Monday, April 27, 2020

During A Pandemic Of Any KInd, A Survival Safety Net Is Essential

I’m not going to say it's not difficult for many, many folks. Look, I’m not the one to judge how another is handling lockdown or this pandemic. But in comparison to having your child murdered, well, yeah, an epidemic isn’t much of a catastrophic event from my perspective. And no, I’m not going to refrain from saying I feel this way, neither. I'm bullish that way. Whereas, I read daily of bloggers apologising profusely about their feelings on the virus and where some are continually complaining about dumb shit. Yes, I will be the one to say it. DUMB SHIT.  The complaining I cannot tolerate, but that's just me. I refuse to complain, for no other reason than It sounds whiney and victim-like, and those two things I am not! But that's just me. I've already told you that I have a lack of empathy nowadays, and {that's my own set of issues, not anyone else's... so yeah, let's get on.}

One of my assignments for learning a new language {I’m learning British English} is that I’m to find YouTubers with similar interests, that speak British. As I was searching YouTube, I clicked onto a gals' page, and her first video was of her rattling on about how she was knackered from being judged for her desire to be productive and still trying to work during the pandemic. She was advising her subscribers that they should do what makes them happy. I agree with her, rightly so.  Even, although,  I’ve noticed this is the upshot of allowing the opinions of others to invade her thoughts. Whereas she is choosing to be happy during a crisis, but now, also starting to fold under the pressure of folks {her followers/subscribers} judging her—exhibit a, of never being able to please the whole world. Honestly, she is like so many people. What many social media influencers do over time, and as their popularity increases, they begin to allow the approval of others to influence their belief in themself. I so wish I could tell them to never, ever drink the kool-aid. That means that even when they are loved and fawned over, never let that become the truth in their heart.

This type of judgement is another reason that whilst attempting to build a career, {and look, I get it, I’m by no means an influencer. I’ve never aimed for that in the first place, let's remember I’m 48, not 28},  I don't like the aspect of others becoming reliant on me to buoy them up. What I now understand about myself is that when you {, I mean, someone. Not literally you, per se) are a leader or authority figure, it deters folks from self-reliance. They begin relying on another person to be their advocate. Influencers, speakers, and motivational people start a career online and blow up, which is lovely. Especially when I see women achieving such goals, however, what it does is attract needy people. Folks begin to look to the influencer to advocate for them instead of themselves being the advocate.

I know it’s useful to see others and that they inspire and encourage one another, but more times than not, I see the influencer begin to take on the entire needs of their "fans." So the whole idea becomes the student looking to the influencer for every move. Have you ever noticed when this happens? The masses all lineup and then it becomes everybody’s listening to this person, or that podcast, buying that particular book or taking that specific seminar. Which, as I stated, is excellent, but that influencer is not going to be there for every move. The influencer can not possibly do it all, but they actually start to get hyped up on the fame, and it goes to their head, too. So both parties are actually attracting each other. It's the law of attraction clearly at work. After years of having a YouTube channel and social media, I came to see for myself that I like the independence of doing things of my own accord. But for the lion's share of the world, people slog in droves. That’s why most famous artists, authors or brilliant thinkers don’t become famous until after their death.

“It’s never crowded on the leading edge of thought.” ~Abraham Hicks

It's considerable to have friends online, don't misunderstand me. Do I like sharing posts and fun things on social media, yes, obviously or I wouldn’t do any of it, but I certainly am not investing the entirety of my life into it? I see so many women that are now extremely popular, that have blown up and truthfully, that kind of attention will not last. Why? Because humans are capricious. Once again, this is me observing from the perspective of an endgame. That’s not to say someone won’t have a significant following. But have you looked and seen the many folks going mad?  Because many of them were using social media to hawk products. I can see some of them; celebrities included that is absolutely tone-deaf, derivative of fear and how they are going to make a living. Of course, we all want to be quids in, but at what cost?  Most people right now have been distracted with genuine stuff. Folks are turning their attention to things such as planting a garden, reading, and self-care books, etc.? Yeah, real-life shit.

The world won’t care about any sort of e-course or skincare regime when the mere survival as a nation is on the opposite end of that stick. Also, this is another thing I additionally learned whilst going through my divorce. When I experienced being absolutely skint, when I first left my marriage, anything that was not for sheer survival was pushed to the back burner. Hell, most was shoved in the rubbage pile. Who are we kidding here? Almost nothing matters when we’re talking life and death, emotional trauma, or health. No longer is that stuff necessary.

One of the main reasons I founded my non-profit was to teach young folks to rely on themselves emotionally, but most importantly, to be self-sufficient in all ways. Because self-reliance is, like I said many times, the ability to survive but not only survive but to THRIVE in times of occurrences such as a COVID-19.

Am I making sense here? When I concluded to get to the brass tact’s, there wasn’t any lip kit {that was probably a pants example because I’d never buy a lip kit, but you know what I mean}, that was tickling my fancy. There’s no amount of diary, podcast, or bomber onesie that I’m interested in when a pandemic {life devastation} is present. I was in survival mode. That involved making sure I had food and shelter: food and shelter! And to be truthful, it wasn’t even about how I was going to bring in an income because I was having a mental crisis. So my folk's couch was my only companion while I worked through a massive event taking place in my life at that time. So, no, long story short, this pandemic isn’t a tremendous life-changing experience for me. However, that’s not why I’m writing this. I’m not going to say it’s not extreme for much of the world, because in fact, this pandemic is the devastating factor for many folks.

In contrast, they may experience an epidemic but not ever experience losing their child, to murder. Am I comparing the two? Yes, I sort of am. I can only compare my experience to what I've gone through. It's natural to do so. We all are going through this experience, but undoubtedly it has an impact and effects in many different ways for everyone. It’s a much more catastrophic event for some more so than others. Isn’t that the name of the game in life? We all have to experience things for ourselves to grasp a paradigm shift. It's just a universal fact.

”Words don't teach; only experience does.”-Abraham Hicks
What matters each day is how we allow our life experiences to impact us. Are we going to learn something profound or change and grow from it? I am an optimistic woman, and I know with a surety it will bring about many beautiful things. I am sure of it.

"I dwell in possibility."~Emily Dickenson 

I don’t know about you, but what I’ve learned thus far, is that while the peanut gallery had tried to convince me for years of being old fashioned, I was actually behind the eight ball, all along. I was being set up by my higher consciousness. But to others, I read too much, spent my time doing dumb things, like sewing, teaching my children to garden, scouting, how to live off of the land, inspiring and building their self-confidence. I listened to my mermaid inner being, and it has served me well. Now, who's the asshat? Errr...

So, my message in a bottle for you is that no matter what anyone says, to you, {and that includes me}, ignore everyone and always, follow your heart! Always! It'll never lead you wrongly.

Do you have anything to add?

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

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