Wednesday, August 30, 2023

A Mermaid's Map For How To Manifest A Relationship Back After Years Of Parent Alienation Using Neville Goddard's The Law Of Assumption

Good morning, my dear mermaid hearts, 

Did you pour a cuppa? I'm having cinnamon spice. My favourite as of late. I hope your days are beautiful and you found happy moments by "Taking Joy." We managed to escape Hurricane Idalia, which I owe to manifesting.

I've been feverishly toiling away on my folk's little cottage bathroom renovation. I'm satisfied with life these days yet eager for more. When I spend my time on home renovations and making things pretty and of lovely report, I have such a whale of a time. I very much desire you to sign up for Patreon to see the results of the bathroom, and for your pleasure; in addition, I have plenty more spectacular episodes to come. (I also share many spiritual videos on my Patreon; therefore, if you aren't interested in a project, you may yearn for how to manifest an exemplary life.) I wasn't planning on refurbishing my folk's cottage bathroom; however, one day, on a whim, I thought; I should spruce this bathroom up for my dear parents, as it's looking a bit dingy. It's been a bit longer than I anticipated, but it'll be worth it. The exciting notion is that it will most assuredly be something that you can do for your very own bathroom, and when I say allotment (budget), I mean quite low, as in under 200 quid/dollars. (I'm curious if you're similar to me on the score that when someone says I've done this or that and the tenth on a low budget, yet it's a small fortune, well, I ask you. My darling, give anyone under the sun with an allotment that large and they can perform miracles.) Each to their own, I might need to fine-tune and adjust my money sails. (Wink, wink.) 

Tomorrow, I'm publishing a tiny Halloween craft, so at best, you will have a video episode for August. I know it's a tad early for Halloween, though I thought you'd enjoy it. Gather these bits together so you can make a wreath or two for your doors this Hallow's Eve. 

•1 or 2 medium-sized grapevine wreaths, or make your own wreath from Confederate Jasmine vine as I did.

•A spool of wide black silk ribbon, you need nearly a whole spool for each wreath, as we will make the tails very long, perfectly dark and dramatically theatrical. 

•Lastly, you will need two types of tools; I chose two hatchets. I wanted spears because that seems most appropriate for a mermaid's cottage; however, I'm not dressing the cottage this year as everything is boxed up and ready to go to our forever home. I plan to use the two wreaths for my mum's cottage to take photos as she doesn't fancy the Halloween season. She likes fall decor, though. I giggle sometimes, wondering how I am her daughter as I love everything most opposite of her. 

I want you to feel comfy and cosy as you read this article, as my intention is for you to feel restorative with treasure trove measures to gain leverage when someone attempts to run foot you.

Despite what my ex-ole' sod tells folks (my children included), I am the one who divorced my ex, ill-suited mate. (The details will also be in my book, The Little Mermaid's Transformational Tale and much more. I determined to have the last word.) Nonetheless, a narcissist carries out, taking pleasure in spinning yarn to make others believe the actual victim is the villain.

Let me get on. In 2015, I filed for a bill of divorce from my ill-suited ex-mate. That was four years before my dear boy Sawyer's death and four years of being alienated from my children. I must say I never lost connection with Sawyer as he was my one child who could not afford the manipulation by anyone, most particularly if anyone tried to keep him from his dear Mama. Today marks seven and a half years since I've set eyes on my two sons, and that is not for lack of trying. These days, I've made peace with them and myself, and I have been "living in the end."

Furthermore, I am on speaking terms with them, and it's only growing more pleasant with each passing day. My happiness abounds whether my children are in or out of my life. As a mother, we must care for our souls, stay in good health and focus on our mental well-being above all others. This measure is vital in remaining present and knowing with confidence the children will return in our favour. We must be selfish, and selfishness is a gift, not a notion of ill regard. Make no mistake, my dear hearts, if we as mothers do not place our mental health at the forefront, we will not be triumphant in reuniting with our children. You cannot pull blood from a turnip. My first treasure trove tip is to fully stop focusing on the children for the moment and become mentally resilient by your very own lot. Afterwards, once stable, we work from there and up the emotional scale of resolution, we go. 

