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How Tasha Tudor Used The Art Of Scripting

My dear friends,

This post is sure to be most delightful. Might you pour some tea and let us have a visit. I think my choice of tea today is cinnamon spice Chia Teavana. I cannot get over how much more flavorful a loose leaf tea is.

Shall we get on with it? As i was pondering how to bring my salient characteristic to this post, I thought what better way than to pull life experiences along with copious articles that I am personally fond of. What could be more perfect than writing, art, and life metaphors through one of my heroes, the great Tasha Tudor!

If you have noticed with my posts and stories  I am attempting to lead you to understand life and perspectives in a new way. Just as Tasha Tudor did. She used the art of scripting and subtlety. I would like to believe that there are so many of us women that would love to be and create a life such as Tasha Tudor did. I think many women have made attempts, but eventually relent. It takes a strong unwavering inner strength and not giving a hoot what anyone else thinks. It is easy a statement to say at home alone in the safety of our homes or with those that love us, but then become unstable when going into public.

One must be valiant in their alignment with no wobbling, and they will be off and swimming.
image courtesy of Big Bates 
I know what feeling different means. I have struggled with "being different" most of my life, and I am just now in the last few years coming round' to honouring myself. My momma always said, " Never hide your light under a bushel, but to let it shine!" As much as I was taught that and it ingrained into my psyche, I inevitably gave up my true desires for a time. To dress like Laura Ingalls, live on a farm and be a writer who paints, was my happiest dream as a young girl. When someone asks me nowadays what I do, that's what I tell them. I am a writer who loves to paint. To be able to say that and not feel fraudulent was a lengthy period in my life.

That is what I love about Tasha, she stuck by her convictions. I would go so far as to say Tasha was such as the greats in histories past. She was a sharp-sighted observer.
I think truly that is why I made such a hard right on wearing my bangles and never removing them besides the four times I had my children. I wore them for over 37 years. They are quite beautiful and many consist of mermaids. I was once told by a woman that I was trying to prove something by wearing 47 bangles on my arms. I was appalled, so let me put a finishing touch on that by suggesting this humourous outtake of all the ways the dowager countess Violet from Downton Abbey would burn someone. I dearly love to laugh and she is quite the wit. A southern English woman has graciousness and when speaking of anyone with the truth as Emily Dickenson would say; Tell all the truth but tell it slant. There is undoubtedly an art to expression, and in order to free it from conventional restraints, one must have experience.{smile}

My writing on ye olde blog does indeed liberate me, and as readily leaves me ungrounded at times. I feel as quick as I am to share my truths, I risk the rejections by being a woman like the Concord Transcendentalists. 

I adore Emily Dickenson, as well as, Charlotte Brontë, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and William Faulkner { which just so happens to be my relative}.

I have read almost every book Tasha has ever written and I own many of the books about her. I find it fascinating that she and I have very similar lives. Whereas my parents never divorced, I too felt very much an abandoned child left to my own devices. I was constantly alone and I learned to embrace solitude. I would spend my childhood in my fort in the woods, sweeping dirt paths, sewing curtains by hand and using my pets as friendly tea party guests. I created my own little world. I would ask my dear friend that lived on a farm down the lane to let me wear her old fashioned Laura Ingalls clothes. Her mother was such a wonderful seamstress and I readily took advantage of my dear friend's wardrobe. To have the clothing to accompany my driven fantasies of pretend I was indeed climbing down the rabbit hole of illusion. With each passing day, I was living less in the real world and more in make-believe land. It contributed to making my imagined dreams come to fruition.
Once I turned 15, I asked my aunt to teach me to sew. I wanted to really learn how from the women in my lives that had sewing expertise.  I so desire to inspire you to do what makes your heart sing. I didn't have a mother that liked homemaking, sewing or any domesticated type activities, but I did not allow that to hinder me from learning. I have always been a determined girl. It must be the red hair. {wink wink}

I was reading some literature about Tasha this morning and I was reminded that I, much like Tasha have used scripting to create the lives we desired to have.

Have you ever heard of scripting? It is as it sounds. Just as Hollywood writers create scripts for actors to play, we too can script our lives. Hollywood writers create a script, a beautiful storyline, characters with personalities, temperaments, plot, location, how the characters interact with each other, even down to the clothing they will wear.
In the law of attraction, I am sure you have heard the basis of what the law of attraction is. If not, simply put The law of attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focused on. We are each using the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality.

If i had not tried this many times myself, I would not have believed it was so. It does seem that many find the law of attraction a bit woohoo. I will be absolutely transparent in stating that once upon a time I was one such person. The easiest way to see if the law of attraction works is to begin trying it. Many people may not literally come out and say that they believe in the law of attraction, but they actually do. I think it is considered taboo to touch on politics or religion.

Even Tasha at one time wanted to quote the entire poem of Walt Whitman, and the publishing company cut the two last lines out because it was considered controversial. Anyone that has studied the life of Tasha Tudor knows that she started her own religion called Stillwater. I have concluded Tasha was a revolutionary.

Tasha once said, " I wanted to be an artist and that is exactly what I did. I always get what I want." Tasha scripted her life. She drew sketches of her home, how she wanted to dress, what the home and gardens were to look like, and the location of where she wanted to build her home. Of course, she didn't achieve all of this straight away, but eventually, it all happened.
Just as Tasha is no different than you or I, please remember you too can script your life just as you'd like it to be. It is never too late to dream a dream and watch it unfold right before your eyes. One must only believe in the dream for it to come true.

Tasha literally scripted out her life and it came to fruition. Don't you just love that! It makes me so happy and so very excited. There is surely copious amounts of her energy and spirit thriving still to this day.

Here is a tactical way of using the scripting tool:

Gather a new notebook, upon the front of the notebook, write: The script of my life! Inside the notebook begin creating your story. Be super specific, do not allow any hindrances in your dreams. This is simply all that you want. Pretend you were given all the wishes you could ever want or think of and get detailed. Keep writing in your scripted notebook as often as it gives you pleasure. I assure you, as time unfolds and there is no resistance, you will slowly but surely see it unfold exactly as you've written it to be. Happy scripting dear friend. Have you ever scripted?

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. Hi Raquel :)
    Can it be okay to script on your computer, by typing, basically? Writing things down by hand can be difficult if I want to go back and change things, and it can start to hurt my hand eventually, since I'd write so much. And if there is a difference between typing and writing it down on paper when it comes to manifesting, why is that?

    1. Of course, you can type it if you'd prefer. Whichever is most comfortable for you. There's scientific proof that physically writing imprints the subconscious but even just saying the scripting and creating an image is effective as well. I hope this helped.


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