Monday, August 5, 2019

Leaving A Legacy And The Introduction Of The English Settlement

That's our dear Sawyer to the far left holding Zoe Kennedy's hand, wearing suspenders {he insisted in wanting to be different even on that day.}. I relish in those memories. Happy tears...

My dear friends, 

I posted a little excerpt onto Facebook this morning about my tiny epiphany on leaving a legacy for my precious boy Sawyer. 

As you may well know by now, I find that being able to share my life with you is such a therapeutic approach for my soul's growth. So I thought that I would share with you a few particulars that transpired this weekend.

You may want to pour a cup of tea. I don't know why I feel the need to say that each time, but that's just little ol' repetitive me. {Heh...}

So let's begin, shall we? I had an appointment with a realtor on Saturday, and the gardener and I are selling the cottage. We feel that since he is now unemployed, it would be in the best interest for our future. We aren't down in the mouth about it, in fact, we are a bit excited if you want the truth of it. We will make a nice profit, and in hopes of Jeffrey and I sitting still for a brief moment to gather our senses. I have encouraged Jeffrey to live his dream by doing what his heart feels is best. He spent so many years by the grind, never relaxing for a moment to allow himself the opportunity to dream. I think that's often a resolution for most folks. I told him if I plan to leave a legacy for my beautiful son, by teaching others to follow their heart and to give it love, he's the most perfect guinea pig for the job, no? {Heh}

I always raised my children to follow their dreams. I was convinced at the age of 19 to create a curriculum based around the four human dimensions. *{I shall have definitive pages for the explanation of each aspect on my new website design. I have been slowly adding a dimension to each post tag, of which each post is categorised under. You may notice them as Mental, Social/Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual.}

I just didn't know my dear son was going to be brutally murdered for me to want to drive this form of a legacy home to the world. Well, perhaps drive is much too aggressive a word. It sounds a bit like pushing, and I feel no resistance in the last few weeks of my life. I believe it's because I wasn't fully aware of how much I was trying to force things in my life, until that fateful day when my son was gone. I still picked right back up, even after he was murdered and tried to force things (the gofund me, I was even tempted to file a civil suit against him, in my fit of rage}, with my ex-husband. The beauty of living the law of attraction is that a complete awareness has unfolded as I see the world versus how the world really is.

Anyway, back to the explanation of my son, Sawyer and his legacy. I had always known I wanted to teach, especially mothers/ mother figures. I'll tell you why. I have endlessly had an intuitive nature about me, even as a small girl. I knew there were profound truths and secrets that I didn't know yet, but always had an insatiable spirit for knowledge. I was most often in "trouble" {if that's the word you want to use}, with authority figures, especially in my religions. I was continually questioning why things were as they were. And to be quite honest, I regularly got a mental lashing for being so bold as to examine doctrine. I now know, it was because I was destined for more. I was meant to experience such contrast, for me to change the world as I remember it. It may be in a small and undiscovered way by most folks, but to the many that will discover me and my teachings {son's legacy}, I know they will have different more significant and extraordinary lives. I feel this and know it within every pore of my body.

A little side note for those of you that are Mormon/or have grown up in the Latter-Day saint religion, I had my patriarchal blessing when I was old enough, and it literally says I will go through viscitudes and hardships but will serve well and give to many many folks of my experience and love, most notably women and children. Even though I am no longer religious nor a Mormon, I believe this to be true.

The reason for feeling this desire to teach mothers, firstly and then children is because mothers are raising the children. If I can inspire women to learn how to love themselves first and be spiritually healthy, it will then carry itself over to the mothers raising healthy-minded children. It all begins with us as women first and then spreads like ocean waves.

Which brings me to this mornings burst of imagination and inspiration. I awoke from a dead sleep and feel as though wild horses can't keep me from typing and planning. Oh, what excitement!

Here's my sketched out plan. I still have many of the ideas of what I was planning all along with regards to my non-profit foundation, however, with Sawyers passing, it indeed has given me a reason for leaving a legacy and doing something of significance. What I mean by that is: I want to carry out the plan of being with the basics of self-care. That means I am going to hold little live videos/ {maybe a Facebook live} and go to the beach and begin teaching why and how meditation is essential in self-love. I don't rightly care if I am the only one to show up. It will be open for anyone and free of charge. I will, of course, always leave the link for donations to the non-profit. I know eventually, I would like to have our forever property {my dream is to have 40+ acres} and build little thatched cottages on the property and hold mini-workshops in each of them.
This is the type of little cottage, on a smaller scale of course, but the concept is the same. Each shanty will be noted with an individual name. It will want it to be like a little village. I used this photo because I liked the thatched roof. I took this in Carmel with my iPhone camera, so it's not very good, but I wanted to give you a visual. 

