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Monday, January 31, 2022

Hello dear friends,

Do you ever come across something someone wrote on their social media post and think to yourself, hey, I think that's a little side dig at me? Whether it's true or not, I know I create my reality, so regardless of the post being intentional wouldn't really matter, would it?

Or I'm just doggone crazy in the noodle, which, let's face it, you're probably right on that score too.

Okay, now that I've got that random thought outta my head, let me bore you to tears with everything I thought about and did over the weekend. Shall we?

Mrs Carter's Opportunities Come Calling And Saucy Flirts

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Good day, dear friends,

Are you having a happy and fulfilled day thus far? I made a small pot of jubilee tea, biscuits with homemade clotted cream and homemade strawberry preserves. Last week I picked 20 pounds of strawberries at the farmstead ranch (remember I was on Fox News). Did you see part 2 of my video on ye olde YouTube (channel: Raquel Margaret Carter) where I cooked and canned the strawberries? The little videos I've been making have been "Take Joy" moments, and I've relished in curating them. On Instagram, I'm incorporating (Beyond the Page) where I go live and chat with my sweet friends over there. It's lovely, and I would be tickled if you came to call too. If you enjoy our old-fashioned way of ye olde blog and would like to stick with that method, I've also managed to cover that score. As you see, I've embedded the videos here on ye olde blog (all of the highlighted blue words are links).

I hope you enjoyed my post on Stillwater. Since that post, I've been curating little calendar dates and focusing on old and newly reimagined traditions each month. Today, I began sketching up the calendar, and I'm starting with the month of April (no fretting, I'll have a whole year). I'll start chucking those events into the blog, so you can download the calendars to print and have all your little nittens in one place. They'll be all sorts of ideas and celebratory days. I'm tickled conch shell pink to begin having small gatherings in honour of Stillwater Society (our petticoat philosophy). This year April is a big month because of Sawyers book launch, in which I plan to make a real go of it. So it will stand in future as well; whenever one of my books release, those months will be most notably a more significant event. But not to fret, I'll have all of this here on the blog in detail so we can celebrate each month together. It's living and loving the small things in the simple ordinary days of life.

In April, we will have A Victorian Eastertide. I, Mrs Carter, will invite friends over for a backyard procession in the afternoon. The little women will don their hand-sewn dresses and bonnets, and the little gentleman in their 19th-century trousers and braces. It shall be a promise of renewal for all, offerings of hope for the bereaved during the years of reconstruction, picnic lunch on the lawn, Mrs Carter's Hot Cross Buns and olde fashioned amusements. The April celebration will concur with a press release for Sawyers book launch. Those who attend will pay a small pence and collected admission prices will contribute to more gathered celebrations and the erecting of The Carter Settlement.

A few things currently at play; if you've not been watching my YouTube channel, I do believe you're missing out. As I'm just at the genesis stages, I've created a few things to coincide with my authorship, artistry and Victorian lifestyle. Do you know the channel on YouTube where Mrs Crocombe/ The Victorian Way cooks and explains all things, Victorian? Whereas I think it's a dandy series, I wanted to play on that narrative but create 'quite literally' a real version like myself, living out a Victorian portrayal of life. I will focus on my Victorian lifestyle, my authorship and my artistry. All things Victorian clutched into one. How refreshing. Swim on over if you'd like to have a little natter with me. In this latest video of IG live, I speak on The Tale of Sawyer Lamb, Beyond The Page, and more about Stillwater®️ Petticoat Philosophy.

On the weekdays, I have been spending my time mainly on illustrations for The Tale of Sawyer Lamb, writing, researching and, of course, reading. My novel (Deceit and Dissension) is fierce with the quantity of research that's getting on, rather fun, no less. I also outlined my autobiography (The Little Mermaid's Transformational Tale). I will be publishing several books this year, and I feel so utterly appreciative that I'm on this current momentum. The post She loves me, She Loves Me Not really created a humming effect for my blog stats. Again, just as the Stillwater post went through the roof, so did the friendship one. I had several ladies in my hometown text and (direct message) me on Instagram. I've made plans for tea at The Tilted Tea Cup (our local tea room) and have gone to tea with two of the ladies last week. I also met two on different days at our local pub for a bite to eat. Genuinely, I feel all things are falling into place with Stillwater and the little grassroots society we're creating here in our little village. I believe it will be a vast success, and I can't wait to see all the changes occurring.

Do you recall the 19th-century British novel I'm currently writing; Deceit and Dissension? I've been crafting my outline around my protagonist Elizabeth Margaret Robins and organising my narrative. I've been reading copious amounts of books about the royals, mainly about Princess Margaret currently. The reason being, as you may recall, she had a near-decade ongoing affair with Roddy Llewellyn, the landscape gardener. Oh my, how telling. I believe this affair is showcased on The Crown. Unfortunately, I haven't watched The Crown, have any of you? Should I order the streaming service? I've been reading a few secondary sources: Princess Margaret and Lady in Waiting.