I was in the fourth year of my ex-mate alienating my children when Sawyer transitioned. (I must stress that I am not a sufferer (victim), so when I speak in this post, I am teaching from the mindset of my scars and not my wounds, which is most important when assisting women (men, too) through parent alienation. Well, anytime I'm teaching, really. I'm writing this post to help assist others who have or are currently encountering parent alienation. My method is for teaching purposes, and it's vital to share my stories with you, my dear kind, dear hearts. When a narcissistic person (pardon me for using the word as I am incredibly aware of its overkill in usage, yet I digress) is working diligently to harm a person, their hatred for an ex-mate is much stronger than their love for their children. The dodgy characters will spew and swear all sorts of traumatisation tactics, and threats are a rapid go-to. For one example, my ex-ill-suited mate promised: "he would spend the rest of his life making me pay dearly for what I had done, that all of this was my fault and that the children needed to know their mother is the one who ruined the family." That kind of menacing chatter cheers me up no end. Do you know why, my dear hearts? Now that I have mastered manifesting, I welcome learning exactly how to demonstrate success in ridding a narcissist once and for all. I'm going to teach you how to as well, and it's not like anything similar to what you've learned from a therapist or TikTok, I assure you. My methods are fully proven, and I solemnly guarantee my techniques work brilliantly. I am living evidence.

If you've heard or learned, one of the main ways we as women come into contact with these types of dark horses is when we as women come from a wounded and dysfunctional childhood; most notably, we have spent our lives as quite insecure lasses. And dare I say it has loads to do with our upbringing in religion. Religious practices mainly teach little girls to be submissive, and that is often at the expense of her identity in possessing confidence. To surrender to (primarily) males, we are brainwashed. I am not apologetic for addressing this manner, nor am I bashing men. I love men, so allow me to clarify and clear that straight away. Authoritative figures are the devil wearing a suit and tie, and that is the truth more often than it's not. 

(Not all Christian folks, mind you; however, many exist. The unfortunate notion, too, is that the women who refuse to see this from such intensely infused blinders will struggle for many years as they are asleep. I understand this as I speak from experience, and I've spent many o' hours assisting women in religion who've also experienced similarities.)

What I teach you on this ole' blog is not hearsay; I lived it. Let me preface another matter about insecurity. I mean no disfavour whatsoever when I speak of women being insecure; we all are in one area or another until we learn to be influential, conscious creators of our reality. We attract these classifications of individuals because of something I termed "mermaid mirroring" or the law of assumption, as Neville Goddard clarified. However, when you begin to understand that you are God and no one has any power over you, you take back control, leaving others with zilch leverage. No one possesses an ounce of power to do anything to us unless we refuse to accept we are consciously creating our reality every single solitary moment of our lives. Our beliefs create our reality. Change your beliefs, you change your reality, and everyone has to show up in the manner in which we view them, or else they no longer show up at all. It is universal law; that is how it is, and it is unchangeable. 

What a delight! The other delightful portion of the news is that one should literally not give a moment's time on an ex-mate, for the karmic retribution they will encounter will be more than most humans will be able to handle. I promise you, dear hearts, knowing the nefarious notions my ex-mate has done that I'm aware of, and the many that I'm not is more than enough to calmly know within that he will receive a reckoning to behold, and I have not for one day after learning to love myself and creating a new life thought about that part of my past. I am indifferent. I no longer hold any emotion, and when one approaches, that kind of willpower is impermeable. I have a clear conscience, and I can truthfully say I not once retaliated against my ex-mate (although many times I wanted to avenge him more than you could imagine, and it wasn't easy by any stretch of the imagination, I refrained from doing so and sent out love despite his actions) therefore any karma coming my way, is such loveliness I cannot contain it. If, for a moment, you think I do not understand the vitriol that occurs when dealing with a mentally ill individual such as an egocentric dark horse, you would be wrong. I do not feel it necessary to drag out all the experiences I went through; by all means, it does not imply I haven't been 'through' it. Humans can be purely cruel and deviant behind the scenes, which is their mode of oppernde. 

