I Love Little House on the Prairie So Much I've Decided To Live In It! (For Now)

Good morning, my dear mermaid hearts, 

This post is one of the most vulnerable I've written in quite some time. As many of you, my dear friends, know, I grew up in a detrimental environment, which caused me to develop a need (for most of my life until I changed my belief system three years ago) to have a strong desire to control as much as conceivable, whether that was my home decorating design, people, situations and the list goes on. Most of my anxiety and want to control disappeared after I divorced the narcissistic dark horse; nonetheless, I had some fine-tuning and pruning in a few more areas.

Now, I must preface: I will not say that things won't alter drastically from one point to another, but that's the vulnerable aspect of why I am sharing. It's necessary to state that merely because a person meanders from one idea to another does not mean I or any other woman is a flake, all over the place, unpredictable, indecisive, unstable, etc. It is that most Pisces, like unto myself, are highly creative and artistic. We have so many ideas, and our imagination is popping off at every whim, and that is why we appear wish-washy, although that is not the case. I'm eliminating those predictable labels and boxes in which folks want to place us. The buck stops here, my fruits. (smile) 

I want you to know how much I value each of you who read my writings. How much and how long it took for me to get where I am today, and one of those aspects of myself that I am proud of is being vulnerable and down to earth. I think that's why my blog is so successful. For one, I am writing from my heart and trying to put out little merriment seeds of happiness and joy with each post. I love this wee little corner of the interweb. 

Along our lives, and mainly when someone is manifesting and is purposefully aware of one's ability to create consciously, there can be much prattle about imposter syndrome. Significantly, when conscious manifestors (such as myself) decide to begin sharing their lives publically and teach about how to manifest, usually it's for the reason we can honestly say we have displayed such and such. For example, I will bang on for two fortnights concerning how to manifest a twin flame and how to have a healthy, happy and sustainable marriage for over eight years. I can also share how to successfully use Neville Goddard's revision technique, as I did when Sawyer passed. Neville's revision technique made that possible. Again, I can speak on thousands of manifesting demonstrations; another one, for example, is being cast on a (Hello Sunshine) reality show. However, I've never talked too openly about manifesting my dream home because it's not a tangible demonstration (as of yet). It was due to imposter syndrome, and many spiritual teachers and leaders, such as myself, blunder with imposter syndrome to varying degrees. 

Here is the skettle of fish, or perhaps it's a blessing in disguise or the silver lining at the end of the rainbow, or whichever way you'd describe it. I will be the optimistic gal and proceed with all is well, and the joy is in the journey. 

Well, what's all this prattle about being vulnerable of which you are eluding to Razz? Let us get on, shall we? 

I am constantly meditating, and after I reprogrammed my subconscious mind with all new beliefs, I am on autopilot with all the beautiful pleasantries and notions of where my spirit (Mermaid Inner Being) nudges me, and I follow the inspired action. So here is what I received in spiritual prompting last night, and here is where my story unfolds. 

When Sawyer died, Jeffrey Shawn and I moved into my folks home, and that was nearly four years ago. Into the second year, when the pandemic (the black plague) was in full effect, I pleaded with my father to let me have a go-in with his old storage building and turn it into a little Victorian mermaid cottage. As I've spoken about before, I needed something to distract me and fling my sadness at, and utilising my energy in an old storage room did the trick. Well, I began tearing old cattle fences down and recycled them for flooring; I then used old pavers and made a hearth, painted, decorated and found loads of antiques on Facebook marketplace, antique shoppes, estate sales and charity shoppes. I had nestled in quite comfortably. Then, about three months ago, I felt as though I wanted to begin searching for our Victorian forever home, which I have quite the list of ticking off, which includes substantial land, an authentic Victorian home, also including a stone cottage, a tea room, a place for my farm animals, sheep, barns, etc. I mean, honestly, you could merely look at my page about The Carter Settlement and know what my significant dream is: a little village, The Carter Settlement. I will have it one day, and I think that day is closer and closer to my natural state. I'm a powerfully master mermaid manifestor whenever it has anything to do with manifesting. The particular element human folks get hung on is time and trust. However, I will profess that is merely because most landlocked folks haven't reprogrammed their minds with a whole new set of beliefs. If you'd like to work with me on changing your life, I have the map for creating a life you love, my darling. All you have to do is e-mail me at Raquel@RaquelCarter.com

Okay, where was I? 

