Friday, March 24, 2023

A New Story, The Tale of Molly Kitten, Bits Bobs And How Our Childhood Creates Our Beliefs

Yesterday I worked in the garden a little and planted our Confederate jasmine on the iron trellis my dad welded many years ago. It will be the perfect arch for Zoë Kennedy and Ethan to exchange vows under (they are excited to be married at Zoë Kennedy’s grandparent's home, which I think is quite lovely.) I related to Jeffrey Shawn we must fertilise with vigour the vine so it will stretch accordingly by the time it's wedding bells, for it must be delightfully wonderful and covered in pretty white petals. He thought I'd gone off when I told him I went to Lowe’s to purchase the star jasmine. He quickly reminded me that I should remember he has the authority to purchase everything wholesale and did I forget to sniff my smelling salts. Heh... He then returned to his senses, to which he responded, “Oh, I forget sometimes I am married to a determined redhead and thus stubborn and waits for nothing.” He then kissed my forehead with a little giggle mug upon his face.
On another topic, I've been working up my social skills with the feral kittens that were born in my dad's smithy, and what has occurred is that I had the loveliest idea to write a new little storybook about rejection and abandonment based on these feral kittens. I've often shared on this blog and YouTube about experiences that I have had in life, and understandably, once in childhood, I had two terrible abandonment experiences with a few cats/kittens, which undoubtedly contributed to my belief that everything I love always builds up and then stands to be taken from me. In addition, because of the incidents, I swore off cats my whole life. These upsetting times are why and where we develop disconcerting beliefs in life. Many moons ago, I was determined to innocently manifest a feral cat for the mice issue we were having in the chicken coop; little did I realise I would actually grow sentimental affection for the two kittens born in my dad's smithy. In fact, I didn't know kittens were born in my dad's forge until he made mention one day, whilst sitting on the porch rocking chair upon declaring, “those are the same kittens that were born in my forge.”

May you become aware that when something mortifying transpires, we build up our guard to that experience; not realising the occurrence that took place sets us on a path of imprinting beliefs, whether that be good or bad. It was never about a feline per se; it, in addition to other scenarios, is what placed me on a course of the “feeling” which became a belief. The back story is that I lost my first childhood cat and her kittens. And to keep this post from becoming unsettling, I will simply not say the actual horror of what indeed happened. We, as women and ladies, build resistance and barriers to prevent (or think we're preventing) from ever having to reencounter such distress. It's perfectly comprehendible to acknowledge this is from which our beliefs present themselves. So as to not be hurt again in such a profoundly horrid manner is hence why I rejected kittens and cats from then on forward. In my past, I would echo, I like cats as long as they are someone else's, or clarify I am a dog person. I will say I think today I am generally an animal-loving person, and I like both cats and dogs. My heart's truest nature is I quite fancy and adore all animals, respectively.

Last week I came into my folk's cottage from gardening, and my mum called me Ellie May from the Beverly Hillbillies. I said why is that? (I don't recall watching that television program, in all honesty, I never watched much television, well, with the exception of Little House on the Prairie.) She said because one minute you've made friends with the feral cats, the next minute your toting chickens around and then walking bunny rabbits and dogs on leashes. That was a compliment.

As a little girl, before I wanted to be an author and artist, I wanted to be a veterinarian; I pruned short the desire upon the realisation I would have to euthanise pets and decided that was entirely too emotional for a sensitive little ginger-haired Pisces heart such as mine. I feel very attuned to my higher spirit when animals surround me. And so, might you see that when I write my children's storybooks (written for the young and olde), I make sense of and heal my soul through the books? I am convinced that my books will reach the hearts of children and adults alike. Human folks are much more similar than they are different. I have the mind to reveal I do believe quite a number of folks have incidents when rejection, abandonment and feelings of loss are concerned.

The book is called The Tale of Molly Kitten. Upon petitioning my spirit guide, Beatrix Potter, to conjure up a book title, I was busily watering the garden and instantly felt her telepathically say, look up the nickname of a female kitten. I followed suit and uncovered the female nickname of a kitten is called a Molly! I was unaware, were you? Also, as you may know, I am constantly flattering and on the take with Beatrix’s book titles. Whereas my book is nothing like her book The Tale of Tom Kitten, with regards to a set of naughty kittens bent on destructive disobedience, it is similar as it is written delightfully cheering and of sound English dignification. 
The first page I will share with you: 
The Tale of Molly Kitten

[Once upon a time, there were three little kittens, and their names were Smoky, Molly Mipsy, and Twister.