The incredible notion of this content is that I want you to understand why and how imprinting new beliefs is vital to achieving such success. It was so beneficial for me to take my power back, and when I created new thoughts, I was so much healthier. Because knowing how to manifest is the golden treasure you need to manifest your children back into your life. When we realise we are the God of our reality, we understand that to create what we desire is all we need to make things the way we want them to be. 

No other being on the planet can do anything to us. When I teach you in the YouTube video accompanying this post how to understand the law of assumption, no human being has any control over you anymore. You will learn how the universal laws work, how you are THE GOD of your reality, which wields them to your advantage. 

You know me by now, and I do not apologise for what I teach. I will repeatedly teach women first to become emotionally of sound mind and then.

If you'd like to work with me on your self-concept, self-development and spirituality please feel free to email me at, or you can direct message me on Instagram.

Most affably yours til' my next swim, Razz   

Monday, August 21, 2023

The Art Of Struggle, Creates Art

Good morning dear mermaid hearts,
Did you pour a cuppa? If not, I'll wait.
Okay, you're back?
One must merely allow the moments of discontent to pour and reign over us at some point. I had to allow myself to receive the drenched melancholy of utter displeasure in the previous week.

Thursday, August 17, 2023

A Little More Housekeeping About Abandonment Disorder, How To Heal It and What To Do When A Person Bears a Mighty Grievance Against You

Good morning my dear mermaid hearts; from over here in the countryside where the Spanish moss sways in the olde oak trees, I bid you a joyful morning. Pour yourself a cuppa. I am having a cup of this new tea I collected at ye ole' Walmart. Unexpectedly thinking it would be an epic fail, I was happily surprised this tea is hands down some of the best I've tasted, and that's saying a lot when my taste buds are accustomed to a bit dear (pricey) tea. If you're ever in a pinch, I highly suggest HT Harney and Sons Fine Tea. I've also tasted the other flavours too, and they are all very tasty.
If you were to run up on me, you might think me a bit mad, as I've brought about vocabulary to create a soft and cosy place to position yourself as an escape for the day. I expect that upon your logging in and visiting me, I will be able to carry you to a place of feeling safe and loved. There is something that I know about myself, and that is I tend to be a speck rigid and salty on days (as I am sure we all can be at times), and that is when I feel the gentle thought to use a bit of applesauce to soften myself up a little. I am still learning the art of balance, and each day I am given another chance to exercise that harmony.

I commenced this topic on Instagram the other day by sharing that I am fully aware I am a villain in some folk's stories, heroin in others, and neither has to do with the woman I am to myself. It was brought to my attention that there has been a bit of mischief and dark horse behaviour occurring behind the back gate in reference to me, and rather than take it head on and use the forces of which I am equipt to utilise, I've once again shown myself that my focus to outwit my opponents is quite robust and not worth my valuable time. Whereas frequently I am a wordy type of lass, in short, I will state that the one and true only reason a person has a conflict with you or me is a test from the Universe/God/Source to see where we are in our spiritual voyage and also to reflect on us if these folks can still touch upon our wounds. If they cannot, that is brilliant. If they can, then the issue lies within ourselves, for this becomes apparent we have more thinning of the veil for the revealing of what we must overcome. Yes, my darling, I always bring it back to the understanding that every encounter we have, whether good or bad, is a direct reflection of our growth. At all costs, I will hold myself responsible for my life, as should you. The answer to such nonsense on stilts is that I constantly remind myself to remain focused on all of my brilliant dreams that are manifesting, the abundance that continues to reign down on me and remind myself that they are bleak disruptors, that for them they haven't spent any time in all of these decades to perform the inner work on themselves to expand and that is rather unfortunate. I am not terribly impressed to watch such bitterly stagnate folks that I went to school with and grew up around, knowing they remain in the same type of mindset from way back when. They could have been so much more, yet they still act vilely, not realising their karmic debt is soon coming round' the bend to receive payment of said pied piper.

Again, the olde rendition of me would've felt a shaking beneath my feet of powerlessness, yet, the woman I am today holds all of the influence. There is nothing more delicious for me than to inspire women to regain their personal power over their foes.

