8 Delightful Ways To Live A Victorian Lifestyle

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My dear friends, 

Did you have a splendid weekend? It was a nice one for the gardener and me. We played in the yard and made it a little game to see if we could finish before the rainstorm set in.

As I've been working through my new blog/website, I have been finetuning it, quite a bit. It's been such a delight to work with colours and fonts. I finally found a theme that has an eCommerce store, which will be ever so beneficial for my goods, services and my bespoken original paintings.

I had another order over the weekend, and I was brought to tears. I told Jeffrey that It's my ever-living dream to make a beautiful blog that many will just love swimming to each day, make my storybooks and sell my little paintings each week. If I sold only 8 a week, I would make over 200 dollars plus a little extra, including my book sales. I think living my life very minimal nowadays, has made it quite easy a transition. It's beautiful for me to remember all the ways I have forever been a homesteader/homemaker. I think that's why I struggled with modern ideas, such as clothing choices, lifestyle, etc. When we don't live our authentic truth, there is an excellent discord within us.
As last week was a bit heavy for me, I thought it'd be joyful to make this post about something that brings me absolute happiness to my core, Victorian Living. Might this be such fun, dear friends!

I thought what I'd do is to go through eight particulars that I have done personally, and let us dive into each one a little for clarity sake. Shall we?

If you'd like to watch my latest video on ye olde youtube channel, here's the link.

8 Delightful Ways To Live Victorian Lifestyle:

Now, this may sound a bit faint at heart; however, I think that when we endeavour such a lifestyle, if we aren't very much in love with ourselves, there's bound to be discord. In regards to those in our environment, I found it to be a bit off-putting at times. No one quite knows what's swirling around in our heads, and so when we decide to make radical lifestyle changes, it can be a bit heavy-laden to those around us. Most notably, our mates, children, even extended family and friends.

When I did this in the past or tried to make small attempts, I would receive constant remarks, which caused me to have feelings of being downtrodden. When we don't genuinely love and approve of ourselves, these type of harsh statements or mental thrashings will make one retreat back into fitting in, by appearing to be customary. I'd love to bring back old~fashioned clothing, such as Tasha Tudor wore and really make a statement in society. I've often thought that when women wear old fashioned, modest clothing, many deem us as religious freaks {not that there's anything wrong with that}. However, have you ever noticed that women that dress retro or vintage never seem to get that same labelling? They seem to be highly favoured as fashion goddesses. I find it unacceptable, no? I happen to love those women who can own their unique style, and be unforgiving about it; revolutionary!

But, again, I will state that vibrational energy cannot be denied. If we are women standing in confidence and really adore and love ourselves, we won't be trifled with.

Now, you may be curious as a cat, to know why this might be one of the ways to live a Victorian lifestyle, but, let me explain a wee bit. I think that all the while I have been transforming my lifestyle, I have learned to be satisfied with the gradual effects. If you're anything like me, once an idea sets in, you go about changing everything, and all at once. The beauty that I now see in being satisfied is to realise that all things take time. We, as human folk, want to see physical manifestations. We are made up to really find the joy in the tangible. Have you ever done that? For instance, you finally decide you'd like to change your wardrobe or change your home decor, and you get rid of everything, buy all new stuff and then quickly realise you don't like the new things you bought. The reason for this is that too often, humans want to skip the process. We want to go straight to the manifestation.

I have now learned that it's the enjoyment of the process. Also, when you take your time, such as, beginning a new lifestyle, you don't forget things, and all the tiny changes mean something extraordinary to you. It's the little details, no? Have you ever noticed that? A prime example for me was how many times I would change my theme and website in the past. I do feel a better hosting will be financially savvy for me. Especially with my new sponsorships and companies, I'm working with and dream of working with. It's taken me almost a year to get my blog the way I have wanted it. It's nice to know I am capable of doing it myself if I have to.

I know all the little details were a beautiful part of the process, as a whole.