They had dear little fine coats of fur, deemed village kittens, for they were all born in Mr Lane's smithy and thereafter abandoned with no mother to call their own.]
The one kitten I named Molly Mipsy (has become quite the endearing character whom sleeps outdoors on our rocking chair, purs, and follows me at all times) and the other kittens I named Twister and Smoky. Twister (which may be a boy name to most, yet, she is a girl kitten); however, I make no bones about giving her that name, for she has earned it. She reminded me of a twister in the way she bolts all over with skittish movement and, on one occasion, even hissed at me. She is a bit more spirited, but I like spirited. These kittens have been another way of healing a particular wound I had around abandonment and cats, so, therefore, that is why I am writing another charming little spiritually-laced children's book. To write and create books is so healing for me, and I do believe in my heart of hearts; they will heal millions around this big blue marble. I have had to believe in myself even when no one else has. Do you understand, my dear friends? We, as landlocked mermaids, must be the awe-inspiring heroes for ourselves, and then the world will learn of it.

I do believe it is time for me to fly, and rest assured, we shall have another proper conversation soon. 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Lady raquelxxx

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Time And Tide, Waits For No Man (Embrace Procrastination)

Good morning my dear darling hearts, 
Do you ever have those days when you have high hopes and ambitions to accomplish the list of achievements, yet before you know it, the days gone off, and you did not perform any of those items on your to-do list, but rather you forwarded the 🔜 arrow to the next day and then the next? This semblance, my dear heart is procrastination, and I am here to tell you, I do it, you do it, your favourite celebrities do it, and Claire from Minnesota also does it. However, I have good news on how to combat it if and when the matter comes to call. (Oh, and by the way, Heh...I do not know of a Claire from Minnesota. You know my humour is a wink and a nod, my dear darling hearts.) Procrastination is not a wicked notion; it is, truthfully, your soul's higher self telling you to take it easy and not to do what you think you should be accomplishing at that moment. When we have an unpleasant business to do, we try and go to it when resistance sets in, for we have long been trained out of our higher inner knowing and into ignoring what true procrastination is genuinely about. Our relations and society have taught us that we should be busily occupied in a state of the constant flurry—doing doing doing, and it is creating severely depressed women with their health declining all over the world. Please do not feel badly or take fright when you can't seem to make yourself do this or that task. The art of procrastination is our inner being saying it is the wrong time; procrastination is accurate alignment, and I've spoken about this for years here on ye ole blog. I will continue forthwith as I desire to see women happily engaged in full lives, perfectly sound with some roses in their cheeks. Now that is what decrees "Taking Joy"! I know people in our surroundings will try to make us think poorly of ourselves (as if we're somehow lazy), which is absolute rubbish and farthest from the truth. Here is an example of allowing procrastination to take over and permitting ourselves to sit with our sentiments to work through an inner dilemma. Several years ago, when my beloved husband and I moved into my folk's cottage, I went without an internet device for over a year and a half. I would drive to the local Starbucks or the nearest Mcdonald's and upload things or wait a really lengthy amount of time using a personal hotspot. Mind you; I was perfectly fine with it until one day; no longer a modest thing, I realised it was taking a toll on me with all the manoeuvring of having to leave the house, etc. My mum mentioned that she wouldn't mind putting internet on her cable, and I could pay her each month. That notion worked for several months until I was not too fond of her internet service and felt the price was entirely too high (yes, I know that comment is a limiting money belief, although I no longer live on those scarcity money assumptions, thank goodness, but at that time I did.) Now the normal reaction for someone would be to call another company and have a new service immediately installed, right? No. Throughout my 9-year spiritual voyage, I have learned to allow for ease and flow and not to force anything. I had been in the mindset that day and for several weeks afterwards aggravated about the internet, so if I were to have attempted to push the predicament and make things happen, I would have been in a tremendous skettle of fish. All was well. In another week or so, I was beginning to think about the internet again lovingly, but rather than call up, I would use the law of assumption and manifest cable. My exact petition was I was not only going to get internet, but I was also going to manifest the cable company to come to me. Yes. Bold and unrealistic, right? I manifested they would come straight to my door, I would get an excellent deal monthly, and I would have it installed at rapid speed. Need I say more? Having forgotten all about a survey I half filled out over four months prior, out of the blue, one would say that's why (but I know I manifested it. The universe uses synchronicities, and it's not our place to poke the middle), a man literally walked up to my folk's front door and asked if someone by my name wanted internet installed. I said yes, they made the appointment for the next morning and at ten o'clock am the next day I had internet, at a bargain price as they were holding a special and I also received the next month for free. I see these types of incidents I have all of the time because I care about my alignment. I also understand universal law and everything we think about; we create our reality. I am God. You are God. All of our thoughts create our reality. The issue is most of the world would like to go on a victim tour as if they have no responsibility for anything that is taking place in their lives or what they do; it's always someone else's fault that this or that has happened to them. It matters not whether it is a cable install, a stalled phone call, leaving social media, algorithms, an ex-ill-suited mate, a friend, or a stranger in the local charity shoppe that's rude; it's all our responsibility. What we think about creates our reality. Please allow me to speak to you plainly. If you don't believe me, test it, and you'll see I am correct in what I tell you. At first, it is difficult to accept, but once we move past the initial irritation, we are on a new path to freedom and regaining personal power. Do not allow me to crush your silk, darling. Nothing feels better than knowing everything we experience is our own doing. There is power in creating our world! I promise you, my dear; nothing feels better in all the world than to know you have complete one hundred per cent control over every single solitary thing in your life. It is my joy to see you flourish. 
Once the educated woman is no longer a novelty, in all ways for her, my darling, I believe the world will know what true progress is. 
Please do not fall for the feeling that you must push through procrastination; it is simply not true. It reminds me of when I was a young lass all torn up within and would crucify myself over hot coals because I did not measure up to Sarah Jane from church, who had all of her ducks in a row (or so everyone thought.) I want to share the tale with you; however, my adopted motto is "never complain, never explain." No, in all earnestness, what I am aiming for is a sweet post with dignified counsel as only a lady would. I've been reading my newest book, The Ladies' Book of Manners and The Ladies' Book of Etiquette. I have a new determination, my fruits; my blog is flying; cloud high, I assure you. The real test is never ever giving up on a dream.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Lady Raquelxxx 

