Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Deep Pontificating

The Real Truth Behind The Online Nonsense about Selena Gomez and Hailey Beiber. 

Hear ye, hear ye, put the kettle on, my darlings. I am taking some of these youtube channels and news outlets to church. 

In betwixt my varying tasks, I must confess that to address matters about a public online feud taking place on the stage between celebrities is somewhat beneath me; and mostly drivel, however, there is a psychological notion to which must be disembowelled for this is the only way we as a culture positively expand. Knowledge is power. Naturally, I want no part of beaming a celebrity high upon the housetop of a moral high ground as I feel confident none of them would dare buy me a sandwich if they were to pass me on the street. Secondly, I have never in all my years deemed any famous person above me in importance. As I've stated many times, there is no one above or below. And Although my nature is to ignore such matters, it is my civic duty to address this topic, beings no one else is addressing the real truth behind it. I am speaking of the Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber ghastly debacle, and yes, in the news, it is being beaten to death; however, since no one else seems to have the foresight or intellect to get to the heart of the matter, I will place my woollen yarn spin to it. It's unmistakable I must provide solutions for the world. Do I have to solve everything? Apparently, the answer is yes; the mermaid mystic is here to decipher the code. It's the screeds, pencil-pushers, adjective-jerkers, and chaunter-coves, all night off, and we can't account for anything of importance with the X.Y.Z.'s as they will continue to snooze on the truth. 

Smile—I digress. 

It is not about eyebrows; it is not about fat shaming, body image or anything else, which every news outlet seems to write. Yes, it appears that way from the external, though that is all an illusion, my dear hearts. 

"You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!"—A Few Good Men

(I'm having a go with you.) 

[This is my subjective opinion and contextual analysis, so mind your manners on my town square. Provide me with a thousand words to draw a crowd, and I'll convince you of my rightness.]

Justin is not living his truth. Whereas he has facial issues, physical ailments manifest from metaphysical illnesses. (I cannot confirm nor deny additional related measures from the black plague.) I will only clarify that we demonstrate our internal repression and diseases externally; if the universe/spirit/god endeavours to get our attention and it falls on deaf ears, it must manifest itself physically. I think he regrets marrying Hailey deeply. Oh, he "claims" and vehemently endeavours to convince the big blue marble of his fondness and happiness with his tickled conch shell pink mood, yet his actions exhibit themselves differently. I think he married Hailey out of pain and anger with a soupcon measure of retaliation and vindictiveness towards Selena. He jumped ship as many Pisces do, and then later, after settling himself, now regrets he went so far as to marry. (I will caveat, I think he loves Hailey, but perhaps he's not in love with Hailey. Pisces (which is Justin's astrological sign) are impulsive, fickle, and, dare I mention, if one attempts to control a fish, will always slip the hook. Do not ever attempt to control a Pisces because swim away they will. Hailey, Selena, Justin and Kylie all possess terribly low self-worth and are completely insecure (when it pertains to matters of the heart and relationships), as most of Hollywood. From my perspective, Hailey's driving force to perform these daft nonsensical displays of adolescence is because Selena is a threat to Hailey. "A woman knows when her husband looks at her and sees someone else."—The Notebook 

Selena often says she doesn't care and what is happening has no effect on her, yet she is constantly taking social media breaks, so in actuality, it deeply does ruffle her feathers. I would like to see her remain on social media and work through her pockets of self-worth insecurities rather than flee. 

Each one of these people has extremely low self-worth, and it would do them well to learn to love themselves first rather than go outside of themselves believing another person is their issue. Whereas I do not believe Selena and Justin would ever get back together, eventually, I do think Justin and Hailey will divorce. 

The resolution to such online drama is always to mate with one's soul first and then. Again and again, everything stems from low self-worth. Fear not, darlings; we shall solve this unfortunate societal lack one soul at a time. May we all look within and begin with ourselves. Self-love is and always will remain the answer.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Lady Raquelxxx 

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