Lo And Behold, The Channels I Will Swim For My Blog, Let Us Prattle, Shall We?

Hello darling friends, what I have for you is a rather nicety in terms of quotes. So let us read that before we have a go, shall we?

"Happiness is based on a motive. But 'Taking Joy' is happiness for no reason. To be joyful, you have to be independent of good and bad opinions in the world, immune to criticism, responsive to feedback, beneath no one, above no one, and completely fearless."

My beloved gardener took me off to the Everglades to watch the sunset. I have been encountering a turn and concluded I am experiencing the early onset of climacteric transition (premenopause.) These feelings have created quite a few things to run through my winding watery path. I shall maintain sending out pleasantries as I have so many lovely bits to share beyond my female instability of emotions. Have any of you experienced this yet? I turned 50 in February. Now let us have a spot of tea while we get on.

How do you overcome feelings of claustrophobia from too many elements in your setting? I feel a purge in my environment at hand. I unquestionably love and appreciate that I'm gathering and collecting items like a bit of a chipmunk for the future of The Carter Settlement; (tea room, furniture for the cottages etc.); however, to keep things from running amuck and taking over, they must be kept very organised. Seriously though. Since I began working on making Scarlette Rose cottage liveable, I have been running back and forth to my folks. I paint and handwrite my manuscripts in Scarlette Rose cottage, but to blog and anything that calls for computer work with wifi, I have to take it back to my folks; then, if I'm baking and need to use an oven, I have to carry it to my parents, and on and on.

I started writing down what I would need to accomplish to settle everything into one slot. I need simplistic living in our personal space as well. As you know dear friends (I think I've spoken of this previously), Jeffrey and I still sleep and bathe at my folk's house. I want to belong somewhere and feel dug into my roots. When I was married to ye olde salt, we lived in rentals for the entirety of our marriage (besides those two times we bought homes; however, we lived in them less than two years, so I don't measure them as homeownership. They were both Victorian homes and my favourite places to live, yet I digress); I never felt settled. I invariably had to be keen to up and move, and after decades of living that way and ageing to now 50, I want to settle down and live out my life in one place from here on out. I'm knackered from the many moves and living out of boxes.

In all honesty, being entirely knackered brings me to my love of the good ole days of blogging. I love an old fashioned blog the way it used to be when I first began blogging in 2006. I wasn't as consistent as other bloggers because I was so busy with little ones running amuck that my writing/blogging was placed on the back burner. As with many blogs nowadays, folks who have blogs have stopped writing on them or have transitioned  into utilising them as a revenue stream. I am not against that mindset; however, I confess that one exhibits a lack of sharing personally when folks begin using them strickly for profit. They fail to write the same as in the start of their online diary. I'm not inferring any judgement; it's hardly an observation. I long for the way blogging existed. So in regards to that, I shall keep the same type of blog till I pop my clogs. That is my plan, and if I keep writing, I know it shall bring good to others; it must; because what I've learned is that I'm perfectly serious in my refusal to quit. I may waiver a bit, but I'm vigorous, and I'm very proud of that characteristic.

Last Friday and several days leading up to Friday, I had a dreadful case of allergies. I managed to set things aright with essential oils (Doterra); having oils keeps me soothed because they've perpetually been an aided instrument in quite nearly every health care event I can recant. If you are a curious kitten, yes, Doterra is or has been stamped an MLM company; however, I've not ever sold them in that form; I've only ever bought them for my personal use. Anytime someone's asked me about oils, I've invariably made a mermaid's compound concoction for them, and they've always healed up quite fine. I believe many folks find oils to be a bit odd, and I understand that notion entirely, as there was a time I didn't understand them either. I never viewed them as healing aids until I was quite far from my Mermaid Inner Being. Not all oils are equal in value, yet my solemn oath is to Doterra. Although most times, there may be no need to reference my past circumstances however, at this juncture, it is sufficient. I had a regrettable incident when my ex ole salt was fired once more from one of his various employments. We no longer had healthcare or dental, and I'm being quite serious when I say I panicked. I was terrified of not having insurance or dental. However, I learned to trust and rely on my Mermaid Inner Being/ Universe that I would always be provided for in provisions, healthcare, and dental; I just had to do my portion with guardianship. Trust and independence give one an internal freedom that can never be prevailed upon with money. There is no sufficient money that can replace self-reliance. I shall wish that those who hear about oils will cast aside their previous beliefs when they hear what I have said.  