(A little history: When her long-standing affair with Roddy Llewellyn, a landscape gardener 17 years her junior, was exposed in 1976, she lost public sympathy, and her volatile marriage finally ended in 1978, the first divorce in the British royal family in 400 years.)

At the weekends, I've been working on organising Jeffrey Shawn and my belongings into plastic container bins. Then, when it comes time for him and me to get on, we'll be ready in a jiff.

Here's one of the books I have taken to reading, and It's quite lovely.

I hope your weekend is splendid and I'll see you tomorrow.
Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

Stillwater® - The Reawakening And Reimagining Of A Petticoat Philosophy

Sunday, January 16, 2022

[Attention: This post requires forward knowledge and tender insight into conscious fashioning and spirituality. If all hands are on deck, let us begin, dear friends. I am so pleased you are here.]

[Stillwater® Petticoat Philosophy is Registered Copyright and Trademarked protected by creator Mrs Raquel M. Carter. All Rights Reserved.]

Stillwater® ~The Past Asks Only To Be Remembered

"There were four main areas in which celebrations, traditions, and rituals played a part in Victorian life. First, in the art of daily domestic living; second, through rites of passage such as birthdays, baptisms, weddings and funerals; third, by annual customs revolving around calendar and religious holidays; and fourth, pastimes associated with the four seasons."-Sarah Ban Breathnach

The Victorians underwent strains of strenuous technological change, which affected almost every aspect of nineteenth-century family life. I finally awoke with the realisation that the movement I have been prattling on about for decades is of infinite importance to resurrect. 
A spot where women could feel a part of something, but my differentiation is the ladies are not required to belong to a religious sect. I have only delightful things to say about my dear friends of faith; however, I want inclusivity with ease of acceptance. I think similarly to Tasha Tudor as we both possess a pantheistic approach to religion.

I have always pined for my unfulfilled dream. Which is a spot where ladies love the portrayal of victorian life, family traits, motherhood, friendship, tea parties, encouragement, spirituality and the pursuit of domestic bliss as an art form.

After meditative reflection yesterday, I received an esoteric visit from our dear ole' sea captain's wife, the spirit of Tasha Tudor. Whereas Tasha passed in 2008, souls do, in fact, have lives of infinity. If we believe we can communicate from beyond the veil, it will be so. Most Christianity speaks to a faceless God; if you contemplate that, it is quite similar.

I have received beautiful messages from many ladies around this beautiful blue marble about having a particular spot for women of similarities, which warms my heart deeply.

I had not given much more contemplation of a spot for ladies as it wasn't at the forefront of my mind until last week. A dear young mother (perhaps in her mid-thirties) popped up to me as I sauntered across the car park. I was dressed in my Tasha Tudor frock, scarf, bonnet, petticoat, with a willow basket in hand. For me, It was an ordinary day. However, it looked as If I was a creature from a lost world to this sweet lady. She stalled me, and we spoke for several minutes about my clothing, a spot for like-minded ladies, and so forth. Again, women often impart this bit of knowledge to me. After we exchanged pleasantries, I completed my shopping and mosied on home.

When I returned to my folk's cottage, I recanted to my mum that it had occurred again. At least a dozen times a week, when I'm out and about, folks seem to be fascinated with my lifestyle and attire. Suppose my small town of 8,100 people gives me such pleasure and forlorn reactions that must mean there's a vast undercurrent for something extraordinary. A revolution has come to shore, ladies. It's beautiful, and we're just the one's to gently guide it forward with confidence and delight.

I went about my quotidian tasks as usual. I lit a candle, made a cup of tea, and began sketching. I was drawing and then softly felt an impression. The carrying that I experience handles like a faint prod. I placed my pencil down and allowed consciousness to impart information. I know when the receptive mode is present, and also, I know which spirit guide is impressive. It was clearly Tasha Tudor.
"No need to reinvent the wheel, my dear; simply revive my religion of Stillwater. It's a lovely name, most especially for a dear mermaid like you. It'll work quite nicely for what you'd like to achieve, and my, what a delight! Dressing up, garden and tea parties and might I put in a word that olde marionette show or a big celebrated theme of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" be put into effect. I never got to see that come about, you know." (My message from Tasha Tudor about Stillwater, Wednesday, January 12, 2022.)
I wrote the letter in my diary for later reference and safekeeping. Authors are very organised record keepers, as you might have guessed. After receiving Tasha's impressionable message, I went about my morning schedule as usual. Then, while tending the chickens, a windfall of ideas came rushing upon me. Tasha had bestowed upon me another gift. You see, Tasha was an enthusiast of life, just as I am. All things are possible. If one simply chooses to believe. Just believe in whatever you choose to believe, and it will come true. But, of course, one must have faith, for dreams require trust in the unseen until they become seen. A dream will only demonstrate itself if faith precedes. a time lacking in truth and certainty and filled with anguish and despair, no woman should be shamefaced in attempting to give back to the world, through her work, a portion of its lost heart.-Louise Bogan

