Friday, February 7, 2020

I Found My Treasure At The Bottom Of The Ocean Through Contrast

My dear friends and mermaid junkies, 

Pour some tea, and let's chat about some things. Do you remember me telling you last week that I would share with you a situation that I had after I had time to process? Yeah, okay, well forgive me in advance, as I made it sound like, well, it was a situation of paramount extremity. I made it sound like more than it was.

I used to tell my friends nearly everything that was happening in my life at every minute. I never plan on giving that up, mainly because now I could care less what others think. I would always hear things such as, you should be happy with what you have. Or that I am greedy for wanting the moon, sun and stars. I understand that I was a bit insecure, and I attracted weak women to be friends with. I was beginning to think maybe I share too much, but then again, I love how I am, so I got over that right quick. That surely has to do with my innate love in writing as it helps me to understand my world and why human merfolk do what they do. (wink, wink) When I write or shoot a video, I do it because at the heart of my soul, I know I am a teacher.

In 2015, I became friends with a gal, {let's call her Elizabeth}. Instead of knowing I AM a powerful creator, I allowed Elizabeth to make me feel bad for the dreams I had. Folks don't have any power over us unless we let them. I allowed Elizabeth to have a bit of my power. I am no longer friends with' Elizabeth' and haven't been for almost three years, and that surely has to do with her and I not being on the same vibrational disc.

" Whoever is trying to bring you down, is already below you."
When I was friendly with Elizabeth, she would watch my YouTube videos and then text me saying "that I shouldn't be expecting such large things in life. The reason the Flanders Mansion in California didn't work out is that I'm not a practising Christian any longer, and God is punishing me."

{How barbaric is that! I think she had gone quite mad!}

Of all things, I am fully aware that i attracted Elizabeth into my life. I want to clarify that I'm taking responsibility for my vibration. I also know too, that, now looking back, Elizabeth was jealous. The reason I know this is for several purposes. Each time I would have a fun and exciting adventure that was happening in my life, I realized she was continually negative towards me. After we had the last falling out, I began to genuinely look at what ways I had caused the separation in friendship and also what she was contributing as well.

Throughout our friendship, she had shared many secrets with me. I could clearly see what issues she had in her own life and how I also contributed to aggravating those insecurities within her. Like attracts like. I know she has a home that she's been fixing up for almost a decade, and I think truthfully she wants to live somewhere else. So she criticized me for wanting Flanders because of her beliefs and lacking satisfaction with her own life. People always want to keep others below them as a way of feeling better.

I had things she wanted. Another of those things was a stellar marriage. When I first met her, her marriage was on the brink of divorce. So, for instance, when she would see the Gardener and me super happy, I was reflecting back to her what she really wanted as well. But instead of understanding this, her, like most people, look outward and blame others for their unhappiness. She, like so many women, live their lives, believing that there isn't enough pie to go around. She believes that if I'm getting my dream home, and have a great marriage that she somehow can't have it for herself, too. That's what causes women to become so upset. If women could gain more personal confidence in their own lives, there wouldn't be such jealousy among women.

And because I had had this issue with Elizabeth several years ago, I was apprehensive in sharing my dreams with others. It also inspired me to see clearly that when folks are negative with me in anything that's not uplifting, it always has to do with their lacking. Still, I will also add I must be vibrating on that same disc if I find myself canoodling with folks like that ever again.

As time passed, I became a little reluctant and thought that maybe if big things were happening for me, that I would now be keeping my ideas to myself until they were fully manifested. After all, Abraham Hicks says this exact thing in her workshops. I was going to follow that rule of thumb until my incident happened last week, and I decided that I'm over with that fear emotion. I also know, without a doubt, all of my desires are coming to me. That is such a soothing feeling, and my happiness abounds. (One day soon I'm going to talk about the difference between jealousy and envy because they're two entirely different things.)

Okay, so that experience was one reason I had a negative belief and another which lead to my experience last week. 

I'll share a video with you about the intricate details, next week, but for now, let me tell you a little here.

In October of 2019, I had discovered that this gorgeous old Victorian Mansion was in trouble, so I pounded away on the idea of this being the place to have "The Carter Settlement". It seemed to have all of the right things that I have on my list of manifesting. Seemed is the word that stands out here like a sore thumb. I gathered up my proposals, financial, and rehabilitation approaches and had a meeting with the city council. I was told many things, one being that it was a high possibility that this was going to happen for the Gardener and me. I won't go into detail about how all of the things that seemed to be lining up {I'll share that in the video} until I got to the last meeting and realized I was fed a line of excuses and the 'great' possibility of it working in our favour was a wash. The man fed me a range of malarky, is what he did, and I became unhinged. Not to his face, but later when I came home and marinated in what had happened. I collected myself, meditated and realized something else. I had still been carrying a little residual of negative energy from 'men' and their ability to have control over me and from my experience with Elizabeth. 

Do you know how I always say that the law of attraction gives you what you put out through thought, right? Well, I thought mine was gone. I have not been in a relationship with my ex in over five years, or friends with Elizabeth for almost three years. But, do you see how vibrations may be your companion if you haven't done the inner work of removing those old beliefs?

Yes, I'm doing superbly well, currently; however, the universe/source/ mermaid inner being was allowing me to see that I have a deep wanting to receive my desires through my ability and not getting them from a man. One of the greatest quests in my life as an entrepreneur has always been to obtain my dream home/land without any attachments, no feelings of asking with stipulations attached, someone to have control over me, or for me to have to check-in. I want it to come freely and through me. This experience through the contrast of not getting the Victorian home helped me to see that I had still a vibration of lacking within myself, and also that I had some more fine-tuning to work at overcoming. That is something that only contrast can teach us. I am setting new intentions and new beliefs in place, and I couldn't be more pleased than to have had those experiences. 

So now, I'm back to readjusting my sails, and I'm expecting to manifest my forever land and home very soon.

Are you hoping to manifest something massive? 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. I just found your blog and I am in love! I experienced some serious contrast that made me realize I have some inner work to take care of and helped me clarifu whatI truly want. You have a gained a new follower!

    1. Lauren, hey cute thing you! I'm so happy you arrived. Welcome to our little pod and shoal family! Love, Raquelxxx

    2. Lauren, I hope you found what you were looking for, and If you have any questions or set intentions feel free to ask and I'll do my best to help, okay angel?


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