Friday, February 24, 2023

The Banning Of Corsets At Netflix Is A Detriment To Women In Society (According To Me, A Daily Corset Wearer)

Bridgerton corsets 'banned' as Netflix receives health and safety complaints from stars. 
I could give you an anecdotal perspective as a daily corset wearer; likewise, and all of the legitimate proof that the daily wearing of a corset does not harm or injure, and yet that is not what I will discuss today. I am not going to fight in terms of convincing proof that my daily wearing of a corset would provide in which I live. We're down to the bare bones with how things are positively revolting these days. I am on form; rest assured, we would be here all day. Every person that has a belief that what they think is true is
ACTUALLY TRUE for them (and that drives the actresses on Bridgerton as well.) We create our reality, and our assumptions provide the evidence; that is how the law of belief works. What we believe to be true is true, and our assumptions make it so. 
Take notice, I do not subscribe to Netflix, nor have I ever watched Bridgerton. However, that is neither here nor there in importance; the implication is banning corsets which isn't the fundamental issue; it is what's beneath the corset banning; corsets are the symptom of a deeper problem. I am addressing this topic as a woman who wears corsets daily and has been running for nearly four years, and this 'banning' of corsets at Netflix is an utter travesty. If it's not corsets, Roald Dahl editing for the sensitive and woke, The Little Mermaid must now have a brown mermaid Ariel at Disney, etc. It will be their bankruptcy demise just as they eliminate external factors (such as corset-wearing and editing writers' original works) rather than understanding the more profound crisis beneath the surface of their company. 

"The Queen Consort Urges Writers to be "Unimpeded" by Curbs on Freedom of Expression Amid Roald Dahl Row"

There have been ongoing complaints from the actresses of Bridgerton for nearly a year or so. Well, well, the 'suits' at Netflix did not disappoint, took the plunge and caved once again on an issue as one would relent to a small child who's complained and pitched a tyrant fit tantrum until they obtained their way—well, done, Netflix, another moment in history which will be your downfall. My inherent psychic intuition suggests your company will not be around much longer. 

I could lay out with great clarity all of the reasons the actresses have complained about corsets, except I am not going to do that; I will explain why a ship will completely sink rather than plug the hole and begin to ascend once again. In their drunken stupor, the captain and crew allowed small amounts of water to get into the ship and, little by little, ignored the issue until it was too late to recoup the loss. For example, have you ever seen a very wealthy business person lose their money and then lose their house, boat, beach house, vehicles, etc.? It all goes to pot. It is the rule of momentum and universal law. Netflix has begun their dissension into the abyss. They have been on a downward spiral of backlash, issues with Disney, providing reprobates airtime through specials and deceptive documentaries, untruths and pure rubbish on the airwaves for some time now, and they've not much longer to go before they're belly up. (They allowed water (drip by drip) to get into the ship and paid no mind that each decision was the start of a crisis. 

The scenario with Netflix can exist as an example for people as well. When particulars begin to go awry, the first instinct for a human is to become heightened in fear, and then the unrest of instability creates havoc as if one is grasping for breath and begins clutching hold of anything to keep from drowning. Netflix spent enormous amounts of money buying Roald Dahl's works, censoring and changing his original writings, believing this would save their company. Again, it may appear to be working at the moment, but give it time, and it will plummet. They performed another action, such as paying Megan Markle and Harry millions for a documentary, which appeared to do well, yet if one has a peek into their stocks, on that deal, they've lost so much capital they cannot recoup their money. They will go from one mistake to another until we, as a society, give them enough rope to hang themselves. I am a certified lifeguard, and when terror occurs to an individual, they lose the ability to self-regulate, for most humans are not accurately and healthily taught self-soothing and stabilising skills in their environment. This exact matter occurs when a person or corporation catches a glimpse of the books. They begin cooking the books rather than settling themselves and using their god/spirit/divine-given intuition to turn things around. Likewise, this is difficult for many to accomplish because, like a person who's become out of touch with their inner being, they've also deadened their senses to the most profound spiritual nature of the god within themselves. In a nutshell, folks are a hollow existence of what they once were and have become hardened; they've been out to sea for far too long, no longer listening to their hearts. 

How might we utilise this article to learn? First, we must immediately recognise and take on measures of correction when we notice the slightest whim of particular incidents in our personal lives when the tides are out is; when we remain focused and monitor accordingly. When the tides are in, they're too high, and it's too late. When we provoke change straightaway (nip it in the bud), we're on board, and our instincts remain highly alert in a promising way, which in turn are not caught off guard because we've battened down the hatches. We take out the pillagers at the onset, and no one has the option of raiding our (emotional) ships, for we never left the helm to another mate's care. Got it, get it, good!

Most affably yours til my next swim, Lady Raquelxxx 

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