The way to do this is to become the most excellent version of oneself with a foundational self-concept. Otherwise, a woman will be at the mercy of others, emotionally tossed to and fro. I am fully aware that because I am manifesting all of my dreams and living my best life, it is perfectly natural for me to hear the whispering gossip, untruths, and betrayal of some folks in my little one-horse towne. (You've heard the tales of a small town, everyone knows everyone and every little ole' thing.) Bless the ole' bitter Bettys, flying monkeys and acid rain beasts. One mustn't ever allow her dander up, for this gives power to the tragic souls who are quite bleak and poorly. We must remind ourselves that we are doing such good in the world, or else we wouldn't have such pesky individuals trying to trample our spirit. And for this specific occasion, as my opinionated views are popping out, I'd like to say to those of you looking over this, and you deem yourself my enemy (by your own account and foolish pride and envy), you should sincerely make an effort to get your afflictions under submission, for it will not fair well for you by karmic standards, and likewise, the point has come that your malice has ceased to be amusing. 

Now onto other delightful notions peeping through. I've always considered myself a patient woman; however, these last few whisperings of summer, I'd prefer to be wrapped up in an autumn patchwork quilt, with nippy temperatures settled in my little (imaginary, not yet manifested) thatched roof stone cottage. Do you feel the same? I genuinely love autumn and fall. 

We do not need to dive deep or attempt to heal our inner child. When expounders/gurus declare this, it winds me up no end because it is unnecessary for sustainable change. Furthermore, the more you dig, the more you find. I would think most folks know if they have an abandonment disorder. If you don't, here are a few signs you may have abandonment issues.
I. An early finding is that when someone begins getting close, we will find reasons for stonewalling them or cutting off any ties before they can abandon us.

II. Avoid emotional intimacy. I'd let folks get only so close. 

III. We will stay in unhealthy relationships due to a fear of them leaving us. 

IV. We attach to others too quickly and move on too quickly. 

V. I only partially invested 100% in a relationship. 

VI. People please and never set boundaries. 

VII. I felt unworthy of being loved.

VIII. We are Insecure, distrusting & constantly waiting and imagining the day we eventually will be left. 

IX. We are constantly jealous of every friend, colleague, and acquaintance.

I'm sure there's more to this list, but these are major ones that I struggled with for most of my adult life. 

No fretting, my dear; I speak on this because I recently went through and healed my abandoned issues and created a whole new belief system, and you can too. 

I am undoubtedly curious as to what you'd make of me placing a nice little twist on abandonment and calling it an art. I intend fully to continue flipping childhood trauma issues on their heads. When I clarify why folks are the way they are and there is an explanation, we can clear the healing path with sustainable measures. I happen to think I am in the midst of creating a new manner of the way human folks ponder such salty and sour emotions that we have for many o' generations been viewed as "bad." The way in which humans have spent thousands of years swimming away from their innate nature and emotional scales (after over a decade of creating my teachings as a mystic) has baffled me. I suppose that is precisely the reason why I am such a stickler for desiring women to shapeshift into their natural state and dive deep into their emotions and feelings. Suppose we can all decide as beautiful women to follow the flow of supporting one another and showing our vulnerability. In that case, we are more capable of entirely eliminating generational dysfunction and lineage destruction. I am primarily focusing on abandonment, for this is what I was able to move through at the start of the year swiftly, and I know I am more than capable of inspiring women to heal through their lives as well. I consider that I have always manifested that I would remain a vessel to inspire others from the experiences I've had personally. There is nothing more intrusive and deplorable than to have an individual attempt to put me straight, having not an ounce of account history or knowledge in the unfortunate affair of which I am in the midst. I would never do this to others. 

It has often been said to me of ladies, "I'm too olde to change, or I can't change. I'm the way I am, and that's that. We are never too olde to change, and if we do not willingly change, an altering by force of unforeseen challenges brought on unknowingly by ourselves will occur. Yes, brought upon by ourselves, for we create our reality. We are the creators of our world. The question is, are you consciously aware of your power, or have you forgotten your inner strength? 

