Mermaid Hair The Victorian Way

Sunday, September 29, 2019

My dear friends, 

I have wanted to do this post for quite some time. However, all things accordingly tend to give way at the surface edge in perfect timing, yes?

Mermaids don't live by watches, as the human folks do. {Smile} We do, however, use sands of an hourglass. 

Transforming My Life Into A Victorian Lady

Thursday, September 26, 2019

My dear friends,

As I have contemplated about what to write, I thought that to keep you abreast of what manner of pursuits I have been experiencing is a delightful way to share on this here ol' blog. For some reason, I feel more connected to you ladies in this atmosphere. I'm curious if I'm the only one. For us to be real friends, we must share life experiences, yes? 

Pottering About With The Stafford's

Tuesday, September 24, 2019
My dear friends,

I am still in my nightgown, sitting up in bed with our snuggly down feather blanket, very excited about the Autumn season upon us. I have been resting since arriving home yesterday from all of the scheduled events of a funeral. I have heard that funerals mentally and physically wear you out, I believe that sentiment wholeheartedly.

Blogging Is Not Dead Or Unwell {Mermaids See Through Muddied Water With Laser Vision}

Monday, September 23, 2019

My dear friends, 

I had an entirely different post planned; however, we received news that my dear beloved gardeners littlest brother had passed away, so we attended his services over the weekend. I just returned home and wanted to post this entry. I still wanted to write, as writing is always a tonic for me in my life. I think the topic of blogging is always a good one, so shall we discuss? {smile}

I am one to believe that if other women are such as myself, I too, love to read blogs, especially those ones that are still personal and consistent. I just checked two blogs yesterday evening that I enjoyed reading and realised that the authors closed them down. I was a bit saddened by it. It caused me to reflect on the topic of blogging and ask myself is blogging indeed, dead? I happen to feel a bit forlorn, as I haven't found but three blogs that I visit regularly. The rest of the ones I used to visit have become all advertising, and I no longer feel a connection to the author. Now~ don't mistake my verbal intention when I say that. I think you should create revenue, I surely have. However, I try and keep my approach affable. There is nothing worse to me than feeling like "I want your email so I can sell you rubbage." Once again, we don't have to thrust goods down peoples throats. People are brainy and can smell inauthenticity a mile away.  

Has blogging changed and expanded? Absolutely! I am ever the wise one by acknowledging that blogging is not like it was when I first began thirteen years ago. That does not deter me, in fact, if it does anything, It makes me want to stand out and remain steadfast in my desire to have an active and joyful blog. I find it very interesting that many folks that had blogs or even still have thriving blogs have become disheartened by them. It reveals to me that when people aren't receiving an immediate reward for what they are doing with comments, accolades, followers and swarms of folks waiting on their next blog post, they become peppery and jump on the bandwagon of giving up blogging. I think this is precisely showing someone like myself that if you are doing something for the wrong reasons, you will eventually bottom out. Meaning that even if someone is a successful blogger with regards to making really great money from their blog, but are no longer doing it for the passion, the content and the vibration behind the blog will eventually go bust. That's my opinion with almost anything in life. I have felt the vibrations myself. For instance, when I would create a painting, but my reverberation wasn't behind it, I wouldn't attract the right person to buy it. It would then sit in a pile of unsold art. I eventually burned all my verberation art that was painted that wasn't energetically uplifting to me. I have the memories of them, and it has created the type of artist and writer within, that unless I am utterly inspired and wild horses can't keep me from writing or painting, I will not do it at all. 

Blogging becomes hard when we push against it. We try to grind it out because we have deadlines or create restrictions on ourselves, thus giving our sponsors the idea that they too can place restrictions on us because its called "business."
I think it's so exciting that some of the trendy bloggers that have thousands upon thousands of page views and loads of sponsorships still complain that things aren't going as they planned. I suppose I could retort by saying, " All things are a reflection of the law of attraction. I love living in the moment and being anticipatory of how my next sponsor or customer will come. It gets me very excited. Too often, the bloggers that felt they had the blogosphere figured out rested on their laurels of having a great blog and audience. And now, many years down the road I have visited these blogs, with complaints of it no longer being the days of old~fashioned blogging or they have closed down their blogs.

