The World Loves Colleen Hoover Books, And It Is Another Way Women And Young Ladies Are Being Hoodwinked (According To Me)

Hello, my dear mermaid hearts,
I have missed you, and our little prattles. All is well now, and I can pick up the dropped stitches.
I have a few housekeeping measures before I have a good whinge about this topic. I wasn't going to write about this subject. However, Spirit dropped this download, and I felt the overwhelming need to discuss and share the information I received. It sat in my draft folder for weeks. Spirit has encouraged me to speak my truths (opening my throat chakra) and what I see occurring in our world with a positive twist, remembering to use my platform with all-encompassing love. This article is for the collective; therefore, I know It must be shared. My copy will not blot, my dear hearts.

Colleen Hoover is a multiple New York Times Bestselling author (once having 8 of her books on the top ten paperback titles on the list all at once), and because of this, I will invariably have some folks reading betwixt the lines attempting to grab apples of the presumption that I have written this post because she has something I want; to be on that list myself. This will happen, however, my love, that has the odour of graverobbing about it. Darling, please remember speculation is the enemy of calm. As much as I hate to burst your bubble, my dear hearts, you couldn't be farther from the truth; don't make such heavy weather of it. Honestly, Mrs Hoover seems like a darling on her social media. Unlike many writers who attack because of their green-eyed jealousy, I am not like others; I don't have those issues. I am a published author, and I am financially independent of anyone, and that feels quite special to me because I honestly believe the reason authors that I see haven't obtained a book deal or look on at others with jealousy is that they haven't been doing the internal work on their self-concept or have no clue about the law of assumption. I want to always be kind and loving when I write articles; however, I will not sugarcoat my feelings just so emotions aren't injured. As authors, we have to know that when we put our lives out into the universe, we are subjected to differing opinions, and we must develop thick mermaid scales. In my heart, I am ALREADY a New York Times Best-seller, and it is a done deal; I'm not waiting for anything.

My objective with my content is to bring things to one's attention and then let the dear reader work to resolve the matter (if they have one) within their own hearts. I enjoy teaching that way. Who wants someone whingeing on about issues needing repair with solutions but have none? What’s the point in writing then? I want us to examine ourselves and go within. How can we, as individuals and collective beings, improve things by having dwelt upon this earth? 

This post has to do with us as individuals and less about Colleen. 

In the world, celebrities and public figures sign up to be examples.

Remember, every famous person {in fact} manifested their fame, and it's our employment to use their lives as examples (myself included) to teach the world particular matters. Bear with me; we're here to learn things. I've figured out the method of Colleen’s success, but first things first. She manifested being a multiple New York Times Best Seller. Now, if you were to ask her, she may state that she couldn't have imagined being famous. This statement always behooves me because, as humble as a person would like to appear, stating vehemently that they could never imagine such a thing in their wildest dreams, it is simply rubbish. Every famous person manifests  their fame, don’t let them fool you. Now they may not understand the law of assumption, but I am here to tell you, it's not an accident. Our manifestations always replicate one's thoughts. Therefore, the next time you say something like that or hear someone state they are utterly surprised, just know they are speaking nonsense on stilts. 

Whether that's a form of trying to look humble or she's not in touch with knowing the law of assumption that begs an entirely new set of restrictions. I am here to tell you she DID manifest her dreams; every human born also manifests their life. Please don't fool yourself and believe that all illustrations are a fluke; that's not how universal law works, my dear hearts. Whether good, bad or indifferent, every thought manifests according to the faith and belief in it. Now you know I have to speak on this because I wouldn't be the woman I am if I didn't tell you the truth or bring subjects and topics that should be addressed to your attention. 

Another tidbit I've realised recently is when I wrote several years ago about Rachel Hollis, which is that a few main street media outlets found my blog posts, changed words around a bit to make them more professional (less personal) and ran them on many main news outlets. So when you see my article done that way, know where the original post came from, me— your favourite mermaid mystic. It's so interesting to me that folks in this world look at others and wonder why this or that is happening to that person, not knowing they have been the one affecting their own life. 

The world won't serve karma to anyone (at random) just because we don't know about manifesting doesn't mean the law isn't in effect. Here is a YouTube video where I speak in detail about karma because most of the world is ignorant of how it works. We are creating our lives with all of our thoughts. God is our own wonderful human imagination. I am not nor will I ever be a stick in the mud where I'm at a constant complaint, creating agitation by shouting louder, oh no, I merely manifest rigorously what I want, and that's what I receive. The same goes for you, too, my darling dear hearts. You are ALWAYS in charge of your life, even though you may sometimes not believe it.

