A Not-So-Grand Time Of Those Gone Before & Happy News

Hello, my dear mermaid hearts,

This morning, I made another video for you on YouTube. I've been uploading unfailingly about the law of assumption and my mermaid cottage core lifestyle. If that interests you, I know you would love to subscribe. During the day, I visit the seaside, and in the evenings, I toil away on my new-fangled web design once everyone has settled in for the evening. I am entirely enjoying the moments of solitude. It has been bucketing down; therefore, i have been remaining indoors and have lit all of the kerosene lamps. I love how they flicker about bouncing off the cottage walls; it is such a heavenly delight, and the kittens are also bemused by them. I appreciate the fortes i am blessed with, and even when difficulties have strewn about, the Great Spiritual Creator has always guided me true north. 

This morning, as I meditated, i thought about all the beautiful notions that are unique gifts. There are many of us quite prone to constantly look outside at the world beyond us and catch our eyes upon others' gardens rather than tending our own. It all goes by so fast, and this life deserves to be remembered. Some would argue that being interested in the lives of others is a subjective notion; one woman's entertainment is another woman's outrageous and wasteful behaviour. 

At present, perhaps that is how the abundant weeds grow, for we've lost sight of the beauty of where we stand as women. It takes quite a woman to remove the distractions and begin to dive deep into the failings of our lives, and quite truthfully, this is why many women sustain the refusal to do so. It is of utmost difficulty to unravel the kitten's yarn ball of knottiness. Speaking of gardens, how often do gardening duties seem to escape us, or we've outright avoided them only to realise the vines and weeds have run wild.

Work is closing in on us like an abandoned cottage in the thicket, no longer capable of seeing through the windows. The realisation is that now there is even more internal work to accomplish. Yet, we've utilised many distractions rather than viewing our own lives by taking inventory, and now we are bound to occupy wasteful nonsense on stilts. This wastefulness is a tremendous travesty, for whilst we're focused on everyone else, those folks relish in their manifested demonstrations. The loop continues, and we evade our proper purposes as women and artists.

I've begun posting new videos on YouTube again, as I feel called to help spread my mermaid message of allowing women to rise to their true callings on the earth.

I wrote down all of the fun projects that i plan to have fun accomplishing for the year, and oh my, what a "Take Joy" moment I am having. I spend my time mostly quietly living out a cottage core lifestyle of spirituality and enjoying our little cottage. There were moments last year that had me in quite a conundrum. I was curious to know if we were coming or going, moving or not moving. This particular matter can be quite a displeasurable experience for an artist and, if permitted, can take a toll on oneself if we allow it. Don't you agree? Indecision is a fiddly thing, is it not?

Neville Goddard (or Daddy Neville, as i like to tease) spoke many times about folks in the field of spirituality; nearly all the content should be free. Neville did, however, allow for offerings or donations. Although they were not mandatory. He made the bulk of his money from his book sales, and he had an inheritance from his family's fortune. It should be free. He often said in his lectures that if someone is charging for spirituality (other than books or meetings where you can offer a donation to cover vendor locations), one should run for the hills. I agree, and Neville also states that this is how you can spot a phoney. That doesn't apply to an artist making a living; I'm speaking of spirituality and the religious kind. Spirituality is free and remains as such. In my desire and dream of creating The Carter Settlement, where folks will come to visit, enjoy tea and a lovely luncheon at the tea room, i plan to be financially independent (relying on my book sales, sale items, art, etc., and donations to the non-profit) I will not charge a fee. I do place ads on my YouTube videos, which is also acceptable. YouTube is a free platform. Please, my darlings, understand this is merely my opinion. Still, it is a wise way of settling my mindfulness and remaining true to my craft of transparency and centredness. 

