I, Too, Am Creating A Tasha Tudor Storybook Life

My dear friends,

Today and yesterday were very good days for me. I was able to look where Sawyer IS, and not where he WAS. When thinking about the souls that are no longer here in a physical sense, oftentimes, it is difficult to make sense of things, for those left behind. The reason is that we have been taught very early on, that there is a separation; when indeed, there is not. I believe, that too many folks dismiss those moments of communicating with their loved ones, because they believe that once physical death has occurred, a limit has also been placed on our communication with the dead. Since my son's passing, I feel as though, the flood gates of communication have opened~widespread. I feel Sawyer ever more present in my life, even more, now than when he was in physical form.

His death is teaching me so much. One most distinctively is that I know to reach him, to be on the same vibrational playing field, as he is now, {just as Source}, It's my responsibility to focus and align myself. It has given me a true direction of absolute knowing, that to hear, feel inspired, or communicate with my son, I have to be in alignment with my inner being.

I collected this book. It comforts me. 
I'm not sure this makes any sense to you, however; it feels so perfect and it makes so much sense to me. I will confess, in those first few weeks, {and I'm sure I'll have more} were most difficult, because I became distracted, with each passing day. When we become distracted in our focus, we tend to let our focus dissipate, which, then causes us to lose our sense of direction. My greatest dream is for us, as a world, to recognize that we are all creating our own reality. I want to continually create my reality, as if, I too, live a storybook life. Let me explain; why I have been thinking about this so much.
A lovely little Victorian book about authorship. 
As many of you know, I have an infinite love for Tasha Tudor. As mad as it sounds, I communicate with Tasha Tudor, regularly, as well as, with many of my spirit guides. Well... last week, I collected two more of Tasha's books, and the DVD called, Take Joy. I play it on repeat, as it makes me feel good, and raises my spirit. I relish in those moments. They make my heart happy.

 Yesterday, As I was tidying up the cottage, I distinctively remember hearing Tasha say she likes to live in a make-believe world. It sounded louder than normal that day. She said, "many folks think that I have put my head in the sand and don't live in reality."

The reason for this striking my core is because Abraham~Hicks/Esther has said that same thing, hundreds of times, in her workshops.
We create our reality. Tasha Tudor has stated many times, "we can choose to look at life with or without rose~coloured glasses. We can choose to see everything terrible or choose to, Take Joy. I choose to Take Joy!" She said, "maybe I'm just fearful of facing the real world. I don't know." I believe indeed, Tasha was, very accurate in her view of the world. No matter what heartache and difficulties she faced in life, she managed to always view her life as a vacation. It's how we choose to see the world. We have the freedom to see it in any way we desire. That makes me very happy, indeed. I know, that's why I have long resonated with Tasha since I was, but a 14-year-old girl. Tasha knew what the real, and true keys to the universe were, and I surely intend to follow, in her 1800's footprints.{smile}

How do you feel about creating a storybook life? Do you believe it's unhealthy? 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. I think we, each of us, creates our own reality. It's unfair to judge, but we are taught so thoroughly to do so that it becomes second nature. (Myself included.) We don't know what others carry within, and if nobody is being hurt by what you believe or like, than why should we judge. It takes a certain kind of bravery to be comfortable with one's self and one's own reality. This is a constant goal of mine also - to be true to me. I am glad to hear you are healing and knowing Sawyer in a new way.
    I hope your day is full of beauty~

    1. I couldn't agree with you more. Thank you... I am trying and that's all I am expecting of myself. Thank you for your constant support. I love you!

  2. I am so sorry for your loss....

    I always admired T.T. for living her life, exactly as she choose. Remarkable.

    The older I get, the less of the world, I want to pay attention to. Oh I did my share, when younger. But now, our health is all that is really important. And to maintain that, I find we have to narrow our view point, to that which is very close to us. Deal with that. Take care of that. Do not spend any time/energy/mind power, on that which is beyond our circle. Certainly now, in later life, this is best, for us.

    There are enough "upsets" right in our small circle. Plenty enough to deal with. -smile-

    And as you say, learn to be comfortable with one's self and one's own reality. It is much easier on the Blood Pressure! -smile-


    1. Thank you dear friend. I agree wholeheartedly. It's so much easier of a life to be in our own lives. I love that type of lifestyle. I am trying to implement it, and hope to accomplish it over time.


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