Monday, February 18, 2019

The Art Of Making Staffordshire Cottage Shipshape

My dear friends, 

I have my tea a bit early. I wanted to gather my thoughts, so I have put on some Claude Debussy to angle my disposition of writing this evening. The day has been quite scorching, and conditions are lacking in adornment; however, the sand cranes have been flying overhead cackling. I love to hear them and my ol' beloved seagulls. I cherish the sounds of seagulls along the ocean waves as they kiss the stoned fairy moss rocks. 

To make yourself some germinating pod seed starters, begin by gathering your supplies: A stapler, cardboard roll and some natural coffee filters. Cut the rolls into sections of about 2 inches in length and then simply staple the filter around the cardboard. Tada! That is all there is to it. Fill with dirt, add 2 seeds to each pod seed starter @ 1/4 inch down, cover back with soil and saturate with water. Never let your seeds dry up. They must remain moist to germinate properly. 
I spent the week spot spiffing, dusting and pottering about the cottage. I had a delightful conversation with a dear ol' childhood friend. What a pleasantry. I hold to those lovely sentiments. I am not much of a conversationalist on the telephone, as I prefer pen to paper; the old fashioned way of communications.

I managed to package up copious objects from the cottage that I desire of keeping for when my beloved gardener and I move to our forever home {the one where we will have a wee farm with sheep, more chickens, many more bunnies and a few dogs}. They are not serving me presently, but I do intend on clinging to them. I am also in the beginning throes of amending updates to the cottage kitchen, so the clearing of counters is my next logical step. I have dusted and shined my antique furniture. I have washed our little mini makeshift bar tray. A good cleaning of glass makes the cottage sparkle, and it's a southern woman's household duty to keep her cottage ship-shape. Emily Post would most certainly agree with my sentiments.
My BG {Beloved Gardener} brought home some heirloom Brandywine pink seeds, so I made some of my homemade germinating pod starters. It's most dreadfully balmy, so I placed the seeds in the powder room window. I did not want to risk my absentmindedness by letting the seeds dry out, so in the cottage, they rest for now.
I have used this method for decades, and it has never failed me. Once you begin seeing the seeds germinate, If two plants sprout, carefully and most delicately clip one away. Do not ever pull your extra seedling out. It will surely ruin the growth of the other seedling. Be gentle dear friends.
My beloved companion Oliver Twistytop. He is such a wonderful friend to me. It is undoubtedly of no wonderment that I stay fixed about the cottage. I rarely need to leave my fairytale world. One must pry me away with force, for surely as soon as I go, I am forlorn and anticipatory of my rapid return.

I have always been this way. If you were to ask my mother, she would agree wholeheartedly. I was such a homebody as a child that if friends prayed for me to stay over, I would convince my mother that she needed me at home. I think I had 3, perhaps fewer sleepovers the entire course of my childhood.

A little reminder. That if you love your home and feel a refuge, you mustn't apologize for your behavioural preferences. There were times that often people would admonish me that I was in some way inappropriate for choosing to stay home so much. Your heart knows what it wants, so always follow it, dear one. 
I daily spend quality time with my animals individually. It is pertinent to bond with our beasties.{smile}

Oh, what a delight! I wanted to share the excellent news with you. I have found a sweet company in England that will create my illustrations onto teapots and teacups. It is fine bone china, and I love the shapes. I wanted to show you how I plan to use Beatrix Potters placement and design for my own. I believe this to be a charming way to have tea.

I am oh gosh tickly wickly pretty in pink with excitement to see my art designs on teapots and teacups. Would you be interested in purchasing a set if I were to offer them in my little online shop? I would be delighted with your riposte.

It is in poor taste in Southern tradition to place the tea in anything other than a teacup. How farcical to put the tea in a mug. Just as you would dare never serve a mint julep in anything other than a silver cup.

 A day of flower cutting. I try to get as many blooms as I can. I must have fresh flowers in the cottage daily. If there is not anything in bloom, I go to the village and buy some from the stands. We have a sweet family-owned position down the way from the cottage, and they have incredible prices.
 I wore my bonnet to keep the sun from my face. I picked this bonnet up at the antiquity mercantile in California.
 How superb! A bunny stance... I am so delighted when he does this.
 A page from my storybook, The Tale Of Merrymaid Scarlette Rose. 
I have brought out my sewing kit as of late to begin hand sewing in the evenings while watching a bit of television with my beloved.
Never grow too old in spirit to climb trees. "A day of climbing trees with Wren."

What are you about this week?

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

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