Monday, September 14, 2020

Your Manifestational Life Should Be Like A Maiden Voyage {Or Better Yet, The Eating Of An Icecream Cone}

I feel as if I'm a fish back in the water, which is wholeheartedly supreme. I felt quite ill yesterday, and it turned me rather right into creating a lovely metaphor post about our life's primary voyages and disembowelling the notion of enjoying the voyage. I'll not savour its delights for another day. I wanted to share it with you now.

You'll come round to comprehending that I use my language of words, perhaps not so familiar with the law of attraction (which I now have christened the law of assumption) terminology. I do this for a purpose. Since beginning my practices, I have always rather disliked the way the vocabulary sounded scientific, and I am still going to remain a mad hatter of being uniquely individual as well as unpredictably exciting. It's just my way. I find there has come the point when misunderstanding ceases to be amusing, (especially when I'm attempting to teach. I like simple and matter of fact approaches) so I continually shapeshift. Furthermore, being different is quite fascinating. We are humans, always evolving and expanding.

{Definition For WHIRLPOOL: Your whirlpool is your alignment to Infinite Intelligence/Inner Being/God Energy. To be in the whirlpool means you're at one with who you are, you're feeling blissful, and in vibrational alignment to your desires. It's represented by feelings of enthusiasm, inspiration, passion, joy, and appreciation. You feel unstoppable and all-powerful.}

When we are the vibrational equivalent of the whirlpool version of ourself then what is in our whirlpool moves seamlessly into our mind into, our observable awareness, in that state of being. In that awareness, we feel rich and full simultaneously.

If your manifestations are slow, it's because of your expectations. If it's not the desire from your inner being to collect more particulars/data along your stream, it is then because you're not aware of which influences your thoughts are emerging. A belief is only a thought that is repetitively thought. It then impresses the subconsciousness, becomes an assumption, which then becomes a belief.

Oftentimes we are thinking habitual thoughts because our mental sustenance/ nourishment is full-on unpleasant thoughts that we've continually regurgitated. Just as when we eat terrible foods, our body will let us know by many facets. Our manifested thoughts become tangible and physical on the outside when we've had terrible provisions of thoughts. Every solitary circumstance, illness, issue, situation, or problem is the result of our very own creation. As is the wonderful thoughts, are too manifested and represented in our life. We are always manifesting. As long as we are physical beings, we manifest things into the material by our thoughts which then manifest into a visible seen with the eye.

Just a week ago, my manifestations weren't slow; they were coming; however, there were about two primary desires that seemed to evade me. I had honestly stopped focusing on them, which is a vast no~no if one desires to manifest. The perfect way in which to manifest is to think on your desire and milk it no end, as long as it feels natural and brings about feelings of bliss and joy. If the desire feels rather flat or forced, the best thing to do is to leave it and turn from it your attention. Most landlocked folks tend to pound it into the ground and kill it, meaning they keep at it with all sorts of forceful directions. This technique only muddies the waters. If one has a desire and it's forced, it'll only end up in lack, and what would have been inspired promptings about your desires will shut down completely.

I'd like to dive deeply into the idea of why most folks desire to arrive at a destination and their main goal is not to be as happy as a clam, having a whale of a time by finding the joy in their voyage.

There are several reasons for this, and I'll dive deep into each of them.

Conditioning Beliefs

When we are young little sprites, we begin taking on the beliefs of those within our surroundings. If the person you admired and looked up to had limiting beliefs such as; life was arduous, poor, happiness is for others and not us, that we should be content with what we have, or our valid reward will come when heaven is upon us, we took on these beliefs as well. Their beliefs became our beliefs. Always believing this world was tricky, but the reward would be after death in heaven. For if you are to comprehend what I'm speaking, you'd know full well that the only heaven there is upon this mortality is within. Heaven is within. If you don't believe me, look it up, it's clearly stated in the Bible if you're inclined to believe in theology. The destination is now, here in the present moment.


