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My dear friends, 

Won't you pour some tea and let us have a visit. I hope you have faired well. The gardener and I were indeed lucky again with the case of hurricane Dorian. She decided not to make a visit, and I am feeling rather appreciative. 

I wanted to show you the cover of The Tale of Sawyer Lamb. I think it will make for a jolly cover, and I know Beatrix Potter is sending me well wishes on my soon to be published story. I have to tell you what occurred a few days ago with regards to this little book's evolution. I indeed like sharing with you here on ye olde b~log, as I feel like its a journal entry and I am talking as if we were genuinely visiting each other. I don't share all of my in-depth thoughts on Facebook as I feel I would instead take those writings to my blog.

A few things that you might notice with the cover of The Tale of Sawyer Lamb, as with throughout the book, will be hidden clues.
~Seven brass buttons: one of his favourite numbers.
~Blue scarf, he had blue eyes.
~Why a sheep book, he felt like the black sheep in our family and even had a sheep tattoo.
~A heart nose: In nature, some sheep have heart-shaped noses, he was my heart, and had a heart of gold.
~Olive green: was his favourite colour, he was going to name his child Oliver if he ever had a son.
~The coat: he loved clothes, and all of my tales of animals wear clothing.

I was having a rather time of it when thinking about this book. I am very much an inspirational writer, so when something isn't coming to me, I let it go until the feeling is forthcoming, and I write without ceasing. I wrote, "The Tale of Merrymaid Scarlette Rose" in less than two hours. When writing under the influence of the spirit, it's sure to be a success.
I had meditated and was setting the intentions that I wanted Sawyer to assist me with how to write this book. As you can assume, I want it to be a profound little story, but also whimsical, charming and heartfelt. So, I was expressing this to God/Source/Spirit and my dear Sawyer. I was asking for guidance. 

The most beautiful thought occurred to me from something I had read years ago in a book. The reminder and the idea I know with a surety was from being lead. I had the thought that if I want this book to be the success, I desire, I should pretend to be reading the story to my grandchild if Sawyer were to have ever been blessed with a little one. I should think upon it as if I were telling my grandchild the story of his Pa. Sawyer being his Pa. I believe that if I can picture in my mind's eye of a dear little thing to share this sweet story with it with I will be able to write a beautiful book. My eyes filled with tears for feeling the soft blanket of comfort and guidance from above. Now- I tell ya, I shall write it this way. I will place some characters together and let them begin talking. This will be the genesis of my approach to the tale. 

I thought I'd include these sweet images of my dear boy and his siblings. In great delight, as I was packing up the guest room for the move, I came upon a scrapbooking box that I was going to pitch in the rubbage bin. However, before doing so, I went through it and found an entire packet of images of my darling son. I plan to have them all blown up in sepia and framed. They will one day hang in the halls of The English Settlement with little brass plaques. I can visualise it now.

This is a Charm Crawford Victorian stove, and I have placed it on my dream board. I thought I might share with you a tangible way to manifest your dreams. Do you recall some years ago, folks made vision boards? Well, I still make them for myself, but if you aren't a prudent gal that enjoys that manner of creature, here's another technique. Proceed to your Pinterest account and create a secret board just for you. Begin building a vision board by adding all the aspects you desire.

For illustration, I have my style of clothing, shoes, housewares, all and anything that I find or desire, I place on my confidential board. The Charm Crawford stove is the latest item I put on my secret board. I have loved them since my childhood and have always wanted one.
Sam Stoltz Cottage- Called the Hansel and Gretel house.
Here's another interesting particular that arose a fortnight ago. As many of you dear readers know I have an infinite love for the Sam Stoltz homes in Mount Plymouth, Florida. I discovered these five cottages {the last and only ones still standing today} in 2004 when I first had moved to Orlando, Florida. Once I went and saw the cottages I decided right then and there I had to live in one. Eventually, as luck would have it, my ex wouldn't hear of living in one, but that dream never waned. I just simply forgot about it and went on with my life. In 2018, when Jeffrey and I were considering a move, out of curiosity, I sent off an email to a realty company inquiring about the Sam Stotz cottages, and if they knew of any available. {most of the dear souls that buy these homes are artists in some fashion, and would never dare think of leaving once they have owned one.}

After sending that email, we decided not to move as Jeffrey wasn't ready, and I think our timing was not sufficient. Much has happened since then, clearly.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, and I received an email from another reality company saying that they saw my email from a year ago and that one of the cottages is for sale, but that it has a heaping amount of work to have performed on it. Admittedly, I am in no way thinking this is it! What will manifest from it, I'm not entirely sure, but oh the fun of just thinking of it. If nothing at all comes of it, that's perfectly okay with me. However, It was a great indicator to me that we all get what we want in life, and there's no way for us not to get what we want if we will but believe and trust our worthiness.

