In The Eye Of The Beholder (And Introducing My Online Subscription)

Good morning, my dear mermaid hearts,

I left you with quite a heavy-laden post last week, so today, I thought I'd share with you how I've been getting on with what I've been in preparation accomplishing for you; actually, I should say for us.

The Art of a Victorian Mermaid Life/Live~Physical & The Art of a Victorian Mermaid Soul/Leave a Legacy~Spiritual

If you follow me on Instagram (which is my only form of social media), I have been gently tossing out the notion of an online subscription for my blog. There is a twofold to this. As many artists come to find within, such as myself, I am worthy of making a living from the work I put out into the Universe. I firmly believe in sharing my natural abilities and talents with the world, yet to give everything out for free is not feasible for me at this juncture. I have remained a blog free of ads for over seven years, and I also rarely put commercial ad sense on my youtube videos, which has kept me from earning a flourishing income. I am not pleading poor by any stretch of the imagination. I have never asked anyone to join or buy a course, nor would I ever. I have come to terms with my means of making a living from my books, and now it will be my online subscription as well (if you will.) I have a stable monthly income that I receive regardless (thanks to my power to manifest); however, it is time to begin rendering a charge for my crafts. Just as one would collect a magazine on the shelf at the supermarket, no one questions why they are being charged a whopping 20 dollars; ( no, mine is not $20.00; I am merely making a point). I feel I am worthy of payment for my blog content. I am assisting in facilitating women (and children) to change their lives, of which there must happily be a reward. If that feels gentle and the spirit communes that you would like to be a part of our community behind a paid wall, please ensure you've signed up for my newsletter and signed up for Patreon. There is a $5.00 subscription per month (which I feel is an elegant economy.) 

You might say, well, you have the Patreon Razz, and yes, that is true, and in the meantime, that is where I will remain until I can logically understand and implement how to code the subscription portion of my blog. So, for now (the subscription) will continue going to my Patreon.

(If you sign up now until the end of July, you will not be charged until August. It is $5.oo. I have a placeholder to see how many folks are subscribing, so bear that in mind. There is a method to my madness, my dear hearts. This is such an exciting new adventure; it finally feels as though I am home.)

Let me explain how my Patreon is changing a bit. Whereas previously, It was only for my projects here at my folk's, crafts and an occasional post, It will now be for all sorts of notions of "Obtaining Your Sealegs", and the bit and bobs of The Carter Settlement. The Patreon will also have behind-the-scenes content about my forever home, us moving, where our home is and all the joyful implements of that adventure, projects, future gatherings and celebrations, the opening of the tea room and The Carter Settlement, and what we are planning for the calendar years ahead, etc. The reason for this is my way of incorporating something special and lovely for ONLY my dear mermaid hearts. I want to encourage a special soft place for gentle souls (such as myself) to land where we can feel a kinship of like-mindedness, to commune at one with ourselves and as a community without the world at our tails.
Allow me to explain a bit further. Now mind you, I have been thinking about this for some time now, and I have so many notions at work in the background which I have yet to reveal. I have wanted to share it with you, yet for now, until I am truly ready to launch it, as I have a few more blemishes to fine-tune. This blog post is a test to see how much interest I receive. It will be quite similar to a magazine subscription. There will be oodles of notions, with a special focus on a Victorian mermaid lifestyle, teachings of the four quadrants and much more. Each day of the week, I will have enormous bits of content, a true mermaid map for how to create a life you love. Now that I've cleared that out of the way let me get on with the post.
Peter, Prudence and Constantine (my dear little rescued feral kittens) are getting on quite well. They've warmed up to me completely, and they especially love to sleep in a fur ball next to
me whilst im either painting, writing lovely little blog posts or busy on a manuscript. I never knew I'd fall so in love with kittens, yet here I am, entirely spellbound.
If you're wondering (which you may not be, yet I'll divulge the secret anyway) how each little kitten received their name, it's from one of my muses and protagonist in my novel Deceit and Dissension; the real American-born British actress and author of the Victorian period Elizabeth Robins. Her personality and the entirety of her character are thinly veiled all throughout, which I skimmed from the true Elizabeth Robins.
I've implemented enormous research on Elizabeth for over four years and still feel as though I'm just touching the surface of the woman she was. If you weren't aware, Elizabeth also wrote children's books. Have you ever visited Chinsegut Hill, the beautiful historic plantation manor house in Brooksville, Florida? (Elizabeth bought Chinsegut Hill with her author's money).

One of the books she wrote with her dear friend Octavia Wilberforce is titled Prudence and Peter—(And Their Adventures with Pots and Pans), as one would suspect, has lovely little receipts (recipes) in it along with a sweet storyline. I've begun placing a few recipes in my current children's manuscript, The Tale of Molly Kitten.
Now let us turn to my garden. I must be honest; I turned it loose. I gave up on it and let everything except a few vines go bust. It was not thriving at all, and what was sufficiently performing, the deer ate. I was heartbroken and gave up. My flowers remain thriving, and we've been accumulating buckets of rain (of which the ducks approve) which also helps immensely. There is something beautiful in rainwater that reveals the beauty in the living. It makes everything pronounce prosperously.
I don't believe I showed you the final result of Sir Oliver Twisty Topsy when I brought him home from the taxidermist. I went at the beginning of June and collected him, and he looks majestic and perfect, do you not agree? At the weekend, I was finishing up a bit more packing in the cottage and came across an antique display case Jeffrey Shawn had aquired for me at the flea market some years ago, and much to my delight Sir Oliver Twisty Topsy fit perfectly. I was so amused. Manifesting is such a lovely notion.
Did you, per se, have a chance to read my last blog post about Instagram influencers? If not, and even if you're not on social media at all, I know you will derive some benefit from it. I speak mostly about mindset work, why women have jealousy and how to change it.
Im working on an entirely new layout for ye olde blog (not a new blog), but the structure is because I am planning to implement (in the near future) a new feature which will be a subscription portion on the actual blog. Also, before I love you and leave you, thank you so much to each of you for committing to giving me a review on Amazon for The Tale of Sawyer Lamb. The reviews assist in my book ranking higher on the algorithm exploration, so it is a delightful measure; a feather in my cap to have many reviews; if you have purchased my book and want to give me a review, here's the link.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Lady Rxxx


  1. I am really looking forward to your subscriber’s only blog. I feel like creators should be paid for their work. It will be a lovely community of like minded souls I am sure!

  2. Awww, that is so sweet and kind of you to say. Thank you so much.


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