I Paid A Spiritual Guru For An Online E-Course, So You Don't Have To

My dear friends, 

I have tea in hand along with a MerryMaid Scarlette Rose Petal Tea Scone. {Teehee... I'm shameless, smile}

If you're in the spiritual field or spend your life practising the law of attraction,  I can bet my painting arm that you've seen every Tom, Dick and Harry {and no, not Prince Harry because apparently, he is now, not one of the people:/ wink, wink} selling e-courses. And before you get your knickers in a twist, I am writing this post without angst, and more from my perspective of having done this myself.

In 2013, is when I was just beginning my transformational voyage and without much hesitation, I paid for one of those salesy e-courses from a quite famous spiritual guru. I never share names, {not for fear, but because I'm not giving them any of my traffic or heaven forbid they think I type their name for clout, cause honey, that ain't me}.

Call me a meany. I know you are, but what am I? {Heh...I crack myself up.} 
I'm going to tell you from a spiritual perspective what this has actually taught me and perhaps you might glean some benefit as well.

Firstly, I am not suggesting that every single spiritual e-course is rubbage; however, I am going to lead with my opinion. I am also not here to tell you what is wrong or right for your life because goodness knows I am as freedom thinking as anyone you'll ever meet.

If this post does anything, I am hoping that it will give you the wherewithal to ponder your actions before you go handing over your good, hard-earned money. I'm opposed to these expensive e-courses and here's why:

Wait. One more disclaimer. {Errr...it's the Pisces in me}. I know the first thing a person that's reading this, that is actually making a living selling e-courses will most likely say about my post. Which is that I have a negative mindset for money receptivity. No, actually I have a healthy money mindset. I also have a financially abundant life with regards to money. So, there's that. Shall I get on?

I'm all for a spiritual voyage, a pleasant journey story and the likes, however, here's my opinion on what I really think these MLM {multi-level-marketing} classes/workshops are about.

Here are three reasons:

I paid a Spiritual Guru For An Online E-course, So You Don't Have To

I. My Desired Urgency For Results Was Based On Fear and Lack 

Do you think that your life is not where it's supposed to be? Did you grow up in a fear-based home with religious views that leaned towards doubt and lacking? Blatantly, this type of thing reminds me of growing up in my religion in the Church of Pentecost. Even although I am very optimistic and positive with the more significant portion of my life, and having grown up in two {Mormonism & Penetcostal} strict religions, I get that whole vibe of, take this course or else with many of these e-course programs. Because let's be honest with ourselves as soon as money is exchanged, we are expecting something grandeous to shift in our lives, correct? And when we don't get the results we were hoping for, we wonder why and then end up blaming the person we bought the e-course from.

When I purchased the e-course, I thought there were going to be hidden gems of information, and all it really amounted to was a pitch to get me to sign up for, honestly, something I could have typed from my MacBook air google search bar. In fact, right at this moment, I know of one famous best selling author that literally states this on her author page, "All that she learned was from a google search bar." Now you tell me if she can google and she's a New York Times best-selling author two times over, and she learned all that she did, from a google search bar, then you and I can too. Hence, now she's selling these e-courses. Hmmm...

The question is, do you have the patience. Not patience as in time, but to realise there is nothing you, too, cannot also achieve. The contrast with me was that I was overcompensating for an emotional deficiency. Which ultimately creates an urgency in self and then, just like I did, we buy those e-courses thinking we will {or hope to} get the same results as the A, B, and C guru. We are conscious of time. We believe, from early childhood conditioning, we are running out of time, and we must speed through life. This is false. It's time to relax and allow.

Prime example: I used to change my blog theme darn near every six months. Why? Because I wanted to speed through life and be where every other blogger was in an instant. Actually, this post has so many gems of gleaming wisdom, it's bananas. {Yes, I just gave myself another feather in my cap, wink wink.}

Here's another thing I have noticed. Many people underestimate me and my abilities. Because most of the world looking at me {and you}, from the outside perspective such as, I don't have a large following on social media, I don't have fame, and assume I am not important. But what they don't see is that I AM hugely successful as an entrepreneur and a person in my own right. I just don't brag about it. I don't need to brag about it, {well, I am right now... heh.} I said that for effect and to show that you don't see me selling e-courses online. It's probably just me, but even the sheer thought and I feel like a bozo. Write a book about it, sure. But the energy surrounding it is much different.  

 The problem is most people think that they should listen to this person or that person because "look at them, they have all of this stuff!" However, you didn't see the days they were struggling or were feeling like a worthless human being because they didn't have people clambering for their attention. Now that they have global attention, do you think most of those gurus are going to give you what you need? Yes and no is the answer. No. It's not their job to. You have to do that for yourself. And yes, to a degree, if you pony up the green. Otherwise, they will begin losing interest in you. Why? Because no one was put on this earth to feather your nest or give you things {even if you are paying money for that e-course}. That is the contrast as most see it in the world today.

Overcompensating for something we should do for ourself. And then at the end of the day, and you have accomplished your desires, you can pat yourself on the back. You deserve every single bit of it, and without guilt too. I promise that you deserve all of it, dear friend. And, no, It wasn't for the fact that you paid for that e-course from a spiritual guru many moons ago. You and you alone get those accolades. The resulted feeling when such a thing occurs is complete bliss!   

My writing has always healed me from my earliest recollection of feeling and dealing with pain. As soon as I could use a pencil, I began keeping a diary. I started writing at about the age of 7-8. It's my way of never being afraid or fearing someone else. Look, once I lost my son, there is nothing that scares me anymore. Do you understand? We spend too much of our valuable time caring what so and so thinks of us. Life seriously is too short. 