I think when something like this occurs, It is once again testing to see who has the character for the long haul. When you build character on the understanding that the old cliche of having fun doing what you love and the money will come, still tests true. In all sincerity, I believe that with all things.

All things come in seasons. When I had my blog years ago, I was in the season of raising four children. However, my content hasn't changed. Why? Because I am a writer and writer's write. It's as plain as that. When I was raising my children, I still made time to blog and write every single day. Longhand. With pen and ink. As a matter of fact,  when we feel a passion for doing something, it flows easily, and when it's not flowing smoothly, that is NOT the time to push harder. It's time to stop and just allow, take inventory, dive deep into understanding what the Universe/God/Source is trying to tell you. Even as a blogger, we are learning expansion.

In the day and age with influencer and Instagram {mostly}, I think women tend to get caught up. I think the folks that have a tendency to think Instagram is wreaking havoc on the self-worth of girls and other women are the exact ones that Instagram is actually creating an expansion in. If something such as Instagram has no effect on you, you won't view it in the same way as others. It won't hurt your feelings, cause you to self loathe, nor will comparison set in. Furthermore, It's a high light reel for most users. Whether it ever goes away or not should be of no consequence, but to some that have put entirely too much significance into it, it will cause them to lose a grip when the bottom falls out of their revenue. Have you noticed the amount of sponsored posts, advertising that is on social media? If not, you most likely don't have social media. I put out quotes on Facebook, but I, by all means, don't feel threatened to keep social media in order for me to build wealth. If anything, I think blogging is much better of a platform to use. I think bloggers are much more transparent than folks on social media. Yes, I am reflecting on my own experiences. I remember when I became obsessed with Instagram, and I soon realised that after deleting my account, one person out of a few thousand actually sought me out to see where I had disappeared to. Many of these Instagram gals are going to have a metaphorical knocking about the head when they realise one day they put all of their eggs in one basket and there's no egg delivery when they all get broken. I sound like a sour puss, and perhaps I still a little chip on my shoulder. I thought a few of the women I was friendly with were actually my "dear friends" only to realise that I didn't even know their real names. I am absolutely serious when I say that. 

I have had folks tell me at one time or another, I need to write towards my audience, and I need to stay on one or two topics to get the traffic I need for my numbers. I don't agree with this at all. I look at it like I do with all matters of the heart. You will vibrationally attract what you feel you deserve and how you are vibrating energetically, and that pertains to real life, with what type of people you spend your time with, who you meet in the grocery store, who you happen to make eye contact with at the stoplight, and what folks find my blog or your blog. I will attract the right people for me. We must get to the point of being confident in all regards to what we are doing. I think you can gather I am one for taking ownership, including being a blogger. Isn't that an interesting perspective? I believe so often most people don't recognise or understand that every single thing in our lives is intertwined. Everything relates to one another.

We must adjust our vision to see things the way a real mermaid would see them. When the rest of the world sees life through a blurred image, we must rise up and become the leaders of the world.

"The ones that are crazy enough to believe they can change the world are the ones who do."

Are you a blogger? Do you read the old~fashioned blogs? Perhaps you might share some here in the comment section.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx 

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Thursday, September 19, 2019

 My dear friends, 

I hope you are well. I have tea in hand and some pumpkin tea snaps. It never fails that when fall sets in, and the air is brisk in the evenings, I can not get enough of anything pumpkin flavoured. The only thing that I am not mainly in favour of is a pumpkin candle. Halloween is my most favourite holiday. What is your most favoured jubilee? I begin holiday music in October. If I am making festivity gifts, I will inevitably put on A Happy Victorian Christmas or Enya holiday, to encourage my frame of mind.

How I Make {DIY} My Victorian Notebooks And Organize Manuscripts

Thursday, September 12, 2019
 My dear friends,

My oh my! I was out today snipping away at the creeping fig on the cottage to keep it tidy and adorable, especially since we still have many folks each day looking at the house. We had three showings today, two yesterday and five offers. I am hopeful one sticks, and we sell promptly. I love our little home, but I feel a fresh start is due for my Beloved Gardener and I.  

A True Mermaid Doesn't Care About Social Media Nor The Opinions Of Others

My dear friends,

I am having a cup of cold tea, while I write this morning. As I was meditating and jotting down some beautiful analogies for my autobiography book, "The Little Mermaid's Transformational Tale", I thought I might share with you a few thoughts on social media and why perhaps the opinions of others towards some folks hold meaning. 

Our Emotional Scales Are Unfailingly Our Vibrational Touchstones

Saturday, September 7, 2019

My dear friends, 

I thought to share a little story with you. I just made the long jaunt to the nearest UPS store to mail several of my Mermaidlings/Little Women paintings, and as you know, I am using Poppins, my bicycle. 

I awoke bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, placed my hair in a side updo, and pinned it with many kirby grips, to keep those little stray hairs from falling into my eyes while riding. I had readily prepared by searching the internet to see what time the store opened. I was all set, and away I went. Upon arriving at the store, I noticed a little note taped upon the front of the glass door, which read "No internet." I parked Poppins {my bicycle} to the side, placed her kickstand down and walked inside. I noticed the lights were on, so I was hopeful in the shipping of said packages. 

Upon entering the store, a charming curly, sandy blond-haired girl was leaning in a chair, playing on her cellular phone with her legs kicked up on a small table. A brusque man was sitting behind the counter with his legs also kicked up on a table. I asked if I might mail some packages with which he replied, "No, our internet is down." I said, okay. He responded, it'll be back on this afternoon, or you can go down the road to the next UPS store and use theirs. I replied, "I am on a bicycle". Oh, he said. I walked out and was standing at the window while I contemplated my subsequent step. I asked myself, "Should I just go home or try and bicycle two and a half more miles to the nearest USPS?"

I then walked back in and asked if I might buy a booklet of stamps. I was holding my reticule, and I knew I had sufficient cash for a brochure of stamps if I were buying from the USPS, and I also had my debit cards. The man behind the counter said no, I can't sell them to you. I walked out, and immediately the spritely young gal came out and said, " We actually can sell you a book of stamps". I said, oh, good thank you. She held out the stamps and then said, "That will be 9.24". I had the funds for a booklet that generally costs me 8 at the USPS. I didn't realise how much more their prices were, so I offered my debit card. The man didn't look up, and the young girl said, "Can we take her debit card when he replied no, "OUR INTERNET IS DOWN."

I looked squarely at him and said, "I think you should close your store." He pointed to the sign on the door and said I have a note, so why would I do that? I said, "Because you aren't capable of serving your patrons." He said, "Well, have a good day." I said, "Thank you." At that moment, I nearly broke down in tears, but I mustered inner strength, gathered myself together and peddled back home. Even though it was a bit longer, I took the scenic route. I knew that if I were able to enjoy the scenery, I would talk myself right back into a fabulous mood, which I did. I was out of breath, and to clarify my state of affairs, I live in Florida, where the temperature felt like one hundred and seven degrees, and I was wearing a dress with a corset, so my defences were down. I made it back home, rifled through my billfold and retrieved what leftover holiday stamps I had. I stuck a ridiculous amount on each envelope and crammed them in the mailbox. I came back in, and as best I could slump down on the sofa {with a corset on} sighed {ahhhh}.

I share this story with you for several reasons, and I will demonstrate with a few more accounts, to bring the conclusion of a tale about momentum, and energetic vibrations. 

If I chose to, I could have just shared that story with you and chalked it up to bad timing, the man behind the counter was daft, devoutly state I was mistreated and that all shoddy things happen to me. However, I am one to take ownership of myself, comprising of my energy. I'm abiding when I try fervently to live my truth, action accountable with vibrations and life as a whole. 

Now, hours later, having sat down and looked over the situation, I was able to recognise what happened. Nothing went wrong, even though it seems like it did, I know better. All the experiences in our lives are teaching us how to better clarify what we desire in life, and Source/God/Universe is weaving us in and out to do so. 

The bicycle trip was another example of me resting on oriented moves of physical action, as opposed to placing myself into alignment before the ride initially. I had a preceding negative approach. In preparation this morning, I had mentally thought to myself, I despise this situation. I was upset, for something other than the lack of a vehicle. I will share that particular with you in a moment. 

Me and Oliver TwistyTopsy
This gave me a reason to reflect this morning upon returning home from the UPS store. Yesterday, Jeffrey and I had received news that for the second time the contract on our sale purchase was cancelled. As I was trying to console myself from this blow, I recalled an Abraham Hicks workshop. I had remembered hearing of a man that was in the hot seat and was telling Abraham how he had his home on the market for over two years and for some reason he could not get the house sold, and he was so frustrated about it. Abraham then asks him how he feels vibrationally about the home at the moment. He began rattling off how much it needs work, his family has grown out of it, there are no kids for his kids to play with anymore, etc. Then Abraham asked about his emotions when first buying the home. He got a smile on his face and spoke of all the family gatherings they shared, how much they loved going to get new plants/ trees, and how exciting it was for them as a family. Abraham then said to him, right now, you are vibrationally sending out to others, "Come buy this piece of crap I no longer want!" Comparatively to how he used to feel about the home, it is his job to then change his vibration, and the house would sell. Well, the conclusion to that story is that one week after this workshop, the man sent word through an email that he had worked on his vibrational energy, and his house sold. So I began thinking about my vibrational energy towards my own home, and what I am sending out on an emotional scale. Isn't that the truth of it? We frequently go about life without realising our energy is off. We think just because we get up and put our hair in a cute side updo, and look presentable that all is well, however, looks are deceiving. We might as well come around to understanding we can "fool" many folks with an act of seemingly doing well, but we will never fool the Universe/God/Source. Everything is vibrational, and there are no two ways around it. After resting with myself for a time and working a focus wheel, I now realise I have had mixed emotional vibrations with regards to my dear little home. Soon it will be a matter of sufficient timing to get back onto my delightful seafaring voyage of happiness.

I share these experiences with you to remind myself visually of how I am doing on my transformational journey, as well as to hopefully inspire others to observe their own lives.

This morning I told my dear gardener of my synopsis and how even though I live the law of attraction and teach the law of attraction, it will forever be ongoing in our earth life learning. As much as the quote is cliche, it is about the voyage, not the destination. I am so appreciative of the ability to see these experiences as a way to autocorrect.
Aren't these girls just as cute as can be? Their mother sent me these photos of their painting reveals and I just HAD to show you their darling little faces.  

I wanted to show you two separate photos and get your opinions. I know the coloured one is delightful, but I also think the sepia one is delightful too. I am attempting to determine if sepia and black and white images would be more suitable to my blog. If we look back at the Victorian days, they didn't have coloured pictures and If I'm attempting to create an actual Victorian blog, wouldn't the photos be better suited in what would have appeared then? You tell me. I would love your opinion. 

This is the new sign for The English Settlement. Isn't it a delight!

I also wanted to share a few books that I am currently loving.

~Beatrix Potter's Gardening Life: The Plants and Places That Inspired the Classic Children's Tales: Marta McDowell

~The 1885 Edition of Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms: The How-To-Do Everything Book of Victorian America: Thomas E. Hill

~Red: A History of the Redhead: Jacky Colliss Harvey

~ Tasha Tudors Heirloom Crafts: Tovah Martin

~The LittleHouse Cookbook: Frontier Foods from Laura Ingalls Wilder's Classic Stories: Barbara M. Walker

~The Beatrix Potter Country Cooking Book: Sara Paston-Williams

~The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady: A facsimile reproduction of a 1906 naturalist's diary: Edith Holden

~The Trade of Authorship: Wolstan Dixey {Victorian}

Most Affably Yours Til My Next Swim, Raquelxxx

Everyday Life As Of Late

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

My dear friends, 

Won't you pour some tea and let us have a visit. I hope you have faired well. The gardener and I were indeed lucky again with the case of hurricane Dorian. She decided not to make a visit, and I am feeling rather appreciative.