I began sewing at the early age of 15. I didn't grow up with a very crafty mother, so I sought women in my church and family that sewed by hand, machine-stitched and smocking skills to teach me. There was always someone willing to share their talents, and that's how I learned. My first project was a quilt. I loved it so much, as I felt there was a sense of freedom in knowing that If I saw something that I liked, I could always sew it myself. I made my clothes, my children's clothes, smocking European outfits, curtains, quilts, pillows, comforters, and all sorts of things. The choices are limitless. Below are some of the patterns that I like using. I think wearing bespoke Victorian clothing indeed solidifies a Victorian lifestyle.

~ Truly Victorian, Folk Wear, Amazon Dry Goods, Historical Sewing, to name a few.

When I dress for the day, I can instantly feel a sense of transcending into that period. It's hard to explain, but when I wear Victorian clothing, I feel 20 feet tall. What do you think? Do you desire to live a truly authentic Victorian lifestyle? I know it's not for everyone, but oh my, how I love it so. Now, don't mistake me for being unrelatable. I know it's impossible to literally live precisely like the Victorians in every aspect. Still, I'm sharing the eight things that improve the voyage of living like a Victorian, such as, Tasha Tudor. Even Tasha Tudor drove a vehicle and cooked on a regular electric stove at times. These are just my artful personal ways that have inspired me.

When I began wearing Victorian clothing every day, {I'm sure somewhere in the back of my chifferobe I have some modern clothes still lingering about} I remained practical. Which means that I kept all my fashionable clothes, and just packed them away in cardboard boxes. I figured that if I didn't go in search of something in 6 months, that meant that it was okay for me to part with them, permanently. And, truthfully, when my ex-husband donated almost all of my clothes, it did make it a more effortless adjustment for me. There's not much you can do if you have no choice in the matter. Am I right, ladies? {Heh...} So, all in all, be patient and do it gradually because it can be an adjustment.

Okay, so this is an exciting subject. I know some of you may have restrictions, based on where you live. I remember when I was previously married, I had wanted a rabbit and chickens for years. Look~ I've wanted chickens and rabbits since I was a little girl. Just ask my Momma, she'll tell ya. Anywho, my ex-husband had a significant issue with us having animals, even having dogs was forbidden. He never wanted dogs, but I finally felt like it was time to have a family pet, after 15 years of marriage and never anything, other than a beta fish, I went and bought one, and brought it home. He never let me live it down, but I didn't care at that point, I was wary of not having a pet. That's the exciting thing that I look back now and realise. I literally had to ask like a child for permission to have animals. It sounds ludicrous as I type that, but that just demonstrates to you, how much of a destructive relationship I was in. And, now, how much of a testament I have grown into such a lovely, independent woman. That was the past, so, let's focus on the, NOW. Remember that all the things you desire and dream of having will come to you. Be satisfied in the now, but eager for more. Make a list of the animals you dream of having, and then begin scripting how you desire your life to be. Often, it's merely putting the desire out into the universe, and then allowing the world to send it to you.

The beautiful thing about living in the 20th century is that we have Amazon, and almost any Victorian book that you want to own, you can find it on Amazon. I have prime and always try to find books that are gently loved/used. The prices are very reasonable. Another place you can find inexpensive books is at your local library. Most public libraries have a little store where folks donate books, and you can find them for pennies. And the other place I find my writings are flea markets. I found many of my Victorian books for $.50 to $1.00. Once, I was able to get two big boxes for about 20 dollars. I find that reading books from the Victorian era or earlier is that they wrote and spoke differently. My writing language has changed on my blog, as a result of continual immersion into Victorian literature. Another fun pursuit is to subscribe to channels on youtube that are Oxford English. It is enjoyable to listen to their meanings and dialects. If you think about it in the manner of learning a language, you practice by speaking that way and immersing yourself into that world. It's quite entertaining.

