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The Cobbled Together Bathroom Progress, Elegant Economy And A Bit Of Advice For Women's Mental Health

"I cannot rest; I must draw, however poor the result, and when I have a bad time come over me, it is a stronger desire than ever. For quiet, solitary and observant children create their own world and live in it, nourishing their imaginations on the material at hand.”~Beatrix Potter

Hello, my dear mermaid hearts, 
As of late, I’m working around the clock to keep me and my betrothed out of the Victorian workhouse.

Most recently, I've learned a bit more about myself, and I must confess that as I have stayed sat in one attitude, I am most proud and deserve the word. I realised how much I've grown and progressed in the state of affairs when it pertains to cutting things off at the crosswalk, for as much as many may not like it, I am quite severe on my own sex, and my timing has become matchless.

Women can be quite dodgy (because of deep insecurities and perpetuated jealousy), and whereas I'm not here polishing a halo, I am forthright in my ethics as well as my ability to summon things as I see them. Life is entirely too precious to waste our time, allowing other women to take us apart like clocks. If you feel a pull that someone is gossiping or talking backwards nonsense, let them go, my darlings. Absolutely, let them go about their lives and make haste when performing such matters. There is no need to take vengeful action; allow karma to take its course at its perfect timing; this way, we do not heap like coal reverse karmic debt upon our own heads. I am contemplating making a video for YouTube all about the details of how karmic universal law works. I've yet to see anyone know it as well as I do, much less explain it properly and accurately. And while I am at it, I am planning a video all about forgiveness and how Neville Goddard squares this extremely controversial subject up in such a perfect way that there'll be no need ever to have it explained again. Yet, I most undoubtedly will speak about it because repetition (at nausea) is the best way to assist someone in understanding a subject. Most folks do not change unless one thing occurs, and that is to understand something. People fear what they do not comprehend. It's okay, my darlings; I'll die on the hill, or the sword, or any other accoutrement you'd like to toss my way as sharing my views on the points of life is my forte; no one is better than I rest assured.

Yes, I speak with authority and experience on the matter. I've also exercised (most recently) my psychic abilities in receiving downloads to understand it from a universal (Collective Consciousness) perspective. The knowledge will assist in my helping women feel proud and confident.

This week, I uploaded several videos on ye olde YouTube in reference to which I am speaking. I’m a writer; therefore, my employment is to make notions convincing as well as be as truthful and complete of transparency as i possibly can, whilst also refraining from intimate exposure as i am consciously aware there are some dodgy folks in our realm too.

My painting and new little storybooks are swimming along nicely, and my folk's little bathroom is taking shape rather superbly, too.
These are the progress images. Much has changed even from now. However, I wanted you to see what ole' Razz has been getting up to as of late.  

This window is framed outside of the original. I am on a budget for my parent's cottage bath; therefore, rather than install a new window, I opted for a frame, and I will place stained glass and candles that are battery-lit behind the window. 

When I've accomplished a few more of the particulars, i will share images and links in case you are interested in the Victorian sources. For now, though, here are a few progress images. 

Have I told you most recently how much i love writing, painting, farming and slow living? I've found my house of belonging. I suppose the reason for sharing my appreciation for the excellent life is rather a vital notion to testify of, for we know life can be challenging sometimes. Therefore, it is essential to be grateful and show forth that to the universal spirit, which will give us a return tenfold on our gratitude. I informed Jeffrey Shawn yesterday that’s why I fall into an olde-fashioned, cottage core slow living way of life. I find romanticising my life and playing house in a cosy Victorian fairytale cottage such an escape. I am rather fond of isolation, and it indeed has valuable benefits. To be alone is quite normal, an attribute for a Pisces Sun, Cancer moon and Sagittarius rising. However, Pisces also needs change. In fact, we thrive on change. Oftentimes, I've heard folks complain that Pisces are unmanageable because we are onto many different paths seemingly all at once. I want to dispel this myth; we are indeed flowing in opposite directions; however, that makes for a very unpredictable multi, multi-faceted mermaid. She's quite unpredictable as she possesses all of the signs of the zodiac rolled into one. If you have a Pisces in your life, know full well we are magnificent beings. We have too long received opinions about ourselves that i consider backwards nonsense. Well, note that those olde beliefs went out with the babies' bathwater long ago. 

I must confess, having a life that is slow living and focused on a timey life comes very naturally to me. Jeffrey Shawn said once that i honestly had to have been born in another time, reincarnated many times. I agree with him. I've always known that about myself.  In my previous marriage, i would most often have a difficult go of things because my deepest innate desire (even from childhood) was to live on a little farm with chickens, bunnies, and sheep, walk, garden, write novels, self-help and children’s storybooks, living a lifestyle like Tasha Tudor, painting and writing, modelling the tone of Beatrix Potter. I am living that little dream. For many years, I was told by others not to “big myself up” about achieving and manifesting my demonstrated goals, and I now find that quite displeasing. Let us share with others the knowledge that they, too, can also achieve their dreams as well. If we remain quiet all our lives, we will not be an example to other beautiful women that dreams do indeed come to fruition.

"We cannot stay home all our lives; we must present ourselves to the world, and we must look upon it as an adventure. What heaven can be more real than to retain the spirit world of childhood?"~Beatrix Potter

I have closed down (for the interim) my Patreon; however, I have placed all of those videos onto my YouTube channel for you to enjoy for free. Here is the link. I would ask that if you feel any resonance with my content either here on ye olde blog or my YouTube channel, would you please subscribe? Subscribe to my email list and or subscribe to my YouTube channel. It is free, and you can unsubscribe any time you like.

Most affably yours til' my next swim, Razz

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