Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Carter's Cottage Loo Renovations, Ole' Homestead Updates And Books

Good morning, dear mermaid hearts,

I've made a cup of pumpkin spice with a dollop of cremé. It's delicious and will give me the wind-up energy this bygone mermaid requires to accomplish such landlocked duties. Human folk are quite extraordinary in that they enjoy dressing up their coves. It's, by all means, a new sensation for me. Although I am 251 years olde,' I remain in the adaptation mode of adjusting to my sea legs. Teehee…

I had been feeling slightly melancholy with congestion, dizziness, depressing thoughts and fatigue. I began making an effort in trying to pin down one thing or another, and I think I've discovered what it is: mould in the cottage. There will be more investigating, and I may be jumping to conclusions like a Jack in the Box; however, I'll keep you updated as I slowly uncover more details. My dad is having a looksie, and I will know more in a little while. Wouldn't it be hysterical If that is the way I manifest the cottage roof replaced to a 12/12 roof pitch? I know the Universe/God has a wicked sense of humour, and I wouldn't put past the Collective to make such a move. Remember when I spoke about how I was able to obtain my manifestation of the removal of the mauve carpet in Staffordshire Cottage? You can read the post here, as it's a lovely perspective on manifestation and having faith.

Do you recollect when I spoke about renovating my parent's little cottage guest bathroom?

Well, it is coming along quite well also, but I must admit it's taking me longer than I expected, but that is due to my fatigue, so perhaps now that there may be a reason for my tiredness, we shall get on and finish it up soon. 
This is a charming notion that I will be using as inspiration for the flooring in the bathroom renovation. 
Hold up, darlings. I must explain something before I get on. I want to clarify what's what and where's who because when I speak of this cottage, that bathroom, Scarlette Rose Cottage, Carter's Cottage, etc.. I do realise it may be a bit confusing. Not that you necessarily care one whit, but for some of you who may appreciate elucidating, I will commence. 

Who wouldn't be? Pisces are notorious for zany notions. First off, I name nearly every home a cottage. You know, how they do in England. Did you know Prince William and Princess Kate call their home a cottage, even though it's enormous? For the most part, It's the English way and because I love everything English, there you have it.


So here it goes. 

The Carter's Cottage (aka the Ole' Homestead Place) is my parent's home, which they bought from my father's mother. Everyone called her Memaw, and she lived here with my folks until her passing. My grandfather passed when my dad was 16. My grandmother had a lifetime estate here with my mum and dad. If you're like my best friend Patti Anne, you like to know what the person looks like when speaking of those I'm talking about. Therefore, here's a photo of my Memaw and my grandfather Carter. 

I've been working on the bath and hopefully entice you enough to sign up for Patreon to see the results. 

As many of you know that have been following me for years, I moved in with my parents whilst I proceeded with my divorce bill. Well, in my parent's home (which is called the Carter's Cottage, aka thee ole' homestead place), the bathroom had never seen the likes of a remodel, maybe a lick of paint on the walls, but that was about the extent of it. The house was built in 1958, I believe. I was tired of looking at the same ole' ceiling tile, upside-down trim moulding and outdated terrazzo floors. I remain stupefied that terrazzo floors have come back into style. However, because my folks have given me full reign to utilise my interior design degree, I sketched, dreamed and spent numerous amounts of time trying as much as possible to throw back the bathroom to the Victorian era. Now, mind you, because it is my folk's home, I had to adjust some aspects as my mum was uncompromising and said she must have some modern notions left untouched. I also will clarify that until Jeffrey Shawn and I move along, we have to leave the original cast iron tub in place. Although my dream is to one day put a claw foot tub in, that'll have to wait until another juncture convenes. In the meantime, I plan to use a white colour kit to give it a lick of paint. I hope you'll be curious enough to sign up for my Patreon to see the final reveal of the bathroom. It's coming along brilliantly. 

Oh my, let me tell you about books! Today, this isn't about my books. Well, the one thing I will tell you about my book is that in October, the release of The Tale of the Christmas Bunnies will be released, and I'm thrilled beyond measure.
However, let me get on about a sweet English woman that I was introduced to named Miranda Mills. She has a monthly newsletter, and she recommends books for each month. I've never come across someone who has the same reading likeness except for my dear Patti Anne. I love the recommendations.

I've not read any yet, as I've always dug my heels in for outstanding nonfiction except for children's books, such as Little House on the Prairie, Little Women, etc. Yet, this year is the time for changes in my alchemy, so upward and onward, it's time to expand my literature selections. 
Here is the list of books I ordered online. They have yet to arrive, so I thought I'd share Mirandas's list. She also has a lovely YouTube channel that I feel confident you'll adapt to in the Shake of a Lamb's Tail.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Razz

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