The Truth Behind Why Johnny Depp Joined Instagram {According To Me}

If you've read this blog at any length, I needn't notify you of my one-sided connection with Johnny Depp. {Now, hold up. That sounds like Stalkerville, and that's not what I meant. Let me back up and begin again. I have always felt kindred emotions towards him. I'm quite sure It does not run both ways. The closest I ever was to Johnny was when he was on a Pirates of the Caribbean junket, and my ex-mate asked him to say “Hello Raquel” to me, which he did against his management requirements for press. I wish I knew what happened to that DVD. It's most likely in a landfill somewhere. I finally figured out one reason (I'm sure there are many) why I'm so captivated by him. My mama and I were prattling about it yesterday, and I think It's because “he reminds me of me”, {Doc Holiday in Tombstone describing Johnny Ringo} as well as my son Sawyer.
A spirited being, often misunderstood, loves music more than anything, eccentric, has a rebellious free will, for the most part, doesn't care what others think of him and has a neverending need to try and fix/rescue others/women. {Those are not all of the reasons, nonetheless I am attempting to keep this post under 2000 words. Err...}

Remember how many times I've said that I would always attract men that needed rescuing? I unconsciously did that many times because I longed to be saved. It's called mirroring, and every single person in the world does it.

I've heard all about the celebrities that have for many years ignored social media and have foregone joining. I suppose It's their attempt not to jump on the bandwagon of following the herd, so to speak. There's not many of them left that aren't on social media; I think for the most part a lot of them 'caved' under pressure, or maybe it was they felt FOMO {fear of missing out.} 

When I discovered last week that Johnny had joined Instagram, at long last, I was thinking back in February when I did another post about him, of how much I wish he were on some kind of social media. He's very ungetatable {yeah, that's a word, I just made it up}, but then again that is why I also like him, he's even more mysterious when he not attainable. Ya know? I like a mysterious lad. Now, all of this sounds very lust ridden with desires ripped from the pages of a romantic novel, but no, it's actually just a gal that likes a guy in the most brotherly sisterly kind of way. That's it folks—nothing to see here. Keep it movin’...

But back to the reason, in my opinion, that Johnny got an Instagram account. Besides, yes, there is a pandemic happening and where I think that may have something to do with it, I think It's a tiny thing to do with it. My suspicions tell me that he's been advised by someone on his team to get out ahead of the drama and his lawsuit against Amber Heard. While she's been out slandering and having a go at him every time we turn around, Johnny always stayed quiet. Until now. Because, well... he's a gentleman, but when dealing with a beast such as the one he's dealing with, this is a whole other animal, {and by animal I mean, we're not speaking of the sweet, docile elephants that Johnny so acutely loves}. He knows the lengths she will go to in an attempt to destroy him personally and professionally. He can no longer stay behind the scarlet velvet roped curtain and turn a blind eye because we all know how she's got a poker face. I have nothing against Amber; however, I have seen women like this many times. All signs point to her using Johnny for a come up. Like I always say, and something my momma taught me since childhood, " The cream always rises to the top, just give it a minute." 

I have a sneaking suspicion though that very soon we'll be saying, ”Here’s Johnny” and the colonel will come out of this clenching a ”Texas Holdem” flush! 

Attaboy, Johnny! 

Do you think Johnny joined Instagram because of the coronavirus like many are saying or for other reasons? I'm curious. 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


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