Monday, August 24, 2020

How To Manifest Like A Magical Mermaid

When I first began practising the law of attraction, I was like most landlocked folks. I would start seeing number sequences, manifesting lights in traffic turning green, seeing signs of three white Lexus cars in a row (it's random, but that's what I told the universe I wanted), birds, rainbows, heart-shaped rocks, and small amounts of money would show up, etc. However, after you begin manifesting those type of little things, those things become boring, and we are naturally inclined to want to start manifesting the more significant desires.

Since we are a world of manifesting landlocked humans, we desire to continue onward. But what I've noticed (and this did happen to me for a time) I was bored of manifesting small desires. I wanted to demonstrate loads of money. Honestly, I was tired of the mediocrity of the lawn of attraction. So what I began desiring was to attract a massive wealth of knowledge and to know the mysteries of the kingdom. I now have some new things that I am manifesting and will be coming rapidly. I'd love it if you would message me in a bottle (drop a watery comment below) and tell me what three things you are manifesting. Be very specific. If you need help with your manifesting, I will be glad to support you and give you the tacktacle treasure trove tips on a personal basis, but for an easy scale process here is my free outlined version of my tried and true things I've done and that have worked every single time. I manifest my desires within minutes, weeks to a few months. 

If I had to break down my process in scale form, it would be as simple as embodying my Inner Mermaid. When you see yourself as a Magical Mermaid with the powers of the universe {because you are a goddess/queen}, you send that message out, and in return, what you send out the universe has to confirm it. It is the spiritual law. You will create your very own process, and I'd love to hear your siren call processes in the comments, but I'll give you my tried and true way that I manifest everything I want, most notably the big things.

How To Manifest Like A Magical Mermaid

I. Write down in your handwriting on paper, and I would suggest choosing three particular desires. You can put down as many as you'd like too if that's what you want to do. There's no hard-pressed rule. I will say that I know if you write it down, it has a way of imprinting into your mind much more accessibly. (It's a whole scientific hand/mind sensory which I won't go into detail about.) I hand them over to my Mermaid Inner Being (Mermaid Inner Being is the God~Like aspect of yourself. As you know, we are all spiritual beings living a human experience).

II. Meditate every single day for 15 minutes. If you want to know how to accurately mermaid meditate swim to this post. Its the exact way I have been doing it for the last six years.

III. I use the power of fairytale story scripting go here for that post.

IV. I would use my story scripting of assumption and expect that everything I said was true. For instance, when I wanted to manifest my soul mate/ twin flame (which I did in less than two months), I used the lovely attributes from other men that I appreciated through the sifting process. So, for example, I imagined him coming quickly, I said something like, he will adore the ground I walk on, he lavishes me with compliments all of the time (almost to a nauseating degree), brings me flowers, loves going to thrift stores. Flea markets, he loves to work in the garden, he is so proud of me, his favourite place is the beach, always wants to spend time together, and he believes in my ability to do everything I set out to do. Etc.

V. I use focus wheels {If you'd like to download a Fin Focus Wheel  swim here.} 

VI. I play God and paint everything into reality the way I want it to be.

VII. Trust that it's already 98 per cent manifested. See it done. Believe it so strongly that nothing is allowed into your mind to convince you otherwise.

VIII. Fin Focus-

Do not spend any of your energy thinking about what others are doing, thinking or saying about you. If you start to think about others, remind yourself of the sea witch. Would you want some nasty person (sea witch) coming into your realm and polluting your waters with littered debris, and poisons where you couldn't breathe the waters? No, you would have something to say about that. Same with negative thoughts. You would remove them immediately. This technique goes for your thoughts, too. If you have the power to think of negative thoughts almost on default, you have the power to think about positive thoughts too. It's merely overcrowding your mind with only happy, lovely thoughts. 

If you aren't a balanced, powerful Mermaid, you can't be of value to anyone. And we must do it for ourselves so that we can also create powerful daughters and sons that live with confidence and delight. You must love and adore yourself, and when that happens, you will have a ripple wave effect on the entire world. Yes, we are THAT POWERFUL! I am that powerful, and so are you! 

Please share with me what you're going to manifest in the comments; I genuinely want to hear your desires.

I'll start with mine: Manifest a book deal with a major publishing company, Be a New York Times Bestselling Author, and go viral on Instagram, gaining a massive following. I say let us check back periodically and state what has manifested. Remember to follow me on Instagram where I share Treasure Trove Tactical Tips for creating a life you love! I love you each so very much and thank you so much for always showing up here. 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

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