Wednesday, September 14, 2022

The Art Of Making The Mundane Delightfully Extraordinary

Good day, dear hearts, 

I shall intentionally attempt to make the mundane delightfully extraordinary. After all, the simple measures make our cottage core lives so wonderfully joyful, do you not agree? 

Do you recall I had two prints of Blue Boy and Pinkie artwork hanging in the cottage? Last evening they were ultimately dropped off at the framers. A few ladies asked to see the sampler; however, I failed to remember and did not post the image when I received it from the framers. She is in all her glory, sweetly hanging next to The Mermaid Inn (Sussex) sketch I have had for years. It only cost me a fiver; the framing was the pricey matter, although well worth it. I can never pass up a beautiful piece of embroidery as I know how much time it takes to create such beautiful work. 

A cosy tiny home can be built little by little if we see each day as a crucial moment in the making of life overall. Too often, I've found women discontent with the day-to-day measures and pine to get to the good stuff or desperately wanting the dream to transpire instantly. This longing occurs in many religious women. The truth well fixed is women stave off their goals as youngsters, for they subconsciously have become indoctrinated to believe a woman must earn her desire through righteous living. Or either when a deity in the sky called God sees fit, one might get their desire. This belief stands erroneous on multiple levels, and it is the number one cause of depression and mental indisposition in women today, specifically religious women. My objective is to assist in benefiting women to course-correct this notion for themselves. 

Our hearts require the quotidian increments, for those are most beneficial in the overall course of the life voyage. We are the Gods of our reality, and if we desire something to manifest, there is nothing but ourselves keeping us from the manifestation. As Tasha Tudor invariably stated, "It's the little things."

I once had a friend, and the more I came into my expansion of enlightenment and moved back to my hometown, I noticed various aspects of my friend. For example, she cared what my home looked like, avoided visits, and commented on how lacklustre and in shambles our little town was and that it was only progressively deteriorating.

This image is the long curvy lane to our cottage. I think it's quite beautiful; nonetheless, on the other side of this picture, there are less than aesthetically pleasing visuals. To be truthful, they are rather unflattering. I recall moving back to my tiny one-horse hometown, and invariably I heard many of the same comments, such as our little village is unfortunate, asking why I don't move to a prettier place. Although I believe this friend was well-meaning, she has given birth to a mindset of diminutive growth. I shan't ever think that to create my beautiful world; I must vacate from land that has been in my family for near a century. Nor will I ever fall into the trap of the belief that external circumstances and perspectives have the power to affect my disposition or sentiments. The standard solution is always to flee. The forest of fools (world) continually assembles the error that to create change, we must leave, run, or move when the most courageous act, regardless of what the eyes see and ears hear, is to stand and see beyond what logic demonstrates. I am the change. Nothing will shake me; my spine is steel, my essence is not penetrative, my soul is immovable, feelings unhurtable, nothing can shift me, not physically or mentally. I create my reality, and before one has the wherewithal to see, I made the change by becoming the change at the end of play on this country mile lane. The thatched roof stone cottage in my heart and imagination is beyond a fairytale, it is honest to goodness and authentically real, and the world will come to know it in due course. At long last, faith invariably proceeds all miracles. I stopped taking logic pills years ago, a solution I highly recommend for remedying dream-killing notions. (wink wink)

( I plan to share some most life-changing news very soon when I receive permission to do so.)

 Also, my Patreon (The Curious Mind of Raquel Carter) is active, and we all are having so much fun over there in the wee dusty corner of the interweb. If you are hesitant, be mindful that you can join, and if you find it's not to your liking, you can cancel at any time, but I bet you won't. Finally, I went last weekend to pick up a real old coffin that a friend gave me for October's All Hallow's Eve. I can not wait until you see what I am creating with it. Take Joy, my fruits!

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

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