Monday, March 20, 2023

Faith, Hope, Love and Good Luck And Lady Raquel's Revelations On Friendship

Channel the royal spirit, my dears! 

"Of all the bonds that exist between people, perhaps the sweetest is the bond of friendship. For it is born not of duty or blood ties but out of sheer delight in another." 

Indeed If you see the post title, I have, from this point forward, created a little something called "Raquel's Revelations" it is similar to what The Pioneer Woman calls "Ree's Confessionals." Another secret element from the book Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon is to steal from everyone who peeks one's interest at every chance you get. However, may I take it a step further? One must not just steal from one person; we must steal from everyone and make it our own, which makes for originality; otherwise, stealing from only one person is considered a copycat imitation. Here is a lovely page from Steal Like An Artist to differentiate the two thefts. 

Did you know that I take the extra step of jotting down posts for thee ole' blog by penning the post by hand and thereafter typing it into my "online diary?" The posts are much better written than if I were to type them out. Trust me, I've made an effort for it, and they sound dusty and not nearly as promising. I'm attempting to get out of my own way when it pertains to creating content, which reminds me, did you perchance see my latest video on ye ol' YouTube? Here's the link if you'd like to watch it. Also, for my patrons, I wrote a very personal post on Patreon, and that link is here

I've spent the last nine days or so convalescing as I detected no severe illness, but upon further investigation, I realised I caught Bronchitis; it wasn't a terrible bit, but enough to render me the stamina to edit or find photos for thee olde blog. I terribly missed writing to you, my darling sweet Stillwater Petticoat Society. 

Allow me to get on; for now, I am perfectly sound. 

I wasn't energetic on St. Patricks Day, as I was not feeling much up to any sort of constructive occupation. Oh, in my heart of hearts, I was so excited to take on several projects, yet my body was calling for rest, and thus, I rendered the desire to lean into my physical needs. I think it's quite crucial for us as Mermaids (women) to listen to our landlocked bodies and adhere to what our higher spiritual Goddess self is attempting to relay to us. Too often, we ignore our bodies' many cries and wind up paying a higher price. Hence my being brought to my bed once again, bedridden. I do understand we as women often have no other choice depending upon our circumstances; however, if we do have those opportunities to take advantage of repair and restoration, we truly must learn to accept the help and be glad in it. I mention this imparting of advice for I remember being a young mother, and the rationale I so leniently gave into was not inquiring for assistance or receiving help (although I desperately required it). I was entirely too self-conscious in rural attempts to remain externally "perfect" as if I could abide all of my required endeavours with grace, ease and delight of my own accord, although I was drowning in overwhelm. One must attune to the times, my dear hearts. Endeavouring to be and do everything for everyone never leads to anything edifying although we may believe we appear indestructible, this is not so. I was on a course of self-destruction, all to please others and assist in making their lives as comfortable as possible by giving way to allowances to everyone but myself. Reducing our personal womanly needs will undoubtedly and markedly cause grey beneath our caps at an early onset. (Heh...) Whereas my insecurities did propel me to become entirely self-reliant, they created a barrier between myself and other women. It is hard to be friendless in the hour of need and bitter to be alone at the moment of reckoning, for friendship itself is the sharing of truths. Today I would tell my younger self that it's perfectly lovely and wonderful to allow other women or relations and friends to swoop in and help us when the occasion warrants. This incident is widely distinct from taking advantage of the help; that's another story entirely. 

