting a new community of like-minded souls is enriching, for we get on so well. 

The same issues we are running from will manifest again and again. It will be another place, another face, yet it will become the identical issue again. Human folks think they can outrun and outsmart their subconscious mind and the beliefs they carry; human development doesn't work that way. Our subconscious thoughts dictate our conscious awareness consistently without fail. 

As today's culture has prevailed and technology has become what it is, I rather enjoy writing with repeated information about becoming the greatest version of oneself. It is also vital to write about social media (mainly Instagram) because I do not believe folks that have a vast platform speak about it enough. Not the deep internal awareness of why it's rotting the minds of our youth and perpetuating the brains of a kipper. We must graduate our children's intellects from milk teeth. This stimulus-response is because the mothers are grown adults with immaturity and low self-worth. They take to Instagram and perpetuate the troubles by adding to the issues rather than using their platform to improve society. We have too many irresponsible and self-indulgent folks who want to remain sensible. If the cap fits, wear it. However, I am here to create a bequest so that when I pop my clogs, I know, on a spiritual level, I made the world a bright spot through my contributions of adding feathers to the many bonnets of others. All folks will arrive at this conclusion for themselves as well. As a collective consciousness, we are all in this together, and we can, at day's end, say, well done to her and him! Love can conquer all, my dear hearts.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Lady raquelxxx

Friday, February 17, 2023

An Elegant Economy As They Say In England (Make-Do And Mend Is Contrary To Make-Do)

In the genuine style of the cottage core industry (not to be mistaken by the commonly artificial one displayed on Instagram), the mindset of make-do and mend has been around for many centuries; however, it made quite a bit of a revival in times of world war. 

The New York Times notes that cottagecore is "tropes of rural self-sufficiency converge with dainty décor to create an exceptionally twee distillation of pastoral existence".

Last week I took my father's very olde shoes to the cobbler; he's having new soles put on his favourite boots. My father and I think quite a bit the same. However, my mum is modern and classic in taste and style regarding clothing. 

She came into the cottage a few days ago and saw that I was again patching the hem of my blue prairie dress. (You know the one, my darling? I'm in it in nearly every photograph or Instagram story. Smile.)

I snagged it on the rose bushes I was pruning, and it ripped a small tear. She declared, "why don't you throw that tattered thing out to pasture? You've worn it to death. It's threadbare and looks a bit naff." To which I replied, "are you blooming mad? Absolutely not; I have no plans to do such a thing; heaven forfend Mama." 

I spent quite a bit of money/ quid on Victorian reproduction fabrics and hundreds of hours making my bespoke garments. Hence, when someone suggests I should discard a piece of my clothing, It gives me pause to wonder if some folks have merely lost the plot altogether. I don't have many bits of clothing, but what I do have are superbly well-made and durable. Imagine wearing the same dress (as they did in the olden days); the garments were well cared for and tended. 

The recent fashion faux pas (I thought it rather endearing and far from a faux pas, though I digress) of King Charles removing his shoes to reveal a holey sock is my inspiration for this article. I recently wrote an article about making do, which differs entirely from make do and mend. 
It is becoming quite popular in Japan to dubb mended clothing and shoes the "Charles Patch."
Make Do and Mend: to repair and reuse. To follow a philosophy during World War II of repairing clothes that would usually be disposed of due to shortages and rationing. 

Make Do: to manage to live without things you would like to have or with something of a worse quality than you would like. 

