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Acting As If, Where Our Money Beliefs Originally Set Our Life’s Course And How To Shift The Sails

Ninety per cent of a personal transformation is self-awareness.

I recall several years ago when I would listen to Abraham Hicks (law of attraction speaker) teachings on Acting As If, I truly felt it was an impossibility for me. That simple statement played out precisely as expected; however, I decided not to wallow in lamentation.

The explanation for feelings of impossibility is because I was conditioned from a flawed belief system when I was a wee sprite of a girl. A belief thought is merely one thought repeatedly. However, one that can easily be changed. The notion that because we have been a particular way for many years, and it's too difficult to change is flawed and stems from an archaic mindset. It takes a fraction of a second to change one's life completely, and that's what arose with me recently. I fully comprehend that initially, It's a bit troublesome to wrap our mind around the notion of changing our self-image and the idea from others might pop up such as" what gives me the right to go about changing?" We will have an immediate surge of relishing the thought or prospect of being" that person" we'd love to be. Still, our subconscious mind will resort back to old patterned beliefs if we don't imprint the subconscious. It's the stimulus-response (natural) aspect of ourselves that holds the need to protect and keep us safe. Our minds have a defence mechanism. It's how we, as landlocked humans, were born.

An example of this is when I first began going through my transformation in 2014; I would manifest many things that arrived with ease. Meaning I didn't have much resistance in obtaining, for instance, a soul mate/twin flame but that same energy I had great difficulty in transferring over to the concept of manifesting money and abundance. When in actuality money and abundance is only an exchange of energy, the same as love. In the past, I seemed to emphasise money as being different from other desires such as love, health or success. Oftentimes it's because when we were little girls/children, we developed our money mind beliefs based around the influence we received from our environment and who we were surrounded by mostly. In my case, I had an equal measure of money mind beliefs from my mother, and father. The impression I developed from my father was that money was like water, and when my father was prosperous, he would let money flow to extravagance. Money was no object, and he would hand out money as if it grew on trees. Money from my fathers perspective was ease and flow.

An example of this was at age eleven; I had one of my profound money belief imprints. My father at the time was an extreme alcoholic, and he was planning a piss of a night. He inquired of my service to starch one of his shirts and paid me fifteen {$20 American} pounds. I ironed the shirt, and the imprinted belief became I don't have to work hard for large amounts of money. I can do things that I enjoy (such as a homemaking skill) and get paid a large quantity for barely doing any work at all. However, I also had a consistent belief when it pertained to my mother. I was around my mum more than I was my father, so I think that her views about money became largely more imprinted on my subconscious, frequently overriding my belief from my father, however not entirely. We all receive ideas in many different instances. It's all very much an internal work for everyone to honestly know where beliefs are derived. We must look within and discover those treasures for ourselves. That's our life's work.

My mother had established her money mindset early on too. We all do, and hers switched over in the belief that to possess the money it would always be a direct result from a man. She believed or created the impression as a young woman that the only way a woman can receive money is from a man providing and controlling financial abundance. So for me, this became a very restricted belief of feeling I had to accept my father's character, controlling nature around money, which later poured over into my marriage with my ex-husband. My ex-husband also had a dominance correlation aspect just as my father. We subconsciously attract that which we know and feel most comfortable in, even although it may be utter dysfunction. My ex-husband used money as a control tactic, power, and leverage. In essence, early on, I had created the belief that men would always dictate my happiness and money became the attached correlation to my joy. Money and abundance I had also attached to feeling less than because I was a woman. That belief came from being raised in an overly controlling religious environment. As a religious person, women were considered less than men, and the only way a woman could possess money is that it had to come from the men. I had to work that out and create new beliefs but; essentially, that was my beliefs about money. Now when I write this post, it has a way of allowing me to comprehend how I set about changing the woman I used to be. The old me no longer exists. When we recognise how much our childhood beliefs are attached to our life outcomes, why we do or behave the way we do daily it truly inspires us to see past it and know we also have the power to change it.

So now I'd like to tell you how I was able to create a new belief about money, retrain my thought patterns accordingly and how you might as well.

One day before my daily meditation practise, I set the intention to understand the connection and expressed the desire to the universe/God Consciousness/Sawyer that I desired to close the gap on the way I dealt with and perceived money. I was newly married to Jeffrey, and whereas he didn't exhibit those characteristics, I knew it was something I wanted to clean up. Because the truth is if we do not clear out the old, heal those wounds, it will always stay with us. What we repress will progress.

I always set intentions before meditation because I know I will receive that of which I ask. For my religious friends out there, even the scriptures say, ask, and ye shall receive. We must trust in ourselves (I'll do an entirely new post about trust) because its much needed in understanding our core beliefs about everything. But for now, let me stay with my intention I had set about closing the gap on money. I had a real desire to know why so many things came quickly for me, except for the" MONEY", and I was determined to disembowel the notion. For starters, I had to stop saying that line and change it to," money always has come easily and quickly for me."

So what I also did is feel the spiritual impression to reverse engineer money as a whole and write down all the beliefs I held about money, and recall the first impressions I remember when my folks introduced money to me as a child. The next step seems not relatable to money and abundance at all, but it is actually. All of our affairs are interconnected. So what I did was also remind myself of how I manifested Jeffrey (my twin flame in two months). If money and love are indeed only energy, then I could do what I did for money that initially I also did when manifesting Jeffrey. Within a day, I was getting results. Now the next process in manifesting our desires depending on our passion is to continue the momentum until it becomes an imprint on the subconscious mind. Because if we let up before it's a new belief, we will acclimate back to our old beliefs even although we've gotten results. A few years ago, when I was on a beautiful momentum, with money, my limiting beliefs fell back because I didn't imprint them on my subconscious by making them a new belief. The way we imprint the subconscious is to repeat affirmations. Yes, I know that jolly well sounds too lenient.

However, in reality, my dear friend, it is that simplistic. Here is how I go about implantation. I write down a few newly selected sentences /affirmations. And each day as I carry on with my quotidian pursuits that do not call for focus,(such as washing dishes, cooking, folding laundry, constitutional), I duplicate my newly written affirmation in my head. Repeat over and over from a state of knowing. So, for instance, a few of my promises were: I Am a self-made multi-millionaire. I make 100 pounds a day. I make 300 pounds a day doing what I love with little effort.

Now, even though you may think initially, but what if I don't believe my affirmations? Well, that's a jolly good play if you don't believe them. I didn't believe mine either, but eventually your mind imprints the unconscious with the new belief, and the universe makes it become your tangible reality. It is a universal law that what we believe and think we become. Another example of imprinting was in 2014; I began saying I'm so beautiful and I am the prettiest person with red hair both inside and out. I repeated those affirmations believing in that woman. And I must tell you; I was the kind of person at that time felt I was hideous and unattractive. I gained that belief from childhood which was a result of being redheaded with freckles and fair skin. Now I believe I am one of the prettiest redheads ever born. And here's the truth my friends, when you or I believe something about ourself, the world acclimates to our frame of reality. The world conspires to give us what we believe because nothing is outside of ourselves. What we believe is the reality of our world. It has to be, and we are all connected as one consciousness, whether we want to believe it or not. It is law.

I have set the intention that you received value from this post, and if you have any questions or comments, please remark below. I love to hear how you're getting on. It thrills me to the bones!

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

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