In the olden times, spiritual folks were wise beyond most folks, and therefore, the authorities convinced the ordinary people that the spiritual folks, seers, and chosen ones were terrible. One must be cautious of them, and shunning them was best. In addition, spiritual teachers were admonished by the hierarchy to leave all their possessions, homes, and desires, claiming that being free of their ego is the way to help others. This tactic was another way to keep true spiritual leaders from prospering and have valid voices of profound abilities to support the movement of coming into oneself. That way, the leaders and those upon a pedestal had a way of keeping the wise, spiritually-minded folks under control and submission. It has worked and still does in many parts of the world, especially on lower dimensions of vibration. The exciting thing is I've had a near-death experience, and I know (not hearsay) that when we pass and transition from this world, many will be stunned to know it's not as severe as they think. Many will ponder to themselves, that's all it is, and i made such a big deal about religion, etc., but you can tell many people that, and yet they want no part of the truth; they want lies to their faces, pretending to be truths because that keeps them comfortable and unchanging. Many are called, and few are chosen because many refuse to do the work. Shame. Let's be honest: if a spiritual person has no financial independence, wealth, possessions or leadership, most people of large crowds will not listen to them. It is the popular ones the crowds listen to; this was a brilliant mind-controlling tactic, and it has worked for thousands of years worldwide. One will listen to someone as such, and this, my friends, is how the leaders kept the elevated vibrationally aligned people under submission and control. They created fear in them and continually reminded the people that to be among the meek, one must leave the world behind, and they shall inherit the earth. Bullocks! They spoon-fed Christians, and the meek and weak ate it by the cauldrons full. 

The other day, I narrated The Tale of Merrymaid Scarlette Rose and uploaded it to my YouTube channel; here is the link for you, my dear hearts. All we must do is remember we lean unto our Mermaid Inner Being, and it will lead us properly.

I have been writing the manuscript for The Little Mermaid's Transformational Tale, and many scales/ chapters are rising that I am going to share in the book. One belief I had for such a long time until I changed my belief system was that money equalled struggle, and it makes perfect sense why i would spend decades floundering to create an incredible income for myself. Thank goodness those days are behind me. Nothing feels worse than not being able to independently care for myself. I had that deep belief that I needed a man to save me, and that cycle kept swimming around me for entirely too long. Again, this is why I wholeheartedly know a woman must change her belief system. I've never struggled to make money, but where my belief of scarcity evolved was most definitely going back to my childhood. It's not always the fault of one parent; often, women use that role to their advantage because some women use the upper hand of remaining a perpetual damsel in distress; therefore, everyone must rescue her. Well, I am a woman who no longer needs to be rescued. I shed the scales of the woman I once was, and she no longer exists. If we are to BE the woman we desire, we must BE that woman in the NOW.

Act As If," as Neville Goddard writes in his books. My rescuer is the Great Creator. I want women to know their significance and utilise their strength. We are women, and we possess the power to create a human; therefore, there is nothing we can't do. This isn't a speech on the hilltop of feminism; it is a calling of mermaids. We are changing this world as we know it. We are creating an entirely new world. The changing of beliefs was the first thing I transformed in my new assumption tract. My darlings, if we do not modify our beliefs, we will struggle all our lives. Once we change the belief, we change the outcome.

We are always young enough to change and achieve our dreams. I do not care if you're one foot in the watery grave; you still have a choice. What is yours going to be? You'll return, reincarnate, and do it all again. My dear friend that could not sound more unreasonable to the aerials. 

Several years ago, I did internal reverse engineering; therefore, I won't bore you to the olympic degree; however, I hope to assist you in showing you how to change your money beliefs for good and sustaining those beliefs for the rest of your life. You can look into your life and realise how you feel about money. Do you feel abundant? Are you abundant? If you are financially secure (not on your spouse, but you as a woman), do you feel like a meiser, constantly trying to save money? Do you feel unworthy of having cash and either hoard cash and never do anything with your money that would fulfil your childhood dreams, or do you constantly rid yourself of your money because having money feels petrifying? Continually spending is a sign of a worthiness issue. If you don't feel worthy of having and possessing financial prosperity, you will subconsciously spend every penny. The other state of mind is also a sign of low self-worth. Are you constantly telling yourself I can't afford that, that's too expensive, etc? I'm not sure about you, but when I accepted that I was always making excuses for myself or blaming others, I was sick and tired of my predicament. When i divorced my ex-mate, i could easily make perfect money, though my self-worth got in the way, and I recycled olde stories until I reprogrammed my subconscious mind. It would eventually revert to me having an empty bank account. It's never how much a person has or makes; the self-belief that the person holds is crucial to change. 

I am so very much looking forward to us as Stillwater~A Petticoat Society and all of the ways we will make the world magical—a world of discovery, magic, fairytales, and happiness. You should think yourself lucky. "Take Joy," my dear hearts. I love you!

Most affably yours til my next swim, Razz


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