As I read the small article in the British press about King Charles's holey sock, it gave me quite a giggle mug, for I gently patted myself on the back in validation that what I often speak about on traditional values, sustainability and returning to the past has come round' the wagon wheel of confirmation. I wear old-fashioned (Victorian clothing from reproduction patterns) and the underpinnings as well (corset, split drawers, chemise, & petticoat) that I have hand sewn solidly now for a little over four years. I must confess when I embraced my truth and changed my subconscious beliefs about wearing old-fashioned clothing; it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The actual manoeuvre for me was that I originally went about it backwards. Expressively, I didn't initially change my beliefs about the notion on a foundational subconscious level which must be changed first (it's never about the clothes, a person, etc.). Thereafter the transition of daily wearing old clothing will never be a struggle. It is never about the clothes, or this, that and the tenth. When I hear ladies complain about being ridiculed, taunted, and shunned, I know they still think the world is the problem (and outside of themselves). They believe they grapple with others accepting them (a random woman wearing old clothes) because they are targeted. No. It is that woman's subconscious beliefs, not the world's problems. We are constantly reflecting ourselves onto the mirror of our reality. If I were to discuss with said person (the woman), she would invariably point to the events and blame that, which I must always correct and explain; no, you are the one holding the belief surrounded by an experience or circumstance that confirms the painful thoughts associated with wearing old clothing. I may sound trite to some who do not comprehend me; however, I think the black plague (pandemic) in 2023 is purely the sickness of not accepting personal accountability. How much happier and jolly our big blue marble will be if we hold ourselves accountable for our actions. It is not a nefarious measure; it's actually quite liberating to feel free and share one's truth. I promise you. May we take accountability and proudly shoulder our truth with confidence and delight. Wear those old-timey clothes with enthusiasm and make do and mend. If it is good enough for the Kings and Queens of the world, rest assured, we're in rather brilliant company! 
Most affably yours til my next swim, Lady Raquelxxx

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Grasping The Nettle & Taking The Bull By The Horns

"If you don't believe in writer's block, you'll never have it." Raquel M. Carter
My apologies, darlings; you should have had this yesterday; however, the dog ate my homework.

I am wildly reckless when it pertains to mindset work. My deep inner trust and self-confidence have grown exponentially through the years. I have extrapolated how much self-beliefs matter, and in every single action we take based on our inner thoughts, we are constantly manifesting our lives on the external. Would you like to know where your thoughts navigate? Have a looksie at your life and see what your experiences reveal to you. We have always manifested; however, with the way the universe is now waking up to the matrix, we are becoming rightfully conscious creators. It is the absolute what makes a person tick, the cause for everything an individual does. The state of affairs creates individuals driving force in making their decisions, and the most precise nature of every human being is ultimate selfishness. Let alone after we've squared that away, having a glimpse of our lives in knowing we are ready and willing to accept responsibility for every experience which flows our way, it is time to recognise what we would endeavour to change and then take on the direction of creating new beliefs for those said desires. The reimprinting of the subconscious mind is vital in sustaining a fresh way of life as a new being. As I began my spiritual voyage, I knew I was no longer satisfied with accepting scenarios or generational upbringing at face value, as with every human, we all desire to learn and be about schooling and education. The only reason one wouldn't be an advocate for seeking change is if they are a diabolical Narcissus. Look, my darlings; we're all leaving this world. No one gets out of it alive. We come into it alone, and we go out alone. What we do in between will always dictate our decisions based on mutual benefit.

As the title of this post reads, a lynch mob has occurred online, mainly on Instagram, ye olde YouTube and TikTok. I have stated; however, I am not one to hot-foot it on my social media outlets, with the exception of Instagram. Each morning after I've accomplished my farming pursuits and spiritual and quotidian practices, I will send out a morning-orated love letter of encouragement to my friends on Instagram. I am mermaid enough to temper the shore winds of carrying forth details of manifestation by way of profundity for the commoner yet also brilliant for the wise. I have put off this post for quite some time as I have grappled with where to start, and it is different from where I thought the spirit would initially follow suit.

In the past if I have ever attempted to plot things down to the minute detail using crippling perfectionism, that mindset has not served me well. It never serves people well in the extended scheme of things. I have found my inner truth through a course of experimentation was comprehensive fear and profound controlling matters. I no longer attach myself to that notion, and I've since developed new beliefs, and thankfully so I am by far the least controlling person I know. An intense desire to control is fear and inner mistrust. If one can get those beliefs on track the scepticism will dissipate. Oh, to know thyself. (Smile.)

