Wednesday, June 28, 2023

We Have Illustrations on Teacups and Teapots; Oh My!

Good morning dear mermaid hearts,
Here we are, meeting together again, darlings. I love our time spent communing. Do you enjoy it as much as I do?

As I spoke somewhat the other day about all of the new shiny bits and bobs of our future restorative measures (subscription), I thought today I would share what I have on the horizon for future content, which I've begun filming for hitherto; however, it will take me a bit of time for each score as I have quite a bit more of filming for the full videos. I assure you will love it beyond measure.
Firstly, do you recall sometime back, I was prattling on about our tea room (I call it OUR tea room because each of you that are a patron is the way I am capable of affording a tea room, a forever home, retreat centre, etc.) therefore the tea room is OURS? A while back, I spoke about having cute little teapots, teacups and saucers with my illustrations on them. They were for the tea room and upon opening The Carter Settlement, in which I would begin selling in the little country mercantile. When things became blurry, and I placed all those matters on the back burner, I also abandoned that notion for a moment; well, now we're back in action, my fruits.
Thusly I decided to contact my source, a lovely, charming fine China bespoke company in England, and we are proceeding to have tea sets with my little illustrated characters on them! In an effort to bring you along, I am working on a video showing the process of the exclusive adventure from idea, mock-up design, selections of style, etc. If you're a willing participant, I would love for you to help me choose the particular designs to place on each cup. Again, my videos and unique content are behind a paid wall (click here if you'd love to support us). Thank you so much to the patrons who've already swam aboard. I appreciate you so much.
Where was I, for bloody sake?
Oh yes.
Without further ado, let us get onto another matter, the tea room signage! As I was chattering about our tea room and the opening of the "said' tea room, I thought, oh my, I'm going to take my dear mermaid hearts along with me in the making of the sign too. It is "our" Mrs Threadgoode's English Tea Room, after all. To have a tea room, one must have a logo and a sign for said tea room, correct? Indeed indeed. Therefore whilst you are my dear mermaid hearts, you might want to watch me design the sign, carve it and paint it up all ready to go for the big opening celebration!
How does that sound? Therefore this week, I have begun the recording for a fun video for my sweet dear Patrons.
All of these notions for this week highlight under all four quadrants for 'Obtaining Your Sealegs'. If you're a wee bit confused about the four quadrants, don't be, I'll write and explain them over time at nausea (teehee), and you'll get them in the shake of a lamb's tail. No fretting, my dear hearts.
Do you think the above notions sound fun? I surely hope so, for your engagement is how we have a beautiful Stillwater community. I cannot do this without you, dear friends. Let's plunge right in, shall we?
If you haven't joined our little community as of yet, here's my Patreon link. It is $5.00, and if you feel it's not the right place for you, you can cancel anytime, my darling.

Let us carry on tomorrow, shall we? 

Most affably, yours til my next swim, Lady Rxxx (Razz)

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