Thursday, October 8, 2020

The Curious Mind Of Raquel Carter: How I'm Wielding Patreon To Leave A Legacy, Continue Doing What I Love, And Much More!

A few years ago, I penned my first book. Still, previous to that I began this (newish) dear ol’ blog that I love to bits, which is my bread and butter along with being an authoress and illustrator, however as the years have passed, I began to take notice of the lack of interior designing/artistry that I moreover have an infinite love. 

Truthfully if you were to ask my relations or close-knit comrades, they would tell you I’ve been creating art of all varieties since I was a wee girl. When I first started building forts with pretty little hand-sewn curtains, I was near about age nine. At 13; I was using my father's jigsaw to design wood carved shapes and lettering to decorate my sleeping room. Essentially I’ve been creating art since I was a teeny little darling; however, there has been a lack in my sharing it here on ye ol’ blog. I've always yearned to have that be something on my blog, which is a significant part of who I am, but felt the time just never seemed to be quite proper. And to be perfectly honest, I have hesitated because I wasn't interested in the ’conventional’ blog of design, DIY nor did I want it to end up being like many bloggers I've seen that have become partially implemented or worse still pigeonholed. If you know anything about me, it's that I am always going against the grain and you know I would never affiliate with being labelled ’just a plain ol’ bird with a common tale of woe.’

I was erecting antique barn door tables pre-internet {1990} days {which was after I graduated studies}. If you recollect, that's over a decade before anyone started seeing that manner of element pop up in little village shops. {That barely now squeaked like a full-blown “toot my own horn” moment. However, you know me well enough to conclude in my free-spirited notions of constantly exemplifying self-love and self-congratulatory moments}. I fully advocate self-confidence on this little darling blog, and ye shall never fail to astonish me as this is the right road to travel to remain in my good graces. So, you too should also self-boast away, my dear friends. My expectation is; that I genuinely presume I’ve landed upon something extraordinary with this Patreon series, and I fully intend it to be my payment in kind for your participation if you so choose to come aboard. I am sending out intentions that this (Patreon series: “The Curious Mind of Raquel Carter”) will take off and we shall have a whale of a time together.

I've tailored the delights of my adventures into authorship, artistry, mermaids, the Victorian era and leaving the bequest for The Carter Settlement. I will be accomplishing all types of aspects, from building a limestone wall, creating the (1851) workers cottage that I will be eventually taking up residence, building from scratch such things as a Victorian picket fence for my poultry keeping, an exact replicate of Beatrix Potters bedroom at Hilltop to so many more aspects that I can't begin to appoint them all. 

{Gosh golly gumdrops as my grandmama would say.... no one can ever let out that I don’t enjoy the art of writing.}

I want to do projects and instructional content that will have significant meaning, bring joy to others as well as value, for many years to come. I'm invariably thinking of decades in advance. For this reason, as I've always longed to see other women from when they first began to what they've become, and I've never seen quite what I've long been seeking. So perhaps I might share my adventures with you, and we shall have a go and see what transpires. We only know if we try, isn't that so dear friends? My writing and books are very thought-provoking and valuable, and that is what I want for this Patreon series. I want you to come along with me (things are always much better with friends, aren't they) and as friends, we will build The Carter Settlement together, as a merfamily.

In conclusion, I thought I'd share what brought me here. A fortnight ago, I had concluded my daily meditation where I had implored God Consciousness/Sawyer to show me what I was longing for in creating the series that also contained an ethereal aesthetic which would conspire to show all of my loves that would also build anticipation by speaking to my readers. I wanted to fascinate people, obtain interested folks that had a desire for something of difference but also want to participate in this significant conception of creating The Carter Settlement. And of course, as in all times of my life, each time I ask for assistance from the other side of heaven; I get my answers virtually immediately.

Last year I had thought about creating a Patreon series, and you possibly remember my post about mumbling I wanted to start one, but the more I began setting up an account I felt tired, uninspired, and it lacked in stimulation. So I knew it wasn't favourable. If wild horses can't keep me from it, then I know it's right. Always remember that your every thought you think is either creating an excellent assumption or an awful assumption for your life, so never believe that ”oh that tiny thing doesn't matter much” because you're mistaken if you think every little creviced thought doesn't eventually manifest into something great whether that be great as in good or bad. After all, it does. Depending on the momentum, our life is always a manifestation of our thoughts. Always. Always. 

So knowing all of this and having this desire to leave a legacy (think Beatrix Potters- Hill Top, but instead of Beatrix and a rabbit, think Raquel and merry maids) I've always wanted to do something special with my art, as I stated previously. Still, until that day of meditation, was my new plot hatched. I finally felt the conscious block of thought from my son Sawyer. Sawyer said to me as clear as a bell ”Mum, why don't you have a series just like you wanted to have in your reality show. Still, now you could have all the control over how it's produced, directed, designed and demonstrated. Make it your magical voyage of The Carter Settlement, and it can be an actual manifestation right before everyone's eyes, and people will love it!” 

I immediately began receiving all types of inspired ideas of how to create it, down to the tiniest details of what will make it something exclusive, extraordinary, full of inspiration and most importantly, incredibly pleasurable! I'm excited enough  to "pop my clogs.”

I've rambled on like the church lady I am, but I set the intention that you fully discerned what I clarified and boy are we going to have such a fun time together! This is going to be the bee's knees. What an invigorating prospect!

Would you like to enlist? The first episode will be of me prepping, planning and actually building from scratch the Victorian poultry style carved fence and detailing (in which I mean glorifying) the present chicken coop to more suitably fit the Victorian/European cottage style of The Carter Settlement aesthetic. This series will be ever current with all sorts of delights that I fully anticipate will astonish you! 

I'm working arduously on my first episode, which I plan to debut on Halloween! Oh, how utterly exciting! In the meantime here's my link to become a Patron or you can find it on my sidebar.

Thank you, dear friends. I love you to the moon! 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

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