The entire make of a human is one of feelings. The senses are representative of energy, which is all-encompassing of the universe as the whole and worlds without end, so feelings would make the most sense of having the capacity to affect our subconscious profoundly. If we are to create a life in which we love filled with happiness and joy, we must learn to control our thoughts. Our thoughts create emotions, and our emotions create feelings. To cut off the thoughts attached to feelings, we must redefine and revise our thoughts. Of course, only the thoughts that do not serve us well. Keep all of the lovely thoughts that bring about smiles to your heart that are cheering.

Believing Happiness Is Outside Of Yourself

A commonality and all-encompassing belief among most landlocked humans is that once an accomplishment achieved therein lies their happiness and joy. This belief is another falsified credence and folks would do well to redefine that notion. The world is very focused on achievements and "once I have this or that, THEN I'll be happy." All one would have to do to understand this isn't true is to look upon those that seemingly have it all. Yet, we observe from their lives that they are still desperately unhappy. Unhappy folks will use all sorts of manoeuvres to drown out their unhappiness, always for one reason and one reason only; to FEEL BETTER. You don't need me to tell you that overcompensating in one area of life has long term effects and ultimately will reflect all areas of one's life. It does not take rocket science to know what I'm saying is factual. If one doesn't believe me, don't think I won't break with tradition to quite that degree in explaining further, because you know that I will. {smile} 

We can always live with pleasure, but only after we create truth serum thoughts. Thoughts that are affirming and positive. We are only as powerful as our thoughts.

Mating With Your Soul

The way our voyage becomes full and robust is to mate with our soul before we attempt to mate with another's soul. If we meet up with another being and we don't love ourselves, we will pull that same redaction from the mate we've encountered. If we think of theology {for my Christian friends}, of being equally yoked, it means similarly to energetic forces connecting. If you are feeling rather frumpy and wayward, you will meet up with the same mate. We are sending out our mirror likeness into the heavens at all times. Like attracts like. It is a spiritual law, and there can be no other way. For instance, If I were to have leapt from my ill-suited ex-mate into the arms of Jeffrey without having spent the 9+ months to mate with my soul first, I would have attracted another person exactly like my ill-suited ex-mate, and the cycle would have continued. This conundrum is why you see so many folks come out of a relationship, and although it may be another face and another place, it's the same scenario in about three months. Assumptions that we're created with one person will reemerge in every person after that unless the creation of new beliefs is activated. (Affirmations and a mental diet are how to create new beliefs.) Folks will continue to manifest the exact likeness within themselves not even realising this is what they're doing. Their thoughts have become beliefs, and unless they are changed and new ones created, it'll be their circle no end.

Old theories don't work with new intentions. Some of my older teachings have returned due to this revelation of when I first began changing my life with affirmations and using repetitiveness to manifest quickly. I've swum back full circle.

If you have the wherewithal to desire it, you can have it. It is yours.

Desires unfolding are like fuel. And you never want to run out of something to eat. When the desire itself is the manifestation, of what we're reaching for we've got it made. If the manifestation of the desire isn't happening and we're in a lackful place, the desire and the inspired impulses shut down.

It's comparable to eating an ice cream cone. You want to enjoy the process of it. Not get it done with and over. Savouring is key. Satisfied with now (in the moment) but eager for more. The basis of every want is for the feeling it brings.

I think it's delightful that we manifest signs, and those are well and good, especially for beginners. However, I am more interested in teaching you how to get all of the desires of your heart. I want you to be successful and powerful. To unearth the Gods and Mermaid Goddesses of which you are is my greatest desire. It's time for folks to return into their power and live the life of their dreams.

Do you have any questions for me which will spark an idea for another post you might be interested in? 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. A quick "tail" for you and/or others. In one of your last posts or video, you made the comment that it was as easy to create a button as something big. I thought "I like buttons. Let's create a button." About a week later (last week) I went to a job site to make sure all was well. They were out of water so I went and got a couple large waters (hot day.) I keep change in a little jar and dumped a bunch in my hand to pay the 54 cents. Later getting into my car, there on the seat right where I'd sit was a button! I picked it up and knew instantly it was "the button." I'm sure it must have been in the change jar and fallen out, but I seldom even look in that thing so wouldn't have known it was there. Said button now has a place on my desk as a reminder:-)

    1. Now that is what I love to hear! I think thats amazing and makes me so very happy! What fun....

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