Here is how to change your life quickly. It is done by sleeping with new beliefs from an audio recorder for 21 days until the new impressions imprint on the subconscious (not conscious) mind. It is quite that simple. If you need a hand in developing a belief track, I'm more than happy to help. I share loads of stories and motivational insights on my Instagram if you'd like to follow me there. 

Most affably yours til' my next swim, Razz

Friday, August 11, 2023

Summer Arrived, And Autumn Is On Its Heels, Teapots, Tea Cups And Printables

This morning I wrote this post stolen from the wee hours just past six. As the little feral kittens waiting for their breakfast line themselves up huddled beneath the branches of the confederate jasmine-like little soldiers amongst barely awakened lawns, I turn to feelings of how rather enchanting it has been to stay at home. I allow those feelings to sweep through me as I believe in the power of satisfying sentiments. I must be transparent and confess that stagnation has been a struggle these last few months, and I'm not sure about you, but I could use the benefits of change in my life. Although I could whinge on about it, allow me to share a poem about Beatrix Potter, which also sums me up quite well.

"It was hard for Beatrix to explain to herself, much less to anyone else, how much she wanted her very own house. She had always loved houses--oh, not grand mansions, like her cousins' Melford Hall in Suffolk, or gloomy, respectable houses like her parents' three-story brick house in South Kensington. What Beatrix loved more than anything else were tiny cottages with crooked roofs, their stone-flagged floors brightened by rag rugs, the ceilings hung with braids of onions and fragrant herbs, the rooms furnished with old-fashioned oak sideboards and grandfather clocks and chairs with woven rush seats."~ Susan Wittig Albert

With all the flitter fluttering of weekly news and current events, I am terribly unimpressed, and THEY ARE OF no interest. I don't believe in depression. I am an eternal optimist. Can we feel lacklustre? Yes, of course, I am human; however, I refuse to believe in anything that seizes my power away.

In the last few months, I've had to accept that I am at a life threshold. At the start, I was distressingly slow to accept my fate for pushing back our move and the cottage remains all packed up. My beloved husband will have surgery procedures soon, and these uncontrollable circumstances are something I've had to come to abide by. The past version of me would have usually been quite upset. Perhaps even present an altered resistance to having a spiritual blowup. Yet, this new woman that I am will mean listening and sharing my heart with the words of those who wander near as I no longer desire to withdraw in isolation alone but feel my soul whispering, assuring me to trust the process. There is significant meaning in every slight detail of my wondering voyage. It's perfect for me, as yours are flawless for you, my dear hearts. I hope you know you may always feel at home here, and if you ever need a hand, I am here for you. This place is your haven. Autumn stands for me, a voice of quietude.

The temperatures in Florida are quite a bit hot, and oh, how I've had so many particulars to accomplish in the garden; however, I can scarcely remain outside for longer than an hour. In a bid to assist you in an unbearable reflection of the heat, let us turn towards tea! If you're a Patron on my Patreon (The Curious Mind of Raquel Carter), you know all about Jeffrey Shawn and me and our plans for the future; it would only make sense that if we are to have a tea room, our own teapots and teacup saucer sets would be the next logical step. Our little tea sets are on their way from England. If you are interested in a collectors set, I ordered a small batch of each. The two styles I have are The Tale of the Christmas Bunnies and the other is The Carter Settlement.

The inspiration for The Carter Settlement tea set is the manor house at Chinsegut Hill. The grounds are also dispersed equally in the illustrations of The Tale of Sawyer Lamb. If you are a resident of Brooksville, you'd fancy a piece of our heritage.

Each teapot accompanies two teacups and two saucers. The pictures above are merely a mockup; however, I assure you the final product is proper brilliance. I won't whinge on too much in a bid to convince you to buy a set because I know my dear mermaid hearts do not need much coaxing. They will be delightful Christmas gifts. If you're interested, place your name on preorder here in the comment section.
I plan to be a vendor at Heritage Days in downtown Brooksville in December. If you are local, I hope you'll pop by and call upon me. I'll have all sorts of handmade home and kitchen goods, including beeswax candles, books, illustrations, and tea sets.

