Tuesday, September 1, 2020

An Artfully Confident Self~Concept And Why My Teachings Have Changed

How was your week? Jeffrey and I had a lovely weekend, which we always do. Firstly, we went to Tampa and picked out a massive amount of plants and trees for a huge landscaping job we'll be creating next week. And then Jeffrey and I went to my dear cousins and picked up our new little chicks. They are thriving, happy and healthy.

If you've watched my new videos on ye olde tube you know, I've recently gained a whole new perspective on manifesting and the law of attraction, which I have now deemed the law of assumption. I feel that after having followed certain teachings, I've now found a much better method for myself. And ones I will be sharing with you so that you too can really begin manifesting your hearts desires. The methods I've been using, such as understanding assumptions and self-concepts, I can see why now I would manifest seemingly a lot of things. That's all true. I used to be a strictly Abraham Hicks Junkie, but now I've decided to change things up a bit and create my very own teachings. Something that became rather frustrating was the time lag and the things I were and weren't manifesting. Whereas I know I am a smart cookie when it pertains to manifesting mastery; I was not continuously getting the most of what I desired or 'if' I did, I still had to wait seemingly too long or for divine timing. Which I no longer believe that divine timing is a thing, nor do I believe it takes a long time for things to come to me. I've tested it for myself, and I know what I do now to make things happen rapidly. I'm not sure about you, but I want my loot NOW and not in some time way off in the distance. I was becoming fed up. I wanted to be spot on when manifesting every single time. I feel like there are so many times that people have made the law of attraction into this sort of convoluted mess and one day I became so frustrated (fed up) because I have a few desires that I have wanted and I couldn't seem to figure out why on earth they weren't coming. And then I started thinking if we have been manifesting our whole lives and since the world began (spiritual laws say we get what we think about) why on earth if we can think about crappy things and they manifest, then indeed we can reverse engineer that same process. So then I began using a few tactics to test out and see if they worked. And by golly gumdrops, I have been manifesting like bloody mad ever since. Soon you will see my tangible manifestations of big things that I have manifested.
Furthermore, that continued my thinking, and I asked God/Sawyer another question. If I'm angry and when I've been manifesting all the many things I did manifest (in the past), what was I doing that made those things happen and so rapidly? I then reverse-engineered what I had done, and a bell went off. I saw keys to my treasure chest open with massive amounts of loot inside. Can you ask for wisdom, you bloody well can. There's nothing you can't ask for and get. I now know this with all assurance and no wonkiness. 

Has your life gone tits up? If you want your life to be completely different, you must shed your olde beliefs like extinct skin. You don't have to possess self-love to manifest. Everyone is and has always manifested since the beginning of time; however, if you have disastrous low hanging thoughts about who you are deep down, you will not manifest the things you want in life.
The very thing keeping you immobilised is your old tiresome assumptions and self-concepts about yourself. Put a sock in your whinging and get to bloody work on your affirmations. A quite proper way of doing this is simply to think of something you have always thought about yourself that's negative, now flip that negative into a positive statement. Once you've done this, now loop that statement in your mind like a movie reel.
For example, I used to tell myself I could never have women as friends. My new assumption statement became" Women love me and want to be friends with me." It merely took me less than two days for that reel to impress my subconsciousness, and now I have so many women friends and their springing up all over. I am making a video post about this in-depth. Because where it's all well and good with what I'm writing here, I want you to grasp it so that you too will be well on your way to getting everything and I mean everything that you want. 
Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. What a dear you are. Will "swim over" and see the video also when available :-)
    Keep well.

    1. JL, oh how exciting. I intend that it helps you in some way. Have a lovely week. Sending you mermaid 🧜🏻‍♀️ love...


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