Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Time And Tide, Waits For No Man (Embrace Procrastination)

Good morning my dear darling hearts, 
Do you ever have those days when you have high hopes and ambitions to accomplish the list of achievements, yet before you know it, the days gone off, and you did not perform any of those items on your to-do list, but rather you forwarded the 🔜 arrow to the next day and then the next? This semblance, my dear heart is procrastination, and I am here to tell you, I do it, you do it, your favourite celebrities do it, and Claire from Minnesota also does it. However, I have good news on how to combat it if and when the matter comes to call. (Oh, and by the way, Heh...I do not know of a Claire from Minnesota. You know my humour is a wink and a nod, my dear darling hearts.) Procrastination is not a wicked notion; it is, truthfully, your soul's higher self telling you to take it easy and not to do what you think you should be accomplishing at that moment. When we have an unpleasant business to do, we try and go to it when resistance sets in, for we have long been trained out of our higher inner knowing and into ignoring what true procrastination is genuinely about. Our relations and society have taught us that we should be busily occupied in a state of the constant flurry—doing doing doing, and it is creating severely depressed women with their health declining all over the world. Please do not feel badly or take fright when you can't seem to make yourself do this or that task. The art of procrastination is our inner being saying it is the wrong time; procrastination is accurate alignment, and I've spoken about this for years here on ye ole blog. I will continue forthwith as I desire to see women happily engaged in full lives, perfectly sound with some roses in their cheeks. Now that is what decrees "Taking Joy"! I know people in our surroundings will try to make us think poorly of ourselves (as if we're somehow lazy), which is absolute rubbish and farthest from the truth. Here is an example of allowing procrastination to take over and permitting ourselves to sit with our sentiments to work through an inner dilemma. Several years ago, when my beloved husband and I moved into my folk's cottage, I went without an internet device for over a year and a half. I would drive to the local Starbucks or the nearest Mcdonald's and upload things or wait a really lengthy amount of time using a personal hotspot. Mind you; I was perfectly fine with it until one day; no longer a modest thing, I realised it was taking a toll on me with all the manoeuvring of having to leave the house, etc. My mum mentioned that she wouldn't mind putting internet on her cable, and I could pay her each month. That notion worked for several months until I was not too fond of her internet service and felt the price was entirely too high (yes, I know that comment is a limiting money belief, although I no longer live on those scarcity money assumptions, thank goodness, but at that time I did.) Now the normal reaction for someone would be to call another company and have a new service immediately installed, right? No. Throughout my 9-year spiritual voyage, I have learned to allow for ease and flow and not to force anything. I had been in the mindset that day and for several weeks afterwards aggravated about the internet, so if I were to have attempted to push the predicament and make things happen, I would have been in a tremendous skettle of fish. All was well. In another week or so, I was beginning to think about the internet again lovingly, but rather than call up, I would use the law of assumption and manifest cable. My exact petition was I was not only going to get internet, but I was also going to manifest the cable company to come to me. Yes. Bold and unrealistic, right? I manifested they would come straight to my door, I would get an excellent deal monthly, and I would have it installed at rapid speed. Need I say more? Having forgotten all about a survey I half filled out over four months prior, out of the blue, one would say that's why (but I know I manifested it. The universe uses synchronicities, and it's not our place to poke the middle), a man literally walked up to my folk's front door and asked if someone by my name wanted internet installed. I said yes, they made the appointment for the next morning and at ten o'clock am the next day I had internet, at a bargain price as they were holding a special and I also received the next month for free. I see these types of incidents I have all of the time because I care about my alignment. I also understand universal law and everything we think about; we create our reality. I am God. You are God. All of our thoughts create our reality. The issue is most of the world would like to go on a victim tour as if they have no responsibility for anything that is taking place in their lives or what they do; it's always someone else's fault that this or that has happened to them. It matters not whether it is a cable install, a stalled phone call, leaving social media, algorithms, an ex-ill-suited mate, a friend, or a stranger in the local charity shoppe that's rude; it's all our responsibility. What we think about creates our reality. Please allow me to speak to you plainly. If you don't believe me, test it, and you'll see I am correct in what I tell you. At first, it is difficult to accept, but once we move past the initial irritation, we are on a new path to freedom and regaining personal power. Do not allow me to crush your silk, darling. Nothing feels better than knowing everything we experience is our own doing. There is power in creating our world! I promise you, my dear; nothing feels better in all the world than to know you have complete one hundred per cent control over every single solitary thing in your life. It is my joy to see you flourish. 
Once the educated woman is no longer a novelty, in all ways for her, my darling, I believe the world will know what true progress is. 
Please do not fall for the feeling that you must push through procrastination; it is simply not true. It reminds me of when I was a young lass all torn up within and would crucify myself over hot coals because I did not measure up to Sarah Jane from church, who had all of her ducks in a row (or so everyone thought.) I want to share the tale with you; however, my adopted motto is "never complain, never explain." No, in all earnestness, what I am aiming for is a sweet post with dignified counsel as only a lady would. I've been reading my newest book, The Ladies' Book of Manners and The Ladies' Book of Etiquette. I have a new determination, my fruits; my blog is flying; cloud high, I assure you. The real test is never ever giving up on a dream.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Lady Raquelxxx 

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