II. I Didn't Trust Myself

It's like giving your child everything they say they want and you pony {look, I know I used the word 'pony' three times. I like the word pony, okay? Shut it!:)} up the money (because let's be honest you want to please your kid), and then a little way down the road they hit you with the ol' "you haven't helped me routine." Because Gawd forbid, you didn't do the one-thousandth thing they begged you for when asked. In the meantime, you've been giving them things left and right, bending over backwards and working your ass off, making their life cushy and it's still not enough. Hello, It will never be enough. Then they start to resent the hell out of you because ultimately, you did things for them they should have done for themselves. And guess what, you keep doing that, and you've created the green-eyed monster. Then you get pissed and tell everyone you've raised a spoiled ass brat. You thought that by making their life more comfortable, you were doing them right. Maybe you didn't have the things in your childhood you wanted, so you swore to yourself you'd give your child all you missed out on. Err... wrong, wrong and wrong again.

You are doing your child a terrible disservice. Its subconscious, because most folks aren't taught that we have been raised from insecure parents ourselves. Mind you, we all are doing our best. I did my best as a mother, and something I massively excelled at was to teach my children to trust themselves. My folks tried and did well mostly, but I wanted to do better on my go-round as a mother. I wasn't going to hand them anything. Some may even think I am unfeeling. However, I have the most self-sufficient, self trusting children bar none. Why? Because I taught them to believe there is not a single thing they can't do for themselves. I didn't have this quality deeply implanted enough within myself, so I really desired to teach my children this belief. Everything is always working out splendidly. Keep this in mind. Nothing is ever off course.

I know. I went off on a tangent, just now. The gardener and I were just talking about this last night, so the thoughts are fresh in my mind. You have the freedom and choice to buy all of the courses you want. I'm just here to remind you of your worth and that you don't really need those classes. You hold all of the power. If that means you want to become better at something or manifest a desire, you will. If you ever need assistance from your Mermaid Inner Being/Source/ God, they are just a thought away.

III. I Am My Very Own North Compass

There is no one like you. I know. You have read that on every Pinterest quote board out there. But, It is a true statement dear friend. No one will know what tiny specific thing that you desire, and long for. No one except for your Mermaid Inner Being/God/Source.

Those e-courses teach reliance on someone else, instead of self. It's genuinely a negative self-worth belief, from the folks that pay for these e-classes.

{uhhumm...clearing throat, and timidly raising hand}

When I was young, and I was attending a weekly sermon, there were often times I would address the pastor with questions after the sermon ended. It got to the point that the pastor would tell me that I should not be asking questions and that I would have to wait until I got to heaven and ask God. I learned a valuable lesson right then. We are so unique and unusual, and no one knows our deep soul and what we came to earth to want and desire, like our very own inner being. God/Mermaid Inner Being/Source has an overview of our life, and no one else does. So, no matter how much another person can seem to fit the bill, as in similarities with us, they never will.

Another thing it taught me was that I was being conditioned to ask someone else in a higher position to advocate for me. I was being taught that I am not worthy enough; I was somehow less than. Therefore, we 'need that person' to achieve something because we have not the power to do it ourselves. THIS IS SO NOT TRUE. It literally just made me feel awful even typing that. My inner being knows better, and so does yours. Whenever you feel terrible inside, and you wonder why that is, just know it's your inner being in disagreement with that thought you just thought. Your inner being is the God part of you. The spiritual aspect of you is much more significant than many folks believe. We are mostly spiritual beings living a physical life. We are dominantly spiritual beings and not the other way around. 

YOU ARE WORTHY ENOUGH AT ALL TIMES. Not just on occasion or when you're feeling extra lovely one day. You are of worth every single moment of every single day. I won't beat about the bush here. I am going to inspire you to know this dear friend. And yes, it's probably because many times in my life I've experienced those deep pains of feeling less than. I will inspire you. I will encourage the youth. I do it for the legacy of my son Sawyer

Just another quick thought before I close this super long post. Have you ever noticed that too, these gurus will act like they have it all together and they've figured it out? This is another thing that reams me like no other. I would be all for their programs if they were transparent, honest and didn't put forth the attitude of "I've got my shiz together, now get your shiz together like me. Buy this course darn it, and you better do it before midnight tonight, or else you're crap out of luck!" I know, I know. They wouldn't sell the programs were that the case. Admit it though, that was funny.

I can tell you that same guru, long after I took their e-course has now come out and spoke about how they had this and that happen, and it was all basically a facade.  Is that to now, create a new e-course? I'm just curious. "Hey, honey. You're a day late and a dollar short. I ain't buyin' what you're sellin' sweet cheeks."

Most of these gurus, whether they realise it or not are using fear to motivate. It doesn't work long term. 

Love Yourself Madly
I am so madly in love with myself that I enjoy my own company more than anyone's. (Haha) if you don't love yourself how in the heck, do you expect others to love you? Loving yourself and having that sense of self-worth will mean the world to you when you have it, or even just a glimpse of it. Too many folks are looking around waiting for others to give them a leg up; to make things simple, to feel love. Take this class, pay money here, rub my back, tell me I'm brilliant. It's all really just a means to an end, and that end is Self-Love.  

Have enough discernment to say," You know what, I got this! I got me!" You genuinely don't need a spiritual guru to help you discover things. You don't need a pastor to get to Source/God. You have direct access. You don't need a guru to understand the abundance of money. You have Source/God. You have direct access. You don't need to feather the nest of your children. They have Source/God. They too also have direct access.
Maybe you don't believe that your children can manage their own lives. Trust yourself and then you'll be able to trust everything and everyone and not until.

That was a church lady version, I know. Follow your heart, and it'll always lead you right.

I dont regret taking the e-course; however, I wouldn't ever consider another one, but the fact is, it was a great lesson ultimately in TRUST.

Have you ever taken an e-course? What was your take away?  

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


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