Thursday, February 6, 2020

Why Having A Mouth Like A Sailor Doesn't Make You A Bad Person {And What Profanity Really Means According To Me}

My dear friends, 

I must confess something. I have a mouth like a sailor! For many of you that read my blog, and have also watched my youtube videos, you already know this.

My momma, a dear friend and me were chatting about this just yesterday. My friend said that she appreciated me because I'm authentic. Now, some folks have a problem with me when I use profanity. It's, for the most part, considered a terrible thing. Especially since I am a very spiritual person. That didn't always transition over well when I was considered a 'Christian.' I think many women struggle with what other folks think of them if they happen to be a very spiritual or religious person, and they still throw out a few curse words here and there. Like, somehow, if you use a dirty word, you are not a wholesome woman. I absolutely disagree. 

If the truth is known, I think most folks that were raised in a Christian/religious environment were taught not to use profanity. So, since I have had an issue with others judging me in the past, I thought I'd dive into what it really means when someone uses cursing in their vocabulary. 

I haven't always used profanity, but now that I do, that doesn't make me a 'bad' person. I had someone say to me a few years ago that because I have a non-profit organisation for young girls, that I should probably not curse and that's not setting a good example. Well, you can imagine what I said to them. Errr... I am a beautiful, spiritual woman, and I also happen to use profanity at times. That statement, as you can imagine, came from women that are Christian ladies. I remind folks that I know I'm the founder of a non-profit; however, I also was raised with class and dignity. That means that I have etiquette and manners; I'm a southern woman, after all.


I'm no longer into the idea that for someone to remain comfortable, I must change and alter myself to make another person feel good. The situation with most people is that they swim around this earth wanting other folks to change to accommodate and ease their feelings of comfort or discomfort; to turn a condition outside of themselves. That's what is really funny to me when in the same breath they say I'm selfish if I don't change. Isn't that what selfishness is? They are the ones being selfish because they want me to change for them. I've always found that hilarious, and rightly so becasue most folks don't even comprehend what I just stated.

I use to hide who I really was as a person, and cursing was one thing I tried not to do, mostly as I had young children at home and truthfully because I thought that works equalled a way to get to heaven. I realised after practising the law of attraction that I would much rather my children see me for who I really am than to see me inauthentic. When you don't express the most authentic nature of yourself, it eventually leaves you with massive resentment. Our resentment grows, ultimately, which creates disease, health issues, cancer and death. That, to me, is a travesty.

I am so appreciative of those experiences because what it has taught me is that when I share my life with you, you know without a doubt I am honest with you. I am not going to feed you some fluffy stories in hopes you'll hang around and continue reading my blog. I am forward in what I say, and honestly, I think more women should be that way. Now, maybe to get your point across you don't feel the need to use profanity, and that is perfectly fine. I love you for you, no matter what and with the same breath, I say that I expect you to love me, no matter what, too. 

Most affably yours til my next swim, raquelxxx 

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