Currently, Colleen Hoover is a part of our country's unfortunate state of affairs. As much as I'd like not to bring you this news, ("The Matrix" I will substitute for "The Mould" because I've never seen The Matrix and I don't do anything like everyone else.

Furthermore, I am sick to death of people using a ridiculous Hollywood movie to describe (our world) and Hollywood (let me be specific by stating the negative side expressly because not everyone in that environment is wicked) however, our country is indeed benefitting greatly from Colleen Hoover's success.

Allow me to explain in detail. Now, from what I can gather, from a snippet of interviews here and there and my little bit of research on Colleen's website, she began to take off from her books spreading on TikTok (originating on Amazon KDP) and groups of people named after her called CoHorts. Now again, the unpleasant notion as to why so many young/older women relate to her books is because of the dysfunction and abuse threaded throughout much of Colleen's literature. I understand that better than you may know. However, just because I understand how abuse happens, and I've experienced much of it, I don't want to write about it until the cows come home. This writing brings forth negative experiences that will now remain for many decades in the ethers. Think of the parable in the bible (for the Christians out there). Remember when Lott's wife turned into a pillar of salt? This was because she constantly kept looking back at her old life/old version of herself. What is the use of salt? It is for preservation. She remained in a preserved mind by continually looking back on her life. Therefore, she could not progress. That is the same thing that happens when we keep reading negative literature. Folks like to fantasise about negativity. It feels comforting because it is what they know and of which they are familiar. Sadly, abuse and dysfunction are predictable. It is a truth well fixed and low vibrationally insulating; therefore, I do not recommend reading literature that is not uplifting and of a beautiful, highly vibrational momentum. It will never serve our highest good.

The repeated negativity is not contributing to raising the vibrational frequency of young girls and women; her books are causing stagnation in the collective. The world will never change if the attack can keep the Mermaid Goddesses and little merrymaids in a constant progression of victimhood and attitudes of dysfunction. 

Women rock the cradle, but not weak women. The potential for Mermaid Goddesses to empower the world is utterly mind-altering; however, what happens If they are kept down and stifled? That's right, the world will not change (as rapidly), and the Christ Consciousness will not prevail at the rate it should. I have excellent news, though. IT IS CHANGING, and there's nothing anyone can do about it. I am writing about the truth, and so are many others who are called and chosen. 

Here is why I believe a greater force is occurring. She is constantly suggested by the algorithm, mainstream and social media; she's even recently had sketches made about her on Saturday Night Live. Her books promote physical and psychological abuse. I am here to tell you that listening to one of her book's first three chapters, it dawned on me that the characters were ridiculously insecure and altered psychotically from mental abuse; it was a bit activating. The men never seemed to have to account for their behaviours, and it felt like, once again, a woman excusing bad men's behaviour. You might mention that this is all fiction (it's a book, Razz), but since I am a writer, much of the writing in an author's work stems from personal experiences, feelings, and actions. In this world now, if women and girls lack independence and self-love and continue to sip up this kind of literature, it is perpetuating women and girls to remain the way they are. After reading Colleen's books, it is almost as if it's admired and looked upon as a positive matter when it's not. If the "world", the powers that be promote and glamorise Mrs Hoover's books (which, from reading a small excerpt of one of the books, are equal to a fourth grader's comprehension and writing skills and the ones mainly reading these books are teens and young adults) there is a push to "dumb young girls down", believing that a man that has mental issues of which is deeply disturbed has been cherished and rationalised and that young women should accept and allow this type of behaviour, also encouraging it. There is a saviour complex and father issues threaded through Colleen's books. Mrs Hoover, you have much internal work to do on yourself to heal your inner child wounds. I hope you will do so. This mentality keeps the system going and stifles women's empowerment, true women supporting women. I will continue saying that no matter how long it takes. Our dear Mermaid Goddesses dwelling on the 5th dimension have an extraordinary advantage over those living in the 3D. When we begin raising our girls and help adult women learn what self-love is, we will indeed see a change in the world; perhaps if Colleen wrote a book with a conclusion to the male characters in the books and not a mere falling off of their accounting and final judgement. I understand why she might want to keep them a bit in good graces, even if it's a book because as a writer, we will use our books to heal. I hope Colleen has grown as a woman and does not lead women and girls to more misunderstanding. She was a social worker, and it is now her responsibility to the world to do her bit to make the world better with her words and books, not invoke women and girls to remain in a state of never-ending cycles of unhealed generational trauma or romanticising the male figures in one's life because we have unresolved psychological daddy and mummy issues. That is what I ask of Colleen. Where is that book, dear?

Most affably yours til my next swim, Lady R (or Razz for my friends) 


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