The innocence of heart and violence of feeling is necessary for any kind of superior achievement: The arts cannot exist without them.-Louise Bogan

At Home With Mrs Carter
If I can be a bit pertinent, might I ask? Are you pleased with your family and personal life? If you're incapable of replying with a cheerful yes, well, then, dear friend, welcome home to olde-fashioned measures that I've curated most especially for you.
The Pursuit Of Happiness And The Mortar Of Loving Memories

Although I was born in modern life in the year 1972, I have had a forlornness to return to the past, even as a small child. Since birth, I have had a spirit otherworldly. As if I've lived many lifetimes, and my heart perpetually longs for the olde days of the Victorian era.

I was first a mother at the young age of twenty. I bore all four of my beautiful children before the age of twenty-seven. As time passed with hastening, I made vast endeavours to implement life's simple pleasures for my dear little cherubs. In the 19th century, folks lives were held traditions and celebrations with a cherished savouring. I used my lot in life to reimagine all those happy moments for my then family. Now it does my heart well to continue imparting these homegrown customs and celebrations with you.
Although my treasured children have all flown from the nest, my pursuit of happiness and devoted attention continues as I pass on sentiments of comfort and security. So let us not haul out our traditions as if they're family fossil fuels and no longer needed.
For The Doubtful Among Us
"I dwell in Optimism." -Raquel M. Carter

I am forever an optimist. I taught my children through inventive measures to appreciate the simple pleasures and pastimes of yesteryears. As my children have grown to adulthood, they continue to reminisce on the accessible amusement they found as children through the pleasurable activities I curated. As a mother, the power to amuse came from my inventive necessity and a pure curiosity for life.
Stillwater- A Drift Of The Past That Inspires

Dear friend, may you take a deep sigh of relief and be of good cheer. Then, follow me to the cottage where the kettle whistles and tea is made to warm your heart.
The World Shall Attempt To Lure Her Away
Whether one admits to it or not, the novelty of a world of work and entertainment might be quite alluring to the home-centred mother of curation. 

I found that often I felt torn as a home-centred curator. As an onlooker watching my petticoated friends enjoy the world of validation through employment and the appeal of pay, my web of insecurity grew. 
However, as time passed, I knew better for the demands of a career extracts a high price. I was raised by a home-centred mother. The attacks on the nervous system and the burden of guilt would be too much for my heart to take. The allure of wages from outside employment was never a topic of conversation. I secured those boundaries with my partner long before our business of life.

I have been forthcoming with you, dear friends; my children's father and I became estranged, and I filed a bill of divorce once my youngest child was near school graduation. But, although the events had long cast their shadows in our marriage, I remained committed to myself and my children as a home-centred mother.
My Tale Has a Happy Fairytale Ending

My purpose is to continue offering beautiful advice on making my victorian olde-fashioned petticoat philosophy the highest calling.
What was Stillwater®, according to Tasha Tudor?
"Just for fun, my family invented a religion like the shakers we called Stillwater®. I'm an elderess, and we have a big celebration on Midsummer's Eve. It's really a state of mind. Stillwater® connotes something very peaceful, you see, life without stress. Nowadays, people are so jeezled up. If they took chamomile tea and spent more time rocking on the porch in the evening listening to the liquid song of the hermit thrush, they might enjoy life more. It all started because we knew the Shakers at Canterbury Village, New Hampshire, when we lived nearby. They used to come and have tea, and we'd exchange cuttings. I loved their frocks and things, and I was especially fond of one of them, Sister Alice, who kept bees. We really invented our Stillwater® belief so we could have a party out in the barn on Midsummer's Eve. It didn't amount to much religion except for a good dance and lots of delicious things to eat. Stillwater® believers are very hedonistic. Life is to be enjoyed, not saddled with. Do you know that lovely quotation from Fra Giovanni? He was an old monk from away back who wrote to his patron, The gloom of the world is but a shadow; behind it, yet within our reach is joy. Take Joy." That's the first commandment of the Stillwater® religion. Joy is there for the taking. Some people are born pessimists, and some are born optimists. I'm definitely an optimist." (The Private World of Tasha Tudor, By Tasha Tudor and Richard Brown, pg.60)

"Now is the high tide of the year,
and whatever if life hath ebbed away
comes flooding back with a ripply cheer,
into every bare inlet and creek and bay;
Now the heart is so full that a drop over-fills it;
we are happy now because God wills it..."
                               -James Russell Lowell

The version simplified, which Tasha Tudor quoted infamously, "Take Joy."
I salute you! There is nothing I can give you
which you have not;
but there is much that while I cannot give,
you can take.
No heaven can come to us
unless our hearts find rest in it today.
Take Heaven.
No peace lies in the future, which is not hidden in this present instant.
Take Peace.
The gloom of the world
is but a shadow,
behind it, yet, within our reach,
is joy.
Take Joy.
And so, at this Christmas time,
I greet you,
with the prayer that for you,
now and forever, the day breaks
and the shadows flee away.

