Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Let Your Cork Float {My Mermaid Testament At Weeki Wachee Springs}

As I checked the tattered wooden clipboard and wrote down my name, I then slowly scanned the swim dock, more than 60 (mostly young) girls stood to wait with excitement. We were all trying out to be a Weeki Wachee Springs mermaid. This tryout would be my second time around, except this time I was 44 and not the young spritely 17 years old like I was over three decades prior.

I remained quiet and kept to myself as the senior mermaid manager went through the requirements of what to expect. I had not practised swimming in more than 20 years, much less couldn't even recall the last time I had swum in a swimming pool. I would make the cut. If there's something that dwells within a mermaids heart, it's a knowing like water bubbles rising from beyond a darkened spring cave. Where's there's a right mind of the framework, accomplishments will follow.

We sectioned off in groups of 6. The most challenging task was to swim the length of 4 football fields, which is 400 yards and 200 yards is against the rivers natural current which is at the speed of five miles an hour (now you might think that's not much, but in fact, it's strong enough to knock a scubas mask right off) and all of this must be done in under 12 minutes.

After the swim duration portion, we performed synchronised swimming moves such as a pinwheel, and the dolphin. We also had to smile underwater and timed on breath-hold.

I was one of only 12 girls that made it through the extended swimming portion.

These young girls were getting sick to their stomach; all but 12 of the 60 fell out like flies on a cottage attic window sill. Many were crying and one 16 year old I overhead say she'd wish she wasn't a smoker because that may be why she didn't succeed. They had age on their side, but I had cognitive influence and focus on mine, and that will win out every single time. I had not swum for a measure in many years; however, I completed the tasks.

I did not get the job for a second time, and I believe I know the reason, but this post is not for exposing those that set my teeth on edge nor is it the heart of this post. Let me get on.

The recognition that I could accomplish the tasks at hand and make into the 12 selected was for me a massive self-confidence builder.
I was not let down but thrilled instead. The universe knew my vortexed version of my inner being's desires, and returning to the job would have hindered me from pursuing my writing career. The Universe/ God-Consciousness knew in the distant future, I was going to lose my boy and that I had dreamt of founding my very own non-profit.

The universe has an overview of our lives, and just because something doesn't manifest in the way we had wanted does not mean we did anything wrong nor that all we want is being held away from us from a big universal God. Life isn't like that, though many believe it to be that's simply a flawed premise of how many view God-Consciousness. All life experiences are to show us through choices that we are sifting through the sands of life. How would we know what we do want if we never knew what we didn't want? Adversity must become something that one doesn't dread, but become something we embrace for knowing we are a bit closer to bringing about the true desires of our hearts. All our wishes will come true because being a mermaid is all about believing.

I will also add that accomplishing my goal gave me the added lift in knowing that to achieve anything in life is 90 per cent mental and 10 per cent physical.

Did you ever dream of being a real-life mermaid? 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. Amen! You are quite right. And thank you, I needed this reminder today. It's sure easy to let my mind spiral downward - I am pretty quick to recognize it and put a stop to the nonsense, but still - geesh!

    1. JL, I agree completely, and although I practise the law of attraction sometimes get to the point if I go too many days and not meditate I also get too much into my head, and the old patterns start to resurface. Thank you for coming for a visit. I hope things are well on your end.


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