There has been vast communication in the world of online blogging and substack about the overly happy and optimistic person, the happy gene and the nefarious manner social media (Instagram in particular) is sending women on the road to ruin when the toxic positivity gets pushed too aggressively. "That believing and focusing on the little things and being happy happy happy is not normal and is more harmful than good." I will call this into focus, my dears, as I have a few things to say about the topic, regardless of not enhancing my popularity. Happiness is a choice. Internal joy is a lifelong pursuit. Is happiness fleeting? Yes, but a deepness of joy is an inherent emotion. The objective of life is to fine-tune one's preoccupation with an emphasis on priority. Actually, for the majority, having grown up in a world where external forces are the way to get happy, or if we have money, connections, or success, it is possible to be satisfied at all times. This sentiment isn't true. Happiness is fleeting, yes, but joy stands if it is worked upon to become a character trait. Joy is a most devoted sensation and must exist as a pursuit to achieve, for this is our employment as human beings. As little children, we knew what intrinsic joy felt like; however, many of us were taught and integrated away from these deeply natural tendencies. We must get back there.

"Easily Distracted by Kittens and Garden"

I have a few new paintings to share with you. I made prints of "It's What Friends Do", and if you're interested, I have four remaining prints left in my Etsy shop
The time is fleeting, yes, of course. Yet, I have been feeling betwixt and between. Without going further into those sentiments too deeply here on ye olde blog, I'll keep those details for my Patrons. Let me state I want to be Lucy when she finds the wardrobe that transports her to a magical world, Narnia. Do you ever have those sensations? 

I solemnly understand more with each passing day why my longings are to dwell waxed beneath the moon in an old Victorian stone thatched roof cottage with gaps in the doors and cracks in the window sills where little air draft slips through, shifting the lace curtains ever so gently. 

I have feelings of unbelonging, and whereas my once upon a time, the natural response would be to flee, I am working through the transitional phase of finding where I belong. To settle my senses and fluttering nervousness as if I am a wild rabbit and the wolf is at my door, abdicating my safety. 

The aspect of myself and remaining in touch with my heart chakra went long overdue, tormented by the dreadful notion I honestly wouldn't ever change intrinsically; however, those impulses no longer succumb to my mind. I am improving. I am kinder to myself these days, and with that kindness is being gentle as I move slowly through, rise and thoroughly heal of past displeasure and pains. If I am capable of releasing my emotions to my dearest friend in all the world, I am able to shift rather swiftly. I am very proud of myself for my allowance of vulnerability. If many women would also come to this knowing for themselves, the world and future generations would mend and cure their ailing hearts. 

My art and my books have never led me astray, and that is something of which to be appreciative. There is a readiness for the end of summer, and until then, I am confident these emotions will change and change me in all of the good ways. My self-acceptance and self-love have grown wildly and beautifully these last four years.

Most affably yours til' my next swim, Razz 

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

How A Landlocked Victorian Mermaid Washes Her Garments {The Curious Mind of Raquel Carter~Patreon}

My dear mermaid hearts,

Here off the coast of the Florida seaside is where I resolved to create a little life of living my dreams of being an author, illustrator and a landlocked mermaid Victorian lifestyle. 
One of the unique projects I adapted to a few years ago was deciding to live in the 1880s as much as humanly possible on my own accord. By all means, please make no mistake, Im constantly adjusting my sails as those close to me would rather live a modern life. I truly understand their desire to live in the 21st century. Primarily folks think I'm a bit mad that I try to implement olde timey particulars as much as I am capable. Of that lifestyle is learning the art of hand washing my hand-sewn garments.
Let us turn back the clock and rediscover what it is like for me to live in the contemporary world but daily dwell as though I am in an age gone by. 
I have published the latest Patreon episode on The Curious Mind of Raquel Carter for free to the public. I have done this to give you, dear mermaid hearts and others who have no idea of what I have been up to as of late, an opportunity to view my artistry and see what you receive monthly.

I hope you'll pitch up and support my work. You may cancel at any time.
Here is the link to my Patreon. Take Joy, my fruits!

Raquel's Letterbox-In-The-Hedge

Hello dear friends,  I truly believe that a blog can be a kind of post-office-in-the-hedge. Think of it such as this dear friend. There is a...

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