Remaining Steadfast Regardless Of Ridicule

Have you read this post yet? If not, read it first. Then come back to this one. It'll make better sense. Trust me.
Go ahead. I'll wait.

Okay, now I can get on.

Last night Jeffrey arrived home, and I was in the thick of my British English classes. He said rather smug," Oh golly, I didn't think you were so serious about learning British. What if you begin speaking so well and never talk like an American again?" In which I replied," Oh, that's most assuredly my expectation, angel! And gleefully excited with my best British accent, I replied:" Are you having a go at me, darling?"

I'm sharing this little story with you, because, well, I'm an honest woman, and I like to be truthful about the goings-on in my personal life. This is my blog, after all. Furthermore, It may inspire another woman to stand firm in her desires and dreams and to give rise to decisions based on the opinions of herself and not anyone else. Another reason is that I know for women that come from a sturdy, rooted family of traditions, and old southern values, it's a bit of navigating to swim around those engrained currents, most notably those people up close and personal. Remember that just because you and I are on the fast-track to a law of attraction lifestyle where the world IS our oyster, some of those that love us dearly also struggle with what OTHER folks are going to think of us. We can't judge what others are doing or think of us, even if it is our parents or mates. There are many times that the most challenging thing for women is when they have decided to do something extraordinary for themselves, (a dream or a big desire they've always wanted), to then try and convince those around them of their ideas. But, therein lies the issue. They go about TRYING to persuade others of their ideas, and there should never be any trying to convince someone of our great ideas. This attempt to get everyone aboard our ship will only create a whirlpool of wobble in our vibration—no point in doing that.

If I choose to speak with an accent, it's my choice, and I don't owe anything to anyone. I giggled when he came back with," Baby, If God almighty disagreed with you, you wouldn't care. Truthfully, though, baby, you sound excellent, and I love your British soul."

Jeffrey 'gets' me, and I know that. But truthfully that I GET me, is honestly, all that matters.

And for the sake of me driving this little scenario into the utter ground, (not that I need to, but let me have my moment okay, Sue Ellen). It may seem somewhat minuscule in the scheme of things, (we are in the middle of a pandemic for goodness sake! Errr...) however there's a greater meaning behind this condition, and I'd like to get to the heart of it.

My learning British English is a label for many scenarios in one's life. We could spend a lifetime trying to have the world agree with our choices, but guess what? At the end of the day, we are still going to do what we want, and we would spend our entire lives trying to get everyone on board with us. Actually, it would take 30 lifetimes, and that's still not long enough. My point being is never to waste time trying to change people or their opinions. It's utterly unhealthy, and it'll never work anyway.

Have you ever noticed how folks like to justify? If they can settle it out in their minds what we're up to, and make a strong enough case, THEN we as women are allowed permission to do such and such thing.

Here is one example:

(Oh, Raquel learning British is all well and good if you were an actress learning the accent for a part.) Oh, thank you so kindly. I now can take British English classes because I have a dignified reason appropriate for you. You mean, I'm worthy of it, now master. (eye roll)

(I mean golly gumdrops. How dare I wake up and want to do it for the absolute fun of it. How dare I! Shame.)

I could make so many points by sharing examples, but I don't think it's necessary.

I will say, though, that when we decide to do something, we needn't battle it out to prove ourselves to another. The only reason a woman would ever feel the need to make or give excuses for their actions is that they have a little self-worth issue occurring. And that's perfectly fine, mind you. We all have little expanding and transitioning ongoings.

Cut yourself some slack, and cut others some slack, because it's never about us anyway. It's mostly always a rooted issue of the other person giving you a go.

We waste too much time on others folks. How about we love ourselves so much that what we do in life is only to take care of our spirits and make ourselves happy. And the truth is, when we do this, meaning we stop trying to convince the world of our significance, surprising many folks become very much excited for us in our little desires. Because when we don't need the acceptance of others, we receive it nonetheless. It's a universal law. People feel the resonance of self-confidence in us.

Let's fin focus on ourselves because our lives are like the sands of the hourglass, and so are the days of our lives! {wink, wink}

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


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