Of course, this information will be in my book; nevertheless, I wanted to give you a speck, so you're not waiting to begin changing your life. (I know. What a heavy-handed statement, Lady R. Ay; I think highly of myself, do I not?) I am laying mockery on thick today, my fruits.

(Side note, if you'd like to hear daily moments, I would love it if you swam over to Instagram and followed along. It's quite lovely a community we are creating. I plan on making this a series.)

I have spent years on YouTube; however, the videos were old and severely outdated. I have archived them, and at some future juncture, they will suit me or someone else well in putting together a documentary of sorts. However, I'm interested in the now and nothing more. In addition, I lost a bit of the zest for being a consistent content creator. It wasn't for lack of loss later; I know now it was because when Sawyer passed, I reevaluated every decision and placed all of my choices to the test to see if that was where my heart lay. I concluded many of the tools I attempted in the last several years; I invariably was led back to my painting, writing and crafting cottage industry of making unique specialities. (Having manifested being on a nationally syndicated reality show about the cottage core phenomenon, I am getting my just desserts.) One can always trace our most profound desires without fail back to our first loves as children between the ages of 7-12. I have better and more informed knowledge as I intentionally create evergreen material, especially on my blog and books. In my book The Little Mermaid's Transformational Tale (which is very long), it is taking me a bit longer since landing the reality show, amidst me also really having the now feverish notion of finishing up and sending out Sawyers book, packing up and preparing a move, etc.

Additionally, on that, later. I've been formatting the manuscript and have commenced with painting the illustrations and the front matter, which includes (the dedication, the epigraph, table of contents, acknowledgements, foreword, preface, introduction, and prologue.), all of which are new to me because I employed a company to format my first book, which I now want to do myself to get it exactly how I like it. I am also handwriting the entirety of the book in my cursive. It will lend its hand to the feel of Beatrix Potters's first bunny book. Remember when she handwrote The Tale of Peter Rabbit? She is my hero, you know. (There will also be a cottage at The Carter Settlement themed with Beatrix Potter and bunnies aesthetics. We both wrote bunny books, so I found it quite perfectly fitting.)

Where'd I leave off? 
Oh yes, my book publication. 

And yet again, in order to have something done precisely as I like, it's all the more critical of a choice to manoeuvre things the way I see fit. I can't remember a time I hired someone to perform a commodious measure for me that I didn't want to redip my nib in and make corrections. So, there are many moving facets occurring at the cottage. Also, if you're an artist, you know that a creative process is not good if one feels rushed. Oh, and such happy news Zoë Kennedy and Ethan (her fiance) are coming for a visit in less than two weeks. I am manifesting that I will see my boys as well. They are coming to Florida to attend a wedding.

I've been tidying my spaces, organising, and I have begun packing up several things and placing them in our little storage shed so that when Jeffrey and I move to our forever home, it will be an easy transition. I am brilliant regarding moving; I've done it enough, as you long-time blog readers know. 

Oh, before I skedaddle, I wanted to show you the chenille tablecloths that will dress the tables in my tea room. (The photo below is what it looked like on the internet.) I'll take a photo for myself and post it once I receive it. I wanted to purchase one to see if I like the texture of it, and then I will make a much larger order of about eight more. The tea room is very quaint, and there's only enough room for approximately eight tables. However, I will toss a few round tables as they make for exceptionally intimate cosiness.
Thank you for swimming by and reading my words, and most assuredly, we shall have a go with manifesting 101 and mindset work at the start of tomorrow. Hold me to my word, will you? I will go into depth on each post with an attached video from my YouTube channel, as I must clarify my position with profundity. Furthermore, I am painting several charming diagrams and charts, which will be a most pleasurable delight.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Lady raquelxxx 

Raquel's Letterbox-In-The-Hedge

Hello dear friends,  I truly believe that a blog can be a kind of post-office-in-the-hedge. Think of it such as this dear friend. There is a...

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