I've not been on Instagram stories, as I am experimenting with using cell food drops and tea tree oil to remove the two small moles on my face. I have a small one beside my nose and a small one beneath my cheek and chin. They haven't ever truly bothered me to the degree that I must have them gone; however, I wanted to see if what I've been reading about in molecular enzymes is true. What better way than to research me? I've stressed to you many o' times I am a guinea pig for experimentation. It's working; they are nearly gone entirely. In the first few days, I had to place a little flesh-coloured plaster (bandaid) on to avoid scratching them. Are you that way? If it's peeling away dry skin, I seem to keep my hands constantly fiddling and touching. I remember a lass in high school who loved to peel our friend's dead skin from our sunburns. Peculiar heh? The bizarre of growing up in Florida. 

I've been holding myself accountable each day (Monday thru Friday) to reinforce my endurance skills to remain beholden to responsibilities with releasing Sawyer's book The Tale of Sawyer Lamb by his birthday, June 8, 2023. I realise I've shared all sorts of days in regards to releasing books this there and the tenth with you, dear hearts and oftentimes failed to produce; however, I admittedly confess to grappling with turning up every day. I am changing this trait about myself this go-round as I understand it was a slight fear I had attached to my limiting beliefs of abandonment and not feeling heard. (In my next video for youtube, I am sharing a detailed video about this topic. I look forward to your visit over there. Here is the link to my YouTube if you'd like to subscribe.) Yes, ma'am, another abandonment and self-worth belief for dear ole' Raquel. Is that not how it operates, though? One must not feel the pressures of revealing one's inadequacies, for we all have redeeming qualities and unfortunate self-destructive limiting traits too. The fortitude and boldness in self-acceptance are when we are more equipped to rectify such measures making us as beautiful mermaids (women) all the more influential for our daughters and others for which to be examples.

We travel the world in and out and one belief or maybe two, and there is a running tune with all of our other beliefs at play with a similar trend. The beliefs that I had to arduously toil at creating new beliefs for (and listening at night), (if you haven't guessed) were abandonment, distrust, respect and low self-worth. These battles are why I beat the dead horse here on ye olde blog, as it is my solemn desire to assist others. I wish to help inspire women to gather the passion for changing their lives themselves to achieve all of their dreams (by leading them back to themselves), which is self-love, the most tremendous force on earth. I deeply love and care about you (my dear hearts) more than you can speculate, which is why I apply quite a bit of grit to this online literary diet. It may seem harsh at times; however, I sincerely believe in tough love. I wouldn't care about you or anyone in this big blue marble if I didn't say what I mean with the confidence and hope to lead one to the alter of their own higher consciousness. I mean it with deep empathy and love for others, as I do not apply for favour but to encourage personal power and love. It is quite similar to raising my children. I did not position myself to be my children's "friend" but to be their mother. I am here to lead one to themselves, not for pedestal worship nor idolisation but to direct folks to know of their own divine worth. 

The new week will comprise of additionally organising the rabbit room and more cleaning, and packing unused things to deliver to the charity shoppe next week. I'm creating a pile. My dear Sir Oliver Twisty Topsy passed away after my birthday on February 28, 2023. I was indeed heart-stricken as Oliver helped me on many occasions through my life in the last eight years, such as when I went through my divorce and then when Sawyer died; he helped me to heal, and aside from those catastrophic life events, he was my first real dream come true that my childlike spirit personified. He was the sweetest little quiet companion I ever did have. Two weeks ago, I dropped him off at the taxidermy (Morgue Made) for pets, and he will be back home in June, the same week Sawyer's book comes out. I am very excited. I am planning a small coronation party in May, are you? I am painting a little banner with the King. I'll post it when I am finished and you can print it off to use if you're planning a little celebration as well. 

