A Victorian Mermaid's Secret Keys To The Treasure Chest Of Our Kingdom

Hello, my darling dear mermaid hearts,

The other morning, through meditation, It came to me that the toiling of our moments upon this earth, for myself and all of us, is to gain clarity. 

I shared a few manifesting success stories on Instagram reels yesterday and one on gaining translucence about ourselves and our world. 

I write on my blog about what I deeply care about, what I believe profoundly within my heart, and what will make the world a better place for those who come across my writings and books. I have always desired a place where folks feel inspired and genuinely uncover what they wish to cultivate by reading my work. I have held the intention that even if I write something that touches upon the wounds of another, it is all meant for the greatest good of the individual as well as the collective as a whole. For the power to ignite within a soul the disturbance to want to and decide to change their lives is what I do this for and will continue forth with doing so. 

As individuals, we should look at our lives and decide what we want to spend our days in pursuit of, what groups we want to remain a part of and which ones we should let go; a kind of catch and release, my darlings. What do we want to continue listening to, and when do we turn the other cheek and disengage? 

As the threshold of the holidays is soon to arrive upon us, I find the autumnal season a precious time of year to create our list of expectations. I also think wholeheartedly (and I've seen the vision for decades) that our universe is at an altogether precipice. The beliefs people hold, activities folks engage in, people we once deemed on social media of importance, all of this will become something of an olde world. Our new world will be homesteading, living off of our land, and bartering; enlightenment will come to the masses; the abundance and extraordinary wealth beyond measure will come to many; the unpopular on social media will become the most popular and profound speakers of the day. Trashy, shouty television will be a thing of the past. There will be good, happy, and wholesome shows created. Naught, will there be any more mainstream media? It will fall away entirely. Many will develop their form of entertainment through outlets yet to manifest, and cable television will disappear. We as a nation (in America) will live as we once did in particular areas that brought us joy and pure charm, not all ways, but the beautiful aspects of our archaic history. The poorly times will eradicate. Human folks will be more self-sufficient and teach their children likewise. We will once again treasure the day-to-day pleasantries such as fellowship, heritage activities, kindness, helping one's neighbour and monumental grassroots assembly from an earlier time will be at the forefront. 

The clutter of the mind will fall away from those who become enlightened, and I am very much "Taking Joy" and relishing in the thought of it. 

Have the happiest day, my darling, dear mermaid hearts. I love you most affably and beyond measure. 
(If you want to see a delightful and fun video, I posted my cottage Halloween wreath craft along on Patreon if you're interested.)

Most affably yours til my next swim, Love Razz


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