[Stillwater® Petticoat Philosophy is Registered Copyright and Trademarked protected by creator Raquel M. Carter. All Rights Reserved.]
Contents for Stillwater® will combine with gathered events held at The Carter Settlement. They will consist of ceremonials for common days, rituals, the art of domestic bliss and the joys and comforts of seasonal pastimes and philosophical retreats with open discussions on Lady Raquel's spiritual teachings (based off of her authored books). In addition, a yearly calendar and schedule of gatherings will be available here in the ye olde logbook and all aspects of information that entail the Stillwater® Petticoat Philosophy.
I would not have the strength to commence this movement were it not for the courage and guidance of spiritual mentors. So it will be with helping hands, warm hearts, generous monetary gifts in kind and brilliant minds to assist me in this endeavour.

My sincerest appreciation, Mrs Carter

To become a part of the Stillwater® Petticoat Philosophy, please sign up for our lovely newsletter. 

[Stillwater® Petticoat Philosophy is Registered Copyright and Trademarked protected by creator Raquel M. Carter. All Rights Reserved.]

{Secondary sources and for quoted credits -Mrs. Sharp's Traditions, pages 19, 21, 23, 35, etc. From the author of Simple Abundance} 

Sad Eyes, You Knew There'd Come A Day (Shes Loves Me, She Loves Me Not)

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Jane Austen wrote so beautifully for her character Mr Darcy, "Are you so severe on your sex?" I'd have to say YES, a resounding YES! I'm severe on ladies (and my dear friends) because in a declaration to change this beautiful blue marble, we must allow a crack to open in our chests. This is how the light gets in and how we heal. It's essential to grow from experiences. I'm no longer the woman who buries my feelings. I'm going to bring them to light, and then we shall get on. How the cookie crumbles are how it crumbles. I will lay my head down and sleep like a top. I've lost a child, so I know life is too short for us as ladies to keep playing out our trauma on the world around us. It does no one good to keep participating in this type of dysfunction. The buck stops here. We, as women, must do better. I want to layout this post as a teaching moment. I must explain the many ways women's trauma continues to out picture if one does not internally heal.

Victorian Britain, Household Management And An Ode To Olde Fashioned Marriage (According To Me)

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Hello dear friends, 

I'm going to prattle on about (my) nuanced non-ecclesiastical Victorian version of housewifery minus the engrained subtlety of suffrage. I remain old-fashioned and dignified as a lady with manners, self-confidence and (as Mary from Downton Abbey often said) "knowing her own mind". If that sounds like your cup of tea, well then, you've stepped to the appropriate spot. This will not be a post about how we must remain subjective to our husbands, downtrodden, and subservient. If you choose to be this way, that is perfectly wonderful (as a somewhat startling confession, I was this way for decades with my previous husband), and I would never scornfully judge you for how you choose to live your life.

Beyond The Page And Scatterbrained

Friday, January 7, 2022

"Become so good they can't ignore you."

The title of this post is something you'll be hearing more of soon. It's a segment I created for when I write my books, and well, it's what it sounds like; I pop "Beyond the Page." I explain the book's inspirational content, locations, characters, book concept, why and how I came up with an idea, etc. It's amazing! I've done a few little segment reels on my Instagram. Still, I feel it will be more valuable if I embed the YouTube videos here on ye olde blog as it's the mothership of my brand. So stay tuned for those fun videos. I have been squaring up my online material to narrow my niche so that everything is about my authorship, artistry (and victorian lifestyle), of course. I spent nearly (5 hours) archiving my YouTube channel videos two fortnights ago. I archived everything that wasn't about my authorship or artistry. The self-development material that I teach is to be written into a book where folks can purchase. At this stage, I'm remaining laser-focused on my career.

Chinsegut Hill, Highclere Castle, and Acton Scott All Have Struggled To Remain Afloat And Here Are My 3 Solutions Historical Museums Must Possess To Remain Prosperous

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

I haven't written about my experience as a curator for historic preservation until now. When I first began volunteering as a record keeper, I was in my early twenties. Just yesterday, I read an article in The Guardian which further piqued my interest in prattling on about a subject close to my heart; Historic Preservation. Since I've had many experiences, I thought I'd write a lead-in post for ye olde blog. In 2020 I petitioned the Board of County Commissioners (in my hometown of Brooksville, Florida) for the opportunity to become the curator/owner of Chinsegut Hill.