 It will be an arts program centred on the four dimensions of a soul. The curriculum I created years ago was initially and explicitly designed for Sawyer. I taught him through his curriculum, for school, but it was all centred on what Sawyer loved. So, for instance, he loved rap music and was obsessed with it. I created all of his studies surrounding his passion. Instead of the history of the world, I had him study three of his favourite rappers. For English and music, I instructed him to write music and learn the dictionary upwards and downwards. His science was about the law of attraction. Understanding energy and universal laws. These are just a few of the examples. I made sure he was well rounded in his education. I discovered I was onto something when Sawyer didn't mind learning. Sawyer finally arrived at graduating high school with high honours. I know this is the revolutionary way children should be taught an education. I encouraged him to play with beats, rhythm and sound. He also took piano for many years too. I went so far as to trademark all of my curriculums in the designated teaching formats I created. I have been sitting on them for decades. I now feel it's time the world knows of this, and I plan to teach and inspire every day for the rest of the years I have left on this earth. I always encouraged my children to live their dreams, and the money would come.

Sawyer was doing just that, right up to the day of his passing. He wanted to sell and grow Marijuana in a legal state, so he moved to Oklahoma to do that. I encouraged him to do all things lawfully. Rightfully so, when he was much younger, the reason I had issues with his sea~weed {heh} smoking was that in Florida it's illegal. Sawyer went about the process and opened two dispensaries and even received his business license to grow and sell. He also loved his music, so he did the two things he absolutely loved in life. I know, {because he would tell me often} that I taught him to be the dreamer and to follow his passions. I believed in him completely. I know this is what creates in children the desire to love their lives. Now I won't be mindless in stating that with each child, they experience life's challenges as they are seeking to find their way, but we all do this. The object as a mother was for me to support him and love him unconditionally through the process. Sawyer was continually teaching me more about life than I could have ever taught him.

Too often, I believe the mother's/parents tend to love their children when they please the parent. But god forbid the child want to make their own decisions! That's why so many parents lose their children in life. They are too concerned about what the children will do to their appearance as a parent. Close the curtain, if a child makes a mockery of the parent, and they look inappropriate in the eyes of all the parent's good buddies. I really dislike that notion. I know that's why my boy admired me. I let him be who he was, NO MATTER WHAT that looked like and I would defend him to the end. I want to inspire women to dive deep into their own lives and unearth why they do this. I know why personally, but only experience teaches. I want women to discover for themselves and take ownership of their own lives, and let their children off the hook. That's a mermaid metaphorical notion if you please. {heh}

So let's recap. I am planning to get into my comfortable clothes, bring a few crystals, essential oils, my notebook and prepare to teach you my Mermaids' meditation practice. We will go through why meditation is one of the first practices of essentialness and explain in depth what it is actually going to help facilitate for you in your daily life. We must start somewhere to begin this beautiful and extraordinary mission. Might you join me? I will also be recording it for my youtube channel so you will be able to rewatch until you've gotten the hang of it. I happen to know it is a bit different than what most folks are used to. Primarily if you are used to being raised to pray. This is quite similar, and you can even say pray if you'd like to. I want you to be comfortable and not feel as though I am using some form of trickery upon you to come to my way of thinking. My only desire id to inspire you to take more active participation in your self-soothing/healing process. That is all, I pinky promise you.
Here is the link to my meditation practice. I shall be updating a few of the photos, but other than that, all is the same. I think we should find what works for us each individually, and also know with a surety that you will receive guidance and instruction for your very own personal life. This is our object of meditating. To gain an understanding of events, life experiences, seek counsel and learn to love the life you're creating.

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If you feel this is something that you would like to share with someone, I would genuinely love it if you would share it. There is a "share" pin on each photo and also on social media if you'd' like as well. 

Most affably yours til' my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. Oh my,such a time of change for you. I picture you almost in a whirlwind, but in the center you stay still because, while all is turbulent for the present, a whirlwind can pick you up and set you where you need to go. Wishing serenity for you and your gardener <3.

    Your direction sounds marvelous. Young mothers, often beginning homeschooling, come to me now and then for advice and I well remember being harried and afraid. I agree that centering down and absolutely nurturing each child as the unique gift they are is vital. My stock little talk to these mothers always starts with needing to get still and think deeply about themselves, what they find beautiful and meaningful in educating their children, and about each child. I hope to give them a beginning to launch a lifetime of wonderful learning, but frankly many of them were looking for, "Go to website and order item #69631 which is the complete 3rd grade kit. If you do this each year, they'll get scholarships to Harvard, guaranteed."

    Anyway, I proceed on with my own hoped-for move (vision both in mind and on a treasure map on my bedroom wall) and it was quite a treat after ripping out a shower surround all day to sit down and enjoy your blog entry (I did wash my dusty self first). Such big news; cannot wait to see Sawyer's legacy unfold.

    1. Kimberly, I love the way you think of a whirlwind. Thank you so much for such valuable information. You are such a doll. I love you Kimberly!


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