Vision Board~ The Art Of Manifesting Your Desires {Through The Law Of Attraction: Abraham Hicks Teachings}

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I am curious how many times you have heard of vision boards? I believe I first began hearing about them when the Oprah Winfrey show was on. I didn't believe in the Law of Attraction at that time. However, I have always been a person that found creating my reality came through my imagination. I especially liked the idea of dream/vision boards because it's a crafty pursuit. I love crafts, but I also want works to have substance as well.

To make a vision board work, we must understand what a vision board actually is and what it does. I want to dispel the notion that a vision board doesn't work. Most people believe that for us to receive our dreams and desires, we have to create a vision board. That is actually a myth. A vision board is simply a tool to make manifesting fun. We do not have to have vision boards to get what we desire.

The universe already knows what we want and will always bring it to us. In reality, we don't need tools to tell the world what our desires are. The universe is privy to each and every one of our thoughts. The universe knows in exact detail what we want and what aspirations we have been giving birth to since the day we were born. According to the teachings of Abraham, all of our desires are in our individual escrowed vibrational vortex accounts.

P.S. I think I should also state that Oprah highly believes in the teachings of Abraham, and here's her interview with Esther {aka channelled Abraham Hicks {the origin of The Secret}

Definition of our escrowed vibrational vortex account: the wellbeing of everything we've ever requested or asked for. In life, we have contrast, and that creates in us a desire for things we'd like to have, be or do. When we have asked for something, we automatically have summoned it into our escrowed vortex.

The only reason we haven't received the desire/dreams is we simply haven't allowed them in. To be the beneficiary of our thoughts and desires, we have to be a vibrational match.

The reason we create a vision board or a visualization is so that we can relish and gaze upon our desires with feelings of joy. All things are working out for us.

Heres my vision board youtube video from my channel in case you'd like to watch it.

I thought I'd share my vision boards with you as samples. I believe there are many posts on the internet about how to make the tool, so I'll go into more depth about the actual ways to allow your vision board dreams/desires to manifest and less focus on the craft itself.

Belief builds momentum...

The most important thing to understand about vision boards is that for the vision board to work, you have to have your beliefs and desires match vibrationally. That is the most significant misunderstanding as to why people are creating vision boards later realizing their wishes or dreams didn't manifest. It's not because they don't work, its because people are trying to create something externally. The two things {desire and vibration} have to line up.

The main reason for the distrust with us humans is from our belief system of who Source/God/Universe is, as well as, conditioning. Therefore, we struggle at times to believe/trust that the universe will give us all that we desire. Our parents, role models, etc. {even though they were well intentioned} taught us to trust in them instead of encouraging us to believe in ourself. They trained us out of listening to our own inner being. That created in us lacking and distrust. Noone was ever intended to be your guide, but yourself. Our inner being should have always been the only guidance for us to listen to.

We got off track as children from well-intended parents, but now we must take hold of the helm of our life; trusting we will find our way back. If we can follow, and only listen to OUR hearts, it will lead us true north.

I first began making mine on a wire, but then changed it to a chalkboard like below and last year I decided to try a Victorian frame I picked up at the antique store.

I believe I may go with the wired version again for 2019. 

That is the fun of it, being as creative as you so desire. 
This is the vision board version that I created for many years. I am using it again for 2019. I place mine at the entryway of the cottage. That way, it allows me to see it multiple times a day as I am coming and going. It implants the dreams more securely in my mind.
This is courtesy of Carol Hicks Bolton, Anne Lory's photography. 
A few resources for your Wired Vision Dream board version:
Clips are from Tim Holtz, and I would go to my local Michaels, or you could check the link I posted for Amazon. I prefer blackened bronze instead of the nickel ones, but it's your preference. {smile}
You can find the wire at the hardware store such as Home Depot. It will be blackened already. Ask the attendant for the prepackaged 18 gaged wire. The screws that I use are black, and they are tiny wood screws. They are located in the screw section at Home Depot also. 

So before I close this post, I wanted to share another snippet about your vision board. If you created a vision board for the previous year, a fun thing to do is to track your manifesting voyage. 

I take down my board and then see what I did manifest and what things didn't. I use that as a reference for understanding where my vibration and desired beliefs aren't lining up. I am then able to go forward in the new year, taking the non-manifested visions to my workshop to flush out the wobbliness. It is an excellent exercise as it inspires us to continually reach for more, but always be mindful of being satisfied with the now. 

I shall write again soon. If you liked my videos on my youtube channel, I'd love it if you subscribed! Thank you in advance...

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