Even if nothing comes of it, I will see it as a day that God/Source knew I needed a little blessing of encouragement. Think of that, my dear friend, what is the likelihood a random and utterly different realtor found an email from over a year ago about the cottages I love so much? I know it's proof God/Universe/Spirit hears every drop by drop we are asking for. The cusp is to be open to each step by feeling worthy of receiving. 

I'm continuing to allow, and however that appears, I am appreciative, satisfied and eager for the adjacent. I am finding such delight in the simplicity of an email. It only needed to be an email in my inbox for me to be the happiest clam in the whole wide world.
I painted this on the day we were waiting upon Dorian to arrive. The paper itself is a clear indication of a casualty. The article was awful to work on, and I shall never use it again.  

"Draco, my dear companion, I love you, eventide."
 A few of my commissioned pieces from this week. Mermaidlings and Little Women that I sold. 
"Emily and Tabby the Magnificent" 

This is from my old photos, but I'm desperate for some fall items. All my goodies are packed away, and I miss them dreadfully. 
"Johnette and Nala"

"Not Forgotten"

 Some may not find humour in this, so just call me devil woman. {Heh}I was going through an old case and saw the above photo, which clearly possessed an image of my ex, which Jeffrey is in place of now. I was simply cavorting with photoshop and thought of the famous Beatrix Potter quote and took evil delight for just a moment. 

"You best mind yourself, or I'll paint you out!"~Beatrix Potter

Honestly, I am bringing this style back.{me in the bonnet} I jokingly said on Facebook I will be pushing this radical style on QVC one day, you just wait and see.

"Bring back the bonnet."~Tasha Tudor   
Poppins my bicycle
 You might see this as a challenge, but for me, I see it as a lovely opportunity that all my desires are answered. Too often, we try to speculate how God/Source/Universe will work all things for our good, but we could never. Furthermore, why should we? We should just watch to see how clever it comes about. 

I had been stating that I would love to take copious bike rides with Jeffrey. I had always wanted to have a partner that would take walks and bicycle rides with me, as I had never had that previously. Our bikes just quietly sat in the garage, and I would occasionally take mine for a spin after I fancied her all up with paint and a Nantucket basket. 

Well, as I said I always get what I want, and by that I mean my dear little car became sick and she's now sitting in our driveway until we can collect the funds to have her repaired. She is a Mercedes {paid for and 13 years old}, so she is a pricey lil' thing to have fixed. Nonetheless, she is worth every penny. If nothing fails with closing, we will have her shipped off to the dealership for mending. And the moral of this story is this- I am getting my dream. Jeffrey and I go each evening for long bike rides, and we take ourselves to the farmers market right down the way and gather our vegetables for our evening supper. I am as happy as a pig in mud. What a fun time is had!
 My dear boy.
Sawyer at one-year-old. I smocked his outfit for Easter. It was a light turquoise/ white gingham check with peter pan collared shirt to match. Carter had the same one but was blue gingham. Turquoise was always very nice looking on Sawyer because he was a redhead like me and Brooker {my other son}. 

This is a pretty tobacco canister that was a gift from a dear friend. I love collecting old glass jars of all sorts from the Victorian period. I even went so far as to donate all of my Tupperware to the Salvation Army and went out and bought a few selected glass pieces. Eventually, I hope to only have glass items. 

I thought I would give you a tiny report about my corset wearing. I have been sleeping in it, lost a total of 4 inches the first week, which resulted in me having to buy another one in a smaller size. I also bought some steel boning separately to replace the present boning. I am wearing the corset so often the boning in the corset was bending notwithstanding the pressures of constant wear. I had to remove it yesterday as I was in such pain from the jabbing me in the ribs. I will share more in-depth in my book {The Little Mermaid's Transformational Tale}, stay tuned.

 Some fun items I am on the lookout for my future cottage English kitchen. 

I am getting quite excited about the Downton Abbey movie. So, in my zest for a fanciful evening at the cinema, I am making a whole pretty Victorian outfit to wear. 

I am making it from scratch, so I will surely have to fiddle with it to get it right perfect. Isn't that lovely, though when you build and design your own clothing? You can create anything you'd like, and it will fit you like a glove. That's another thing I have noticed with wearing a corset. I want my clothing very fitted.

Well, I am off to slumber, but will visit with you soon.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx  


  1. The inspiration/muse is flowing there! Thank you for sharing all of this process with us; this post is just one long flow of delightful things.

    1. Awww, Thank you Kimberly! I very much appreciate those kind words. I hope your weekend is lovely. Much love, Raquelxxx

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