I'll write a small post about it closer to the date. I am also planning a small book launch party here at the cottage with my family and Stillwater. (Have you signed up on my pop-up email? It is where you shall receive infrequent emails from me about bits happening dubbed "Sybrenas Sparrow.") I am considering having a little live-stream tea party on youtube. What do you think? Doesn't that sound delightful? Let me know in the comments if that sounds like something fun we could do together as friends. I want to continue creating our community, Stillwater—A Petticoat Society. A few classes I also have planned in the summer are quilting, a mermaid's map and a canning gathering (all courses for women.) I've had numerous women email me wanting to participate. How delightfully exciting! Please sign up for emails to remain informed, as it is good for a woman to be freshly occupied. Thank you, dear friends. 

Most affably, yours til my next swim, Lady Raquel

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Deep Pontificating

The Real Truth Behind The Online Nonsense about Selena Gomez and Hailey Beiber. 

Hear ye, hear ye, put the kettle on, my darlings. I am taking some of these youtube channels and news outlets to church. 

In betwixt my varying tasks, I must confess that to address matters about a public online feud taking place on the stage between celebrities is somewhat beneath me; and mostly drivel, however, there is a psychological notion to which must be disembowelled for this is the only way we as a culture positively expand. Knowledge is power. Naturally, I want no part of beaming a celebrity high upon the housetop of a moral high ground as I feel confident none of them would dare buy me a sandwich if they were to pass me on the street. Secondly, I have never in all my years deemed any famous person above me in importance. As I've stated many times, there is no one above or below. And Although my nature is to ignore such matters, it is my civic duty to address this topic, beings no one else is addressing the real truth behind it. I am speaking of the Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber ghastly debacle, and yes, in the news, it is being beaten to death; however, since no one else seems to have the foresight or intellect to get to the heart of the matter, I will place my woollen yarn spin to it. It's unmistakable I must provide solutions for the world. Do I have to solve everything? Apparently, the answer is yes; the mermaid mystic is here to decipher the code. It's the screeds, pencil-pushers, adjective-jerkers, and chaunter-coves, all night off, and we can't account for anything of importance with the X.Y.Z.'s as they will continue to snooze on the truth. 

Smile—I digress. 

It is not about eyebrows; it is not about fat shaming, body image or anything else, which every news outlet seems to write. Yes, it appears that way from the external, though that is all an illusion, my dear hearts. 

"You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!"—A Few Good Men

(I'm having a go with you.) 

[This is my subjective opinion and contextual analysis, so mind your manners on my town square. Provide me with a thousand words to draw a crowd, and I'll convince you of my rightness.]

Justin is not living his truth. Whereas he has facial issues, physical ailments manifest from metaphysical illnesses. (I cannot confirm nor deny additional related measures from the black plague.) I will only clarify that we demonstrate our internal repression and diseases externally; if the universe/spirit/god endeavours to get our attention and it falls on deaf ears, it must manifest itself physically. I think he regrets marrying Hailey deeply. Oh, he "claims" and vehemently endeavours to convince the big blue marble of his fondness and happiness with his tickled conch shell pink mood, yet his actions exhibit themselves differently. I think he married Hailey out of pain and anger with a soupcon measure of retaliation and vindictiveness towards Selena. He jumped ship as many Pisces do, and then later, after settling himself, now regrets he went so far as to marry. (I will caveat, I think he loves Hailey, but perhaps he's not in love with Hailey. Pisces (which is Justin's astrological sign) are impulsive, fickle, and, dare I mention, if one attempts to control a fish, will always slip the hook. Do not ever attempt to control a Pisces because swim away they will. Hailey, Selena, Justin and Kylie all possess terribly low self-worth and are completely insecure (when it pertains to matters of the heart and relationships), as most of Hollywood. From my perspective, Hailey's driving force to perform these daft nonsensical displays of adolescence is because Selena is a threat to Hailey. "A woman knows when her husband looks at her and sees someone else."—The Notebook 

Selena often says she doesn't care and what is happening has no effect on her, yet she is constantly taking social media breaks, so in actuality, it deeply does ruffle her feathers. I would like to see her remain on social media and work through her pockets of self-worth insecurities rather than flee. 

Each one of these people has extremely low self-worth, and it would do them well to learn to love themselves first rather than go outside of themselves believing another person is their issue. Whereas I do not believe Selena and Justin would ever get back together, eventually, I do think Justin and Hailey will divorce. 

The resolution to such online drama is always to mate with one's soul first and then. Again and again, everything stems from low self-worth. Fear not, darlings; we shall solve this unfortunate societal lack one soul at a time. May we all look within and begin with ourselves. Self-love is and always will remain the answer.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Lady Raquelxxx 

Raquel's Letterbox-In-The-Hedge

Hello dear friends,  I truly believe that a blog can be a kind of post-office-in-the-hedge. Think of it such as this dear friend. There is a...

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