Oh yes. 

The other day's accreditation, I saw intentions for the day, and without going into explicit detail (well, because my golly, it's long, my darlings), I was thinking about what to do as Jeffrey Shawn is now having to have extensive hip surgery. That has now put a wrench in our moving or continued forth in finding our forever home as he will need several months of healing and convalescing.

The cognitive energy will adequately require me to remain focused and stress-free. As I am always conscious of my mental well-being, I will not place unnecessary measures upon myself. Now, this led me to another thought. What am I going to do now for these months of my inability to move and yet be comfy and cosy in my little cottage? I petitioned spirit and set the intentions. What do I do in the meantime? Leave crates and boxes, merely shove them to one side, rent a storage facility and store them all, unpack and live life by taking one day at a time; what should I do? In addition, I am still waiting for the writer's strike to know about filming for the reality show Cottage to the Core. It was causing me a bit of grief, I must admit it. I thought I was proceeding, and I am being vulnerable and sharing my story because I wager others can relate to me; as Aaron Dougherty says in The Conscious Coaching Accelerator program, folks love vulnerability.

It has been a wee conundrum, I must say. Ask my dearest friend in all the world, Patti Anne, and she will tell you I was at a beggar's knot, not knowing what to do, but I knew if I kept trusting and knowing with faith, I'd always receive my answer to every question. Fast forward to last night, and I received my answer, and im sharing it with you now! Eeekkk! 

I was strolling Instagram, which I have not customarily been doing for quite some time as it had lost its savour for me; however, I stumbled upon an account where this gal is turning her old home into the equivalent of the Outlander set. Well, that thought was of no significance to me; I've never even seen one episode of the show Outlander. So I kept scrolling and was about to move on, and the thought hit me like a ton of bricks. What do I love and have built much of my life upon? Little House on the Prairie! Many years ago, I actually received plans I had drawn up of the schoolhouse for one day when I had the land for The Carter Settlement. The thought was whilst you are waiting on your manifestation for your land and Victorian home, tea room, etc., turn your little cottage into The Little House on the Prairie. That set me right, I must confess. It's nearly like that now, but a few changes of rocking the fireplace and building a loft, a little decorating, and it'll be complete.

Turn your cottage into The Little House on the Prairie! Well, after 1800 words, there you have it, my fruits! 

I began that day. I called around and found a storage unit to put all of our boxes and furniture in for a few months, and I have started drawing up plans on how to transform the cottage. There are several aspects that I can start straight away, as I don't feel it's quite the stretch as it sounds. I had already planned on implementing various items, such as an outhouse and fireplace, anyway, so this makes it quite the natural fit. Now, does that mean I know what will happen tomorrow or the next month and so forth? No. But that's the fun of it, is it not? There must be trust in the not-knowing and ride those waves of uncertainty like a mermaid goddess. As we've often been told, my darlings, it's not in the destination; it's all about the voyage (journey).

I love Little House so much I've decided to live in it (for now)! What do you think my Pa (hahaha, dad) will say when I tell him I want his help in the transformation? I may have to go about it alone, for my "Pa" is currently having some health issues. I shall prevail. If these darling women on Instagram can DIY, I most certainly can, too. 

I hope you follow me on my voyage on Patreon and watch how it turns out. If you enjoy personal development, spirituality, the Law of Assumption, old-timey lifestyle (Little House on the Praire, Beatrix Potter, Tasha Tudor), home renovations, dreamy fairytale living, books, artistry, and mermaids, of course, well then my Instagram account is for you. Mind you, my darlings, some of my content is on Patreon, where it is behind the paywall. It is five dollars to join, and you can cancel anytime if you feel you're not receiving your money's worth, but you do, my dear hearts.

Have a lovely Sunday. I am off to work on the guest bathroom in my folk's cottage. I am renovating it. I have been sharing my stories all about it on Instagram if you're interested. 

Also, if you are interested in commissioned bespoke illustrations for Christmas cards, I am taking a few orders this year. Here is my latest one. Her name is Annabelle, and she's a little fancy Victorian cat. E-mail me at (Raquel@RaquelCarter.com) with the subject line "bespoke painting" or message me on my Etsy shoppe. I am so happy to paint for you. Just think of how unique and personal your holiday cards will be this year, and goodness knows we need some "Take Joy" in these troubling waters as of late.   

Most affably yours til' my next swim, Razz   


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