Your Anchoring Beliefs Are Preventing You From Being A Powerful Manifestor {And How To Remove Them Swiftly}

My dear friends,

Pour some tea, and let's chat about our childhood belief systems, shall we? Oh, how delightful a topic! 
"The way I feel is always an indicator of where my vibration is at."

It feels quite brilliant to be back to writing. Another subject that I wanted to share with you is the spirituality aspect of vibrations and emotional scales. 

A few months ago, probably right before the gardener and I moved back to my hometown, I had become a bit flustered with manifesting. I may have mentioned it on my Facebook fan page, about how I wanted to remove the blurred lines as to why very few folks that practice the law of attraction seem to rarely manifest the massive things. Well, let me restate that. They seem to want the large ticketed items, such as a big mansion, an excellent vehicle, a beautiful relationship, a boatload of money, but rarely, does this kind of thing happen to the majority of people living the law of attraction. Have you noticed this too? I'm curious. 

So as I was contemplating my desires, little did I realise after writing them down, that I am a pretty good manifestor? However, I think sometimes we go through the motions, and we're so caught up in our heads that we rarely take the time to account for the influential creators that we are. And rightfully so, I want a few big things that haven't revealed themselves to me yet. At least, not in the way, I have wanted, and I was beginning to get highly impatient and frustrated. I thought that if I was feeling these things and I LIVE the law of attraction so intensely, that, too, maybe others are feeling the same thing. 
So, as I stated, while I was going through the packing, I started to think about the mental/psychological reasons, so many people become disillusioned by the law of attraction. If for nothing else once again, I want you to land on my blog and at least read something I have written that will give you fish food for thought {wink, wink}.

I know I am the kind of lady that likes to dive deep with all aspects, especially the internal workings of the human mind.

Now, if you have ever studied even the slightest bit of the law of attraction, you know that it's a way of life, it's not about learning about this "secret" so that you can 'get' things from God/Universe. I will say that when "The Secret" came on the scene back in 2003, that I think people took to it because they thought, "Hey, this is how I can get stuff." {I never read the book, because as I have stated before here, I feel it was an abbreviated fun version and that Rhonda Byrne did not do right by Esther and Jerry Hicks. That's just my opinion.}
Errr... okay, where was I? Oh yes, so I was beginning to think to myself, if there is no time limit to manifesting things, and to manifest a button or a castle it is the same, then why aren't folks manifesting castles all over the place. You get what I mean. Not literally but why are most LOA folks manifesting sequence numbers and parking spaces and seeing birds. Still, their manifestations for the big things like lottery winnings, etc. are rarely gotten. As I was meditating one day right before we moved from Tampa, I sent out a question to Source/My Mermaid Inner Being/Sawyer and asked for spirit to show me the answer. I then let it go and didn't think much more to it, until after I landed at my parent's house and began thinking about manifesting my Victorian home. Well, I have some things that have shown up, but they haven't fully manifested quite yet. However, we are indeed close. I don't tease you with that statement as a way for you to swim back or should I say {click bait...hahaha}, I am just reminding myself of what Abraham Hicks has said in her workshops about manifesting and telling things too early:

"Keep your ideas to yourself until they are fully manifested."

The reason for this is because most people that you whisper your ideas to have a way of creating within you a wobble, primarily if your beliefs are not based in deep self-worth and confidence. Most times, people can be talked right out of their dreams. It's just the way a majority of the world works.

Gawd! I am such a church lady. To get to the matter at hand, I received my answer to the unlimited question that I had about manifesting. Would you like to hear it? 

The ever provoking question of what impacts my vibration. The answer is our beliefs and belief system about 'said' thing.

The only way we can raise our vibration is to change what we think about. To think about happy things is what puts us into alignment. 

Alignment is our natural state. We are born naturally to remain in a state of vibrational happiness. However, over time we become conditioned through beliefs, and we no longer are in a state of vibrational bliss. It becomes less and less because of our conditioned emotional beliefs. 
Now let me explain my emotional beliefs. Most people fall into mainly two categories. Not all, but most and since I am sharing everything about myself, I will say what my two are: Low self-worth/not good enough, and feelings of powerlessness. All of our negative emotions are anchored in beliefs/perspective. 

