Why Trust and Alignment IS Essential In A Mermaid’s Manifesting Tale

In my quest to remain current on the ensuing genre of writing; which is spirituality, I've seen a new "craze" occurrence on YouTube of spiritual LOA (Law of Attraction) teachers popping up everywhere. 

There are a few things I've learned in my forty-eight years of life, and that is once someone gets on the bandwagon an unleashing surge of flurry occurs, and every Tom, Dick and Harry jumps aboard ship. It has and will happen from here til the dawn of doom. I know you've most assuredly recognised it. For example, a few years ago, I couldn't look here nor there without seeing another woman pop up that had decided to create mermaid tails and lament of how she'd found her new career as a mermaid. Now that sounds as if I have a bugaboo rather, but it's not. Admittedly, initially, I was bothered a bit as I would get many emails of women asking me to show them the ropes or help them become mermaids by connecting them with the right people. Yes, I admit it I felt used, and truthfully maybe they were attempting to use me, but I carried on and didn't respond. Honestly, I have no form of feeling aggravation for others that want to do what they dream of; however, those same girls/women, of course, you guessed it, are now doing new and completely other things. A few of them are selling MLM beauty products. Implicating, it became a fad, and once they realised it was not an easy form of employment; they weren't capable of carving it out. Till the breath leaves my body, I remember what my mum quoted me my whole adolescence," The cream always rises to the top." If you've been reading my blog any length of time you've heard me mention that.

In my bid to watch the flux of spirituality spring up (which might I add is a lovely thing) as I believe it's God-Consciousness bringing forth a new revolutionary awakening for so many souls. Once many folks were deeply frightened of spirituality, and now it's becoming more widely accepted. I have begun to see folks have so much information at their fingertips they are losing their minds—case in point.

I've seen numerous law of attraction coaches (which are now calling themselves law of assumption coaches, etc.) and have also gone on to firmly state that alignment and vibration aren't necessary for manifesting. Which brings me to another thing my mother taught me growing up (you see, all that religion was not a waste of time. Wink wink) that I must always remain steadfast and alert to my inner being. Not allowing the world to persuade me with falsified information and that if I ever feel as though something is hogwash to be mindful of what my spirit tells me. It's leading me aright. I always keep that in mind. It has also helped me carry on in many aspects of my life, reminding myself that there will always be some new fashion, fad or trend that breaks through. I must keep my wits about me. In contrast, these new foundings are showing the world's progression and expansion (that's a' good thing' as Martha Stewart would say) I must keep a keen eye on my dreams and purpose for why I've come to earth. To seek joy no end, but also to expand in wisdom; two of my favourite things. (smile)

Whereas I might agree with the notion that, no, alignment is not an absolute (or mandatory) in manifesting; but neither is robbing a bank to get a lot of money either. Meaning that everyone manifests, true, not one soul upon this planet is exempt from manifesting; however, life isn't only about' getting stuff.' I'll tell you what's happening if you want the truth of it. These several coaches are young, and they want' things' in their life to overcompensate for something lacking. I can say this because that's why I spent a portion of my spiritual awakening wanting to manifest things as a way of feeling better. However, after I got those things, I realised I was happy with or without them if I made my mind up to be. Truthfully, I learned that when Sawyer died, all of that stuff wasn't so important after all. My greatest happiness lies in having joy in my soul. Yes, indeed it's that simple for me these days.


And of course, painting and writing

and candles, and tea, and... Err...(I'm being nonsensical, placing that aside, you know what I'm attempting to convey precisely.)

Still, the way of going about it has better results when a person is in alignment with their higher self/God-like aspect of themselves. It's a scientifically proven fact that when a person is in a frequency of high vibration, they manage to receive things more quickly and with little to no resistance. Spirituality can not be proven. This is why I am an advocate for listening to MY Mermaid Inner Being {spirit}. We will drift to and fro if we aren't planted firmly in our belief first and foremost of ourselves. Even although I write this blog, I remain steadfast in my trust that you make up your mind and always follow your heart regardless of my mumbling on this here ol' blog. I am for everyone in all the world living their truth. However, I will always have a knot to tie on most subjects; you know me well enough. (Heh)

I think it's time to draw a line under this entire unfortunate episode. Since having rattled on about that, I would like to explain why I believe alignment/a high vibration IS essential to manifesting. The truth is that no one can honestly tell us as individuals what's right for us on a personal basis. I'll say to you through this blog what my subjective opinion is, about manifesting; however, ultimately, you will have to live experiences and then make up your mind. I have studied and learned through my own experience what has worked best for me, and I absolutely love sharing with you my findings. I want you to have the tools in understanding how to create a life you love, and nothing makes me more joyful than writing about this subject matter. I have aligned with the same teachings of Abraham because I think Abraham Hicks teachings are most accurate to genuinely what is God-Consciousness. I've tested these beliefs myself, and I've found what has worked for me from a practical, spiritual and technical standpoint. As I stated previously, being in alignment isn't mandatory in manifesting, but it is an essential missing element if we're to get the most wonderful results. Let me share a personal example with you. I have many examples, but for comprehension, I need only share one.

