Wednesday, September 2, 2020

A Feather In My Cap And Explanation Of My New Found Understanding

I am going to speak my heart, and if you understand this message is meant for you. A fortnight ago, I had fallen apart and began wailing on like a schoolgirl who couldn't make my dolls cooperate. Something happened; I felt such a lack of reason as I had begun to muddle my manifesting priorities. I had tried this and that, but oftentimes my desires were unyielded. It triggered apart of me no end. I'm never down for long, however, at that moment my plight to understand my frustrations on manifesting inconsistency gave way. I began tampering with ideas and techniques of such practises that I had used that did, in fact, work. I then began cutting the fat, so to speak on the processes that I knew weren't tools that increased my advantages of manifesting consistently.

I felt entitled to put up an argument of understanding by God, and I wanted to win on the argument of understanding. I know we all are entitled to another feather in our caps about those things in which we desire. I was determined to uncover the answers, cheek and all. I think sometimes I thrive and run on indignation. If what many teachers exemplify and if I believe wholeheartedly I am a spiritual being just as you are, ought we to have the capabilities of accomplishing everything we desire without such a fuss. I felt it was time to draw a line on the whole episode of unfortunate and inaccurate findings derived from the law of attraction. So I began disembowelling every solitary practise I had tried. Many I fail to like as they often seemed to fall flat. However, many I do fancy such as affirmations, scripting, imagination, looping, tapping and the telephonic method.


When I attempt to impart upon you how much I had intensely studied the law of attraction {since 2014}, I mean to hammer on that I have studied roughly over 55,000 hours. That's not including the actual practices themselves either. I couldn't be more formidable in my ability to convince you of my mastery than if I wanted you to confess to spying. In a nutshell, I know what I'm speaking of, and if you follow my teachings, you WILL get results EVERY SINGLE TIME. So that's something of flurry. 

My methods are accurate. I desire to impart my knowledge with those I love {that would be you} because I know the feeling of utter despair and frustration when we can't seem to figure things out. Our glitter becomes tarnished, and I'll not be content with that notion for a long shot. 

Now, allow me to expand a wee bit more on my post from yesterday about creating affirmations, new assumptions and movie reel looping. Whereas when you begin my processes, the most important thing for you to understand is that for your desires to manifest, you must imprint your subconscious with your new affirmations. Your affirmations are your new assumptions/ beliefs you are going to begin creating about every solitary subject in your life. As I pecked on in my video the other day on ye olde tube, I tell you that you are everyone pushed out. Might you swim on over and watch that video again entitled Mermaid Mirroring if you haven't watched it as of yet, did not quite properly understand it or simply need a refresher. Repetition is key. An assumption is your foundational belief about something.

For example, I had the assumption that most men are disrespectful, self-indulgent, adulterous, untrusting, and think women are beneath them. So what do you think I was pushing out? That's right. I would continuously encounter those men that reflected that exact type of behaviour and is a commonality, especially when you have a history with a person. I never had any negative assumptions with Jeffrey in this way, so he never revealed those kinds of assumptions I had assigned to other men. My assumptions have always been lovely, and perfect of Jeffrey, so that is what he gave me. I am Jeffrey pushed out. It is spiritual law, and there can be no other way. Full stop. We are always responsible for what presents itself in our life, and that comprises of every single person or situation we encounter. For change to occur, we must be accountable and not use victimhood as an excuse. You know when I speak like this I wish you every good fortune, so I come in peace, but I'll not use modesty as an example, in favour of pulling the wool over your eyes. I am confident in my abilities to teach, and I'll not hide them under a bushel for fear of tampering on your feelings. What I mean to explain to you is that I speak with the authority of confidence and matter of factness. But then again, you know me by now if you've swum my blog waters for any length of time.

Now, let me get on and explain a bit more about why you manifest some things, and others evade you. It is ALWAYS because your old negative beliefs/ assumptions enter your mind through habit; you allow them to tailspin your new assumption, and that creates a cobby wobble in your steadiness. For you to manifest, you can never wobble in your thoughts. Two opposing thoughts/beliefs can not be present in your mind at the same time. So every single time you have the two thoughts, the old habit of yours will win out every-single-time if you have not imprinted a new positive one into your subconscious. This is why we have to replace the old rubbage thoughts/beliefs with new positive, optimistic ones through affirming. When you have affirmed consistently (listen to new beliefs at night), and the new one has imprinted on your subconscious, you will manifest what you desire without fail.

Presently, you are going to build new assumptions about everything. The way you do this is by creating a new affirmation about every subject in your life. Collect a small notepad, or use your iPhone notes. Begin thinking of all your new affirmations/desires you want. Do not limit your desires. As Neville Goddard taught, go to the end.  Make them as large and expansive as you can dream them to be. {A few ideas are: winning the jackpot lottery, go viral on Instagram with over a million followers, have a booming business, sell your home in days, buy a castle in France, move across the world, be a rock star, heal an illness, etc.} A bit of how to write a new assumption affirmation is to keep it simple and clarity it is done. I use I AM because in biblical terms I AM means, GOD. So using I AM is a form of power and you are in fact, GOD. Every human has come from GOD, meaning that you are God-like, also meaning you are more God than you are human of flesh, blood and bones. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. So indeed do not ever question that you are a God-like being.

I thought I would share with you a few of my new affirmations about men to help you gain a feel for how to write yours. Mine began working immediately. When you're consistent with imprinting your subconscious of your new beliefs (sleeping with your new beliefs on at night) it happens rapidly.

I AM highly respected by men.

Men trust and desire my opinions on everything.

Men always listen to me.

Men think I'm highly intelligent.

When you begin your mental diet, and an old thought bubbles up, Which will subtly occur until the new beliefs imprint, simply stabilise your emotions, do a little 17-minute meditation and breath work.

I know you feel my heart is good and that I want you to have all that you desire and dream of in this beautiful world, and you shall have it.

My intentions for this post is that from it, you will derive some benefit. If you feel inclined, I should hope you'll share, pin on Pinterest and tell your friends about my blog.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. Funny thing when we realize what we've done - gasp! But oh the joy of moving forward :-) I am a continual work in progress - I mean that in a very good way. First recognizing then fine tuning those affirmations is amazing and so empowering.

    1. Isn't that true? And oh the joy of moving forward. It's such a fun expwrience. I love affirmations...

    2. I am so pleased to have chosen today to catch up with your lovely blog. I enjoyed every word of your counsel.I visited last a few months ago and I believe you had very wise words having to do with procrastination being a powerful Aly at times. (Please forgive me as I cannot recall exactly) what I do recall is you extending a warm invitation to pause & be still & enjoy the rejuvenating power of just being present for a spell. No doubt you can and will move many mountains in this lifetime as I imagine you will continue to touch many hearts and lives. Keep up your wonderful work.

    3. That is so very kind of you to say and thank you so very much for taking true time to respond. I hope you’ll not be a stranger.


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