So, for instance, my belief of not feeling powerful stems from my upbringing that to be of power, one should have a lot of money. If a person exhibits massive amounts of wealth, then they are worthy and powerful. For many years, and I mean almost my entire life, this belief has driven me when it pertains to being wealthy. The reason is that when I was a little girl, my parents would give special attention to people in our community, family, friends, business associates, etc. by placing them on a highly elevated totem pole if they had wealth and abundance. That somehow if you possessed money, you were more critical of a human than the average Joe at the 7-11 down on the corner. 

Well, a few months ago, that really started to wear on my mind. Logically, I would look around and say that if I had my old fashioned clothes on shopping at Walmart, and minding my own business, I was looked at particularly side-eyed by some people. That is what provoked my podcast episode entitled: What if Gwyneth Paltrow wore old fashioned clothes?" The reason for this is because no one in society would think twice to look and make snide remarks {considerly, there may be a few} about what she/Gwyneth was wearing if you saw her at your local Walmart. So, then, why does the world perceive me differently when I happen to show up at the local Walmart wearing old Victorian country clothes? I'll tell you why. Because many many folks are like my parents and they have also raised children to believe that when someone has wealth, popularity that that somehow means a person is powerful. I can now break this down, and It is actually quite funny that it took me this long to figure that out. Its complete nonsense!

Honestly, if you were to walk into Walmart, and Elvis Presley was alive and well. Living grandly in his seventies {which he would be, he just had his birthday a few days ago}. Wearing a karate or jumpsuit, gaudy rings, glasses, everyone would pretty much bow down and practically worship the ground he was standing on. This would be proceeded by statements such as:, " Oh my Gosh, can you believe how cool it was to see Elvis Presley at Walmart! He is soooo cool! What a regular guy he is, he's just like us!" Not anything like, " did you see that horrendous outfit he was wearing, "What a Pillock! {pillock= idiotic oafish individual}

And why is this? Because he is powerful, rich and famous, of course! Do you see what I mean here? It had everything to do with the collective of most humans equating money, attaining money, as having power which means he has worth. Basically, he is unique. Actually, we are all of worth, and not just the rich and famous. {That statement was probably more for me than for you, err.. because I need to continually remind myself of such things.}

"People constantly chase an external desire to compensate for an internal negative emotional belief."  

Here is another beautiful and profound thinking idea that came to me for my beliefs. I feel uncomfortable in the lack of my desire {which for me has been boatloads of money}.

I then became dependant on the desire to show up to compensate for an emotional state. I would become upset and impatient with my desire to manifest loads of money. I was trying to feel safe, and money made me feel safe as a child. Our natural human need is to feel safe and loved. I equated money with love and safety. So when I didn't have loads of money in my account, I felt fearful, unsafe and powerless. Make sense? 

This impatience is resistance and is, therefore, preventing us from manifesting our desires promptly. So now, after we have fine-tuned what the passionate belief is we must use tactful ways of cutting the anchoring beliefs. I'll tell you what I did, and perhaps you might try it as well. 

The way that I overcame the impatience of wanting the money to come in is that I spent some time writing down and identifying what I wanted to feel by having the desire of money abundance. {After losing my son, it really began to shift things as well.} Then dealing with the opposite set point of that emotion I was carrying. For me, not having money created lacking in control and freedom. {This stems partly from my ex-husband's mental control, but I'll save that for another day~smile}.

For me, I had to lean into freedom-seeking,{still do}, and that means to deactivate my thoughts about money. I rarely think about money. Finding bliss is my object of attention. Now that I have been practising this for months on end, the desperation/impatience for me has gone away. They became deactivated. It truly works, and I hope this inspires you to begin unearthing your conditioned beliefs. 

If you ever feel you'd like to work with me through some blocks, I'd be most happy to assist you. Just comment below, and we shall go from there. 

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Today is also Mermaidling/Little Women Request day, so If you'd like a painting to let me know that as well. 
I love you each. Thank you for swimming by.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx 


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