A Sprinkling Of The Little Mermaid's Victorian Affairs

Wednesday, August 28, 2019
My dear friends,

I have so much to tell you! I have a cup of earl grey tea and a few pumpkin spice cookies next to me, and I'm sitting in a stately position. Today is the first week of steadily wearing a corset. Yes, indeed! I am slowly becoming a Victorian lady, after all! I left my sewing baskets readily available to sew in the evenings before the gardener and I are put out to pasture, as the saying goes.

Mermaidlings, Little Women, The Tale Of Sawyer Lamby, Victorian Hat Pins And Potterings

Tuesday, August 20, 2019
" When they said, "There's no such thing as mermaids" I nearly fell off my dolphin."
My dear friends, 

Pour some tea and let us have a visit. I am having a cup of earl grey with cream and an orange and cranberry scone. I have a new little tiny tea and cookies book, sent from a friend a time ago, and think that I should at least attempt to make some of my very own scones. Have you ever tried to make scones, there is rest assuredly a tricky little secret to such tasty morsels?

The Art And Beauty Of Self~Love {Why You Don't Have It And How To Regain It} Portion I

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

My dear friends,

It seems since Sawyer's passing, I have had many women and young folks reach out to me, with sentiments of sending well wishes, and deep compassion. I am indeed appreciative, I couldn't feel more love from my fellow being than now. You/ they have been so very kind and loving.

It has unravelled a feeling of comfort, that women feel they might confide in me. It has afforded me an excellent way to connect with them. One of my soul purposes is to inspire women and children around the world, to believe in themselves; to undoubtedly convince them that nothing is impossible. They can be, do or have anything that their dear hearts desire.

Blogger Technical Issues

My dear friends, 

I am currently trying to unfold the reason the font on my latest blog post keeps reverting back to the smallest font. It's disturbing me much. 

Thank you for your devoted patience. I surely think this solidifies I am ready to convert the website completely over to WordPress very soon. 

A Mermaids Meditation Practice {The Abraham Hicks Way}

Monday, August 5, 2019
Updated: August 5th 2019

The new website is forthcoming!

My dear friends, 

As many of you know, I began practising the Law of Attraction {Abraham Hicks} in 2014, and that is precisely when I started my daily practice of meditating.

Leaving A Legacy And The Introduction Of The English Settlement

That's our dear Sawyer to the far left holding Zoe Kennedy's hand, wearing suspenders {he insisted in wanting to be different even on that day.}. I relish in those memories. Happy tears...

My dear friends, 

I posted a little excerpt onto Facebook this morning about my tiny epiphany on leaving a legacy for my precious boy Sawyer. 

As you may well know by now, I find that being able to share my life with you is such a therapeutic approach for my soul's growth. So I thought that I would share with you a few particulars that transpired this weekend.