Monday, April 13, 2020

What I Love About Celebrity Blogs

Do you enjoy a good ol' fashioned personal blog from your favourite celebrity? I know I sure do.

Not only is the question of how much to share, but when is not sharing enough equally acceptable if you're a blogger/author? I used to ask myself this question periodically, as I've noticed some bloggers never really seem to have an impact on me, and I was finally able to pinpoint why. The blogger/ author is selective in what they share, which equates to me, only giving a portion of oneself. As an author myself, {this is strictly my opinion} I find other authors, that selectively open up will find it difficult to be popular long-term. Because when I'm invested in a blogger, and I see them gradually start to hold back on their viewpoints, after having shared much, or delete posts, I know full-well, their fear has resurfaced, and when that happens, I'm out.

{Because, look, I know you're all holding with bated breath waiting on me to share my findings. Err... can someone kill me now? I've been in the house, apparently way-too-long.}

Which has also led me to another question? Why should anyone care about what I or anyone else is writing about? What makes a celebrity blog different than the blog of a regular gal like mine, and what makes a blog worth reading? Is it connection, similarity, common interest?

In my mind, I've answered these questions for myself. Because truthfully, when a person writes, they should know why they are doing it, and really, what’s the purpose of it all?

Two days ago, I discovered that Drew Barrymore has a new blog, and has begun writing about her life. Which for the most part if anyone has ever been curious about her inner feelings, she's sharing many of her truths on Drew Barrymore blog. I have had a bit of a fascination with Drew, mostly because {get ready for it}, she's a Pisces! {I know revolutionary, right?} Truth be told, the world is such a crazy phenomenon that people have fans or folks they're attracted to for many different reasons. I tend to like writers, celebs or artists that are Pisces because I feel I have a spiritual knowing about them, all be it a very tiny innate spiritual knowing but one, nonetheless. I happen to like Drew; she seems to be much like myself and being one day away from our birthdays, I feel pretty confident we'd be real-life friends given the opportunity.

Drew hasn't, as of yet, expressed her innermost feelings about the loves of her life; however, I would venture to guess if we give it time she’ll begin sharing a little more as time progresses. Hell, I may be very wrong in this hypothetical, so I suppose we shall see.
The reason I bring this up, about Drew having a blog is that it sent me down the rabbit hole of thinking about blogging, and what the fascination is with some folks, whereas some could give a careless about bloggers. Is it the fact that celeb blogs are written by famous people? {Drew shared in her forward that she has always romanticised blogs.} It did also strike a chord in me as I've always been fascinated with blogs, especially with celebrities that have blogs. The reason being is that I find it interesting to see how much celebs will actually, ’let it all hang out’ so to speak. All seems peachy keen in the beginning when they want to share on their own terms; however, I find that the more some celebrities become popular, they begin using supplementary discretion. I understand discretion. 

{Ahem...Exhibit A of name dropping and appearing somewhat cringy: Last week, I read that Randall Emmett asked Meryl Streep for a photo with his fiance’, in which Meryl responded:” I’ll be right back.” Which means in celeb terminology, AS IF!} Gawd. How embarrassing. Honestly, I sometimes wonder why some folks have enough gumption to do something like that? If Johnny Depp were standing right next to me at the local fish market {I don't know why I chose a fish market as an example, but I suppose it's because I can't ever see him at a Starbucks, really}, I'd act like he was a regular ol’ mate, and keep it movin’.

Clout seeking celebs is a prime example of when people override their lacking self-worth for feelings of importance based on an external act to fulfil a need they want to be met. Hence, aligning with a friend that also happens to be a celebrity. I've always been put off by this tactic, and it's as plain as the nose on my face when I see people do it.

It screams insecurity and honestly high vibing folks can sense it from a mile away. The only celebrities are not able to see this needy tactic would be if the star is most assuredly vibing in the same insecure state as the fan. Many celebrities are in the limelight because they are insecure. {I know, I know. You’re probably saying to me right now, “Raquel we get it! You think celebrities are insecure. Geeze. Move. On. Girl!”}

By all means, I don't think all of them fit this category, and I really don't think Drew is this way at all. But then again I really don't know- know her, either.

Celebrities {this is not including my dear Drew} need to feel important in some way, {mostly stemming from childhood beliefs of feeling insignificant because for most of them they didn't receive a lot of attention in their family}, and fame has a way of fulfilling this need for so many. Still, have you ever wondered why so many celebrities have issues such as a drug or alcohol addiction, reckless behaviour, martyr mentality? Most just look at the star and can't figure out why if they have all the fame and money, how could they be so out of control? It's because they are using their popularity to overcompensate for an unmet emotional need. Startling, I know!

Which all of this led me to realise I could very well end this post knowing the answer to all of these questions I’ve posed. But you know me, and I've got to talk about this subject into the everliving ground to get my point across. Furthermore, we're all homebound, so I'm going to flog this one to death.

FEAR is the answer. Plain and simple. Why folks share and then retreat. We are all vibrational beings and some days if we aren't making our alignment a number one priority, an instant emotion will trigger us at any given moment. So since we are either in alignment or out of alignment {and most of the world live more out of alignment than in}, they respond to their instant feelings. So they will share something personal, and then the next minute they start to dread what they shared {emotions are constantly shifting} and likely control the situation by deleting what they shared. Pisces are nefarious for this behaviour, {Ahem...Shyly raising my hand in guilt}, whether in or out of alignment because we are the most emotional sign of the zodiac. I am happy to report; I can now talk about this because I have cut the anchoring beliefs attached to fear about sharing my life on my blog, as well as, all of my fears have been replaced with new anchoring beliefs that are for me, very healthy. My son's murder had a way of removing any concern I ever had.

Last week I went to search for a lady I had liked many years ago on Instagram, only to discover she has for the gazillionth time deleted her account. Why do you ask, have I concluded it's all fear? Because women have deep fears and Instagram/social media has a way of driving that out and exposing it. I've talked about this many times on my blog; well, because I have a love for understanding human behaviour, and I know most certainly that emotions drive every human being. I’ve experienced this for myself, so I feel confident in talking about it here.

Okay, back to the subject of fear. Let me count the ways of why women will begin sharing their lives such as on Instagram, a blog, YouTube, podcast, and then stop, go rogue or delete what they've shared. 
We are all listening to our emotions, every single day and the emotion of fear is one of the greatest feelings where humans have gained their negative beliefs.

Fear is the extension in all of these, and I'm sure so many more, but you get the jest.

Fear of:
Being different

We are all teachers with a desire to teach, which is very much, indeed, a beautiful sentiment. However, we must always remember that words don't teach only life experience does. So, whereas, I will always share my subjective viewpoints on all sorts of topics in which I have experienced, I also possess enough self-awareness to know that time is fleeting, and so is your focused attention for me. But, If, I’m a good writer, I know I’ve held you here reading my writings for more than 8 minutes, over 2000 words, and with that, I’m more than happy because I have mastered the art of authorship!

What kind of blogs do you read? Have you read Drews blog? If not I bet you'll love it as much as I do.

Toodle~Pip, darlings! I shall return tomorrow. 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

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