I was able to eliminate myself from all medications and returned to how I was as a young spritely teen. I was a nature child and performed various endeavours as a homesteader. I returned to my roots. It would take me many more years to decidedly begin the voyage of healing my soul and gain the courage to present ye olde salt with a bill of divorcement. To be happy and 'Take Joy' was my main objective and only employment. I had spent my life soothing others, pleasing and making everyone chuffed, excluding myself. Finally, I could take it no longer. My 'taking a passport' (suicidal) thoughts were spiralling and becoming absolutely unmanageable. I had to save my soul, and I did. As the ocean's tide flows in and out as nature constantly shifts, so will pain. If you are in a station of difficulty remember this to shall pass.

When I was prattling on at the start of this post about moving and shifting homes, I learned something about fifteen years ago, and that is I have always felt the need to surround myself with things to feel safe. As I have grappled with that belief, I have taken responsibility to endure through that olde pattern. I also realise that when I start to exhibit those displays, I catch myself, and ultimately, a purge of belongings will occur. After this conclusion this past weekend, I made a new belief track and added that I feel safe, and I give myself safety. I began listening to the track, and it will shortly impress. I'm tickled conch shell pink in knowing how to create change with these methods I've created and worked at building for myself and others. I work through an emotion I may experience and uncover my belief (commonly self-concept insecurity or unworthiness) and go from there. We, as landlocked mermaids, use so many things to cope, do we not? It requires arriving at these terms with our emotional trauma. By the way, this is a delightful book I have upon my bookshelf and desired to share it with you. 

I feel better when I've written and talked myself through a condition.

I am pleased to share with you the early phases of the actual future building of Mrs Threadegoode's Pantry and English Tea Shoppe. This home is a lovely little place situated directly next door to my folks, a mere several hundred feet. As I've spoken to you many times and in my projected foresight of The Carter Settlement, my objective is to acquire the entirety of the block I currently live in. I have an idea of what I desire, and I will wield those practices (the Neville Goddard and Abraham Hicks techniques) to achieve my desire. I have used these thought leaders practises for everything I have manifested. I will allow my Mermaid Inner Being to do the rest. When living the law of assumption, one must be bold and forthright in understanding how beliefs work and how to create one's reality.

The work Neville speaks of is all mentally using ones own wonderful human imagination. However, allow me to preface that I use many practises as there's not a one size fits all when it pertains to spirituality. I have been utilising the law of attraction and learning through my experiences for well over eight years. Some particulars take ta bit of sorting out especially if there is heavy resistance. I have a few of those, however all in due time. I have learned to trust the process immensely. We are the operant power, and the law will not work itself. 

Okay let us return again to the future of The Carter Settlement. There will be the tearing down of many buildings/homes that have been slowly added to the properties. It reminded me of when my grandmother had to have her thirty-plus cottages torn down. She employed my dear cousin, who has a company capable of significant endeavours; (however, I will manifest the proper folks for the jobs at the appointed time). I was merely explaining that this type of aggressiveness in demolition has been performed on this land once already nearly two decades ago when this establishment was coined "Carter Village." (He (my cousin G) owns those few companies in the country that are utilised for cleanup when natural disasters occur. So, for instance, when we have massive hurricanes, storms etc., and nature wipes out and destroy cities, my cousin is the one that enters on contract for the government and removes all of the debris.) On the roofs of all of the buildings and cottages I will either thatch or turf them. I will then either stone or cob the exterior, and perform a few more cosmetic aspects on the inside and out. The lot beside us is currently owned and inhabited by the man that built it. When we have a dream or desire, we must remain focused and never allow any circumstance to entertain they thoughts. Our thoughts create and every desire ever realised was first a thought, and then demonstrated.  

I will show you what I plan to do with my folk's cottage (this is a side of their home now and also is one of the illustrations for The Tale of Sawyer Lamb. You will enjoy them if you fancy a thatched stone cottage with beautiful antique french windows and stone walls. 

The above photo is a stock photo that I purchased for my blog, but the windows are nearly identical to what I plan to achieve.
Let us chat soon, darlings; love Raquelxxx 


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