There are so many old fashioned crafts you can take the pursuit of. Not all art is for everyone. I like so many techniques, and as the years have passed, I have gradually cut out television time for a job. I will admit I have a television and I have cable. I rarely if ever watch tv, but I am known to put in a DVD of one of my favourite British dramas. I'll never outgrow those. I have also found that I haven't ever had much time for television when I'm so busy with crafts and daily old fashioned living. If you think about it, anyway, a video has a way of changing the energetic vibration when there's discord playing. I am too focused on my inner being to allow negative momentum to enter my daily activities. What about you? We create our reality. I want my existence to be peaceful, joyful and happy.

I love using the word 'collect' instead of the word 'get'. It's very Victorian British, no? I used to have a gramophone and dream of getting another. I'll list below some of the selections that I play at the cottage. It sets a lovely airy mood. If you don't have surround sound in your home, I suggest picking up one of those little speakers for 5 dollars in the dollar bin at Target.
Spotify {it's free}
Pride and Prejudice, Enya, Gothic Organ, Autumnal hymns, A Happy Victorian Christmas, Jane Austen Soundtracks, 1800's, Victorian Soundtracks, George Davidson, Victorian 1890/ Thomas and Lucille Songs, Claude Debussy. I'm sure there's many more. I do like Celtic music, too. Can you think of any to add to my list?

I have found that shopping at these type of places instead of the chain department stores allows for much more creativity. You can really develop a personal Victorian style. There's always something lovely and old in these places. The gardener and I will spend hours just browsing. We seem to always find a little something that is of interest. It could be as simple as a wicker basket, or a brass candlestick. I have found that thinking as if we lived in the olden days really inspires the imagination. I always keep this in mind: What would the Victorians have used in place of this? It works every time.

I surely hope that this was a pleasing post. I had such a lovely time preparing it for you. 

Most affably yours til' my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. I love the quality of items made during the Victorian era. A quick funny~ a dear friend of mine who has now passed, once said that she was visiting with her gma and commented how beautiful the V. era must have been which was her gma's young adult years. Her gma replied, "It stank!" She then followed it up with, "People didn't bathe like they do now, and they wore all those layers of clothes, if you were at a dinner party with all those people crammed in a room, it stank!" We always laughed and agreed we were born in the right time so there was someone to appreciate that era:-)

    1. Oh my! I do too. I was at Walmart today returning an item, and I ventured down to the storage and organizing department, and thought to myself, there's so much plastic. I remember there used to be glass, and real wood. Not fiberboard and pressed wood. I was appreciative of the thrift stores and flea markets, so that I am able to find good, well made pieces of furniture. That is a funny story. I think of how much lavender those ladies must have stuffed in their corsets and pantaloons. Ha!

  2. You have a lovely blog now. But if designing another, feels right to you, by all means, do it. -smile- I have so much fun, with how-my-blog-looks. I wish more people could have the same fun, with theirs. And you are doing so.

    I would love to wear long skirts, etc. Love, love, love to. Have even gotten some. But sadly, my present shape, does not look good in them. I was always short, and have added weight, so that I am now a short, Apple shape. And such, do not look good, in long, rather full skirts. -sigh-

    Just saying, I understand your desire, for such, of old.

    But that remark, about how "They stank" is logical too. How could they not? We do tend to
    romanticize the past. -smile-


    1. Indeed, I do love my blog now. I won't be changing much to the layout and the design, but just a few things that will make it easier to navigate. I also will be changing the hosting. Thank you for your compliment on my blog design. Oh my, I should perhaps do a blog post on how to wear the clothes we desire, even when our shapes and all sizes. I would dare never want you to feel you couldn't wear what you love love. I think I have a job to do. That will be fun talking about the ways clothes and such transfer our spirits and lives. This will be such excitement. Yes, wasn't that comment funny?

  3. Very educating story, saved your site for hopes to read more! ´óÛÖ±²¥£º


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