When I was in my previous marriage, my family and I had moved to Oklahoma. It was our 23rd move in my 24th year of marriage. I had always been a stay at home mother and loved that role. Needless to say, I chose never to work outside of the home because I wanted to be with my children. However, my children were all nearly on their way out of the house, and I would soon be an empty nester. We had yet again moved, and my ex-husband's income had significantly decreased over the years. Upon moving from California, (where I wanted to stay), he conveyed to me that we would have to live in a specific home according to what we could then afford with his pay decrease. Might I add that I had never been one to care about the status of a neighbourhood or living superior?

I would have much rather lived in a small neighbourhood in an old Victorian. However, because I was not the" breadwinner" I was not given an option in our home selections. I have always thought that love in a home is of most importance and not a status of living in a gated community and fitting the mould of keeping up with the Jones'. Let's say by this point in our marriage (which was very shortly before I decided to file for divorce) I was at the end of refusing to" make due" by using my interior design skills to make our rental house a home. My dear friends, I was wary of it all. I was so exhausted, and at this point, we had been staying in the second hotel for two weeks with two dogs, four children and I was tired. Every home we looked at, I was going to have to paint and do all sorts of projects to make the home somewhat pleasing, and again for how long, I contemplated. I was knackered and felt like I would never have a forever home. My ex-husband handed down the decision that if I weren't inclined to fix up a rental but wished to live in a nice neighbourhood, I would have to supplement the income roughly 234 pounds a month. In my heart of hearts, I just figured I'd make crafty things and sell my artwork. I would do what I had always done to supplement from home. However, after the first month of making 1200 dollars from a garage sale, (you bet your bottom dollar I'm letting that slip) my ex-husband said that I needed to get a" regular real job" and that doing things that weren't predictable was not going to cut it.

(I thought. Wait! What the What! One thousand two hundred {american dollars} are my required $300 bucks which would cover four months rent! GAWD!!! The insanity just went up tenfold.) Am I devoid of common sense? 

To put it nicely, I was an outsider in my own home. I digress because truthfully that wretched fellow gave me much to understand in life. I can now say I am thankful he was a misfit. Growth, people!

I said, okay if I must, I'll work at Anthropologie. I had always shopped there, I had the wardrobe for it and supposed I wouldn't have to work but a few days a week, if that. Might I emphasise here that I never wanted a typical job, nor did I want to work this way, but I felt pressured. I wanted to do what I desired in making money, and I was raised with very freedom thinking artsy parents. I did manifest the job at Anthropologie, and from the first day, I absolutely hated that job! I cried each time I had to go into work. I started praying I would get sick so I wouldn't have to work. I lasted a week and a half because it was absolute torture working there. I had to stand in one spot for hours on end, I made pennies on the dollar, and it was a 40-minute drive there and 40-minute drive home in the snow. (This is starting to sound like Little House on the Praire... in the snow uphill with NO SHOES ON WALKING BACKWARDS) (Hehe... I'm a hoot and a half just so you know.)

By the time I was paid, and taxes unleashed, I was barely giving rise to a hundred pounds as a fulltime employee. It was the worst two weeks ever. I was not in alignment when I took that job, but by golly, I manifested it. The universe knew I would hate it, but we always get our manifestations/desires even when it's not what's for our most significant advantages and highest self. But do you recognise, even in your own life for example when you've manifested something but end up disliking the result to the olympic degree? When something we manifest isn't for our greatest good, it turns out a bit lackful. I lacked internal trust within myself and Gods ability to give me exactly what I was worthy of because I had insecurities. I should have just stood my ground, held self-confidence regardless of how angry my ex-husband became. And whereas I did quit the job, my ex-husband accused me of nursing the hoe handle. I bid him every good fortune. Wink. 

(However, I'd like to express that I could work three vigorous men under the table in a heartbeat. I'm a fantastic worker when it's something I love. I'm chuffed. I'm actually right in the thick of wielding my very own victorian picket fence all by myself mind you. That means using saws, painting, post hole digging all of it, by myself. So there!

Gawd! I'm glad I got that out. Dear Lord, what is wrong with me? Heh...)

I wanted out of my marriage, so in all, it ended up working out regardless of the experience. In my opinion, though, I've remembered this experience and sought never to repeat it. I am an advocate for manifesting things whilst in alignment. I choose to manifest in a state of happiness and what will bring me joy. Our Mermaid Inner Being knows what we truly desire, and if we trust the process, we will always manifest much better and happier results. Pushing through will get us our desires, but a bit of messiness will ensue along the cycle. I'd rather be in alignment because that's when perfection prevails in pure manifesting.

Do you have any experiences that you recall when manifesting? I hope you're having a splendid day.

Oh, and before I sign off, I very much wanted to tell you that I share little experiences on my Instagram reel if ever you're interested. I like to call it storytime. (Ya know, cause I'm a storyteller you see.) Swim on over I'd love to see you and share a cuppa.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


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