The Art Of Escapism {4 Television Shows To Assist In Diversion From The Pandemic}

Saturday, March 28, 2020
Even though the world has gone on lockdown, watching mindless hours of television isn't a rarity, even for a pandemic.

I mean, television was created for entertainment; it was also designed to distract someone from the realities of life.

And right now, I think many folks need mindless hours of some good television to escape. Isn’t that what all humans are doing all day every day with recreational drugs, drinking, etc.? Yep, pretty much.

The Art Of A Focused Mindset {And How To Optimistically Swim Through The COVID-19}

Friday, March 20, 2020
[Disclaimer: I am going to continually use the means I possess for creating this blog with as much optimism as possible. You'll either vibe with me or swim off- because, well, those that are drowning in their sorrowful misery won't be able to hear a word I'm writing regardless. I'm writing this blog to stand in my truth that optimism is the way to live, irrespective of what others think. If you agree, let's have a go, shall we?]

This explanation of optimism will not apply to someone that has no understanding of universal laws. {That isn't meant to sound condescending, as if I'm somehow more intellectual than the average bear, but someone will invariably read it that way, and if it's you, my apologies in advance. Smile.}

It will surely hit some folks the wrong way: well, because like I stated here.

You know the old saying, ’you can't win for losing.’ Yeah, that. Because let's be truthful here, we are all different. We come from all sorts of situations and life experiences. So no one is going to understand you in the way you desire to be understood. It's not their job. The world is not here to feather our nest. The sooner one learns this, the better off they'll be. The problem is established when the world is on the brink of a breakdown. Do we think Sally from Louisville, Kentucky that writes a blog about positivity is going to change someone for the better that is down in the mouth about life and the COVID19? No. We all must listen to our inner being, and until that happens, we can read all the online magazines, or search Facebook groups till the everliving cows come home, and we aren't going to find solace. Solace comes from alignment. No. Where. Else. Alignment with our inner being. I could end this post now. However, you know me, and I'm going to try and drive this home until you're near the brink of disgust. Cause, ya know, that's my way.

Many folks that are fearful or upset about all that's happening is the most accurate external sign that they have habitually reached outward for the world or someone outside of themselves to solve their problems. If they could just talk to the right person, take the right medicine, read the right online blog post, find the perfect Facebook group, and have an excuse for why they are feeling the way they are they'll feel some sense of resolve. Yes, sometimes amid contrast Source will throw something our way, intending to wedge its way through the cracks and slide in a piece that WILL help ’said’ person to feel resolve. Our inner being has a way of working that out for us like that. Yay! For our inner beings! And yay because even when one might have thought I was going to advocate not reading that blog post that was negative. I am not. Why? Because Source is always leading and guiding us, no matter how much we may be pinched off in those areas of our lives that are resisting and pushing against self. That's all it is truthfully, is resistance conditioning of years and years of build-up and lack of belief in ourselves.
The reason I choose to live in the positive is that it's like this:

Pretend you're at a restaurant buffet bar. {And this is quite fitting because pretending is what we have to do right now.}

Now, where was I? 

Oh, yeah. 

There are all sorts of delicious foods to choose from, but you also see THE ONE food that you despise. Would you want to eat the good foods or select the one lousy food you hate and gobble it up? Of course, you’d choose the good one.

So why would you keep talking and talking about what you don't like about the COVID 19 and how it's causing you to feel? Habit, that's why. Practice and momentum of training the mind to see the bad instead of the good.

Don't worry; it'll get worse. Just keep talking about it. The universe is noninclusive; meaning you always get what you think about. Keep arguing for your limitations, and you’ll get them tenfold. The thoughts you think about, multiply. I'll see you on the positive side after all this dies down. I have no desire to discredit anyone when they are feeling like rubbage. I do, however, know that universal laws create momentum. Which means that if you start seeking out individuals to ’woe is me’ all over the place that momentum picks up and soon you'll find yourself in the pits of despair. Because the universe brings what your vibrating right to you. Haven't you ever noticed that when you feel like a heap of negativity that you find all those same types of folks? They start to collectively congregate in the same place. If you'd like to know where you're vibrating, take a look around and see what's manifesting in your surroundings. Is it negative? Are the folks around you negative? Then that means sweet Sally, ”YOU ARE NEGATIVE!”

I know it's distasteful yo hear, but it's the truth. No one wants to dwell in that kind of mind junk for days and nights on end. It makes a person feel awful. So why ask or question my motives for positivity? I want to spend my life feeling good, that's why.

If you're any sort of a book worm, such as myself (and even if you haven't been, you might start, beings that some folks are now quarantined), you've read at least a motivation quote or two from some spiritual guru somewhere, ”The power of mindset.”

This is a true statement, if you don't believe me, all you have to do is take a look around {I know, I know. I'm asking you to look around quite a bit here. Errr...} and see how many folks are panicking, with their anxiety issues shooting through the surface of the sun. In the moment of grave crisis that occurs in the world on this scale, no longer for the selected few, It has a way of shaking some new thought paradigms into a person.

There will always be people thriving and not thriving in times of contrast. Do you know why? It has nothing to do with outside circumstances, regardless of what those are. It has to do with a MINDSET! It's not any more complicated than that. It's all a personal mindset of how one chooses to focus their thoughts.
Here's an example. Think of the most famous person that had a positive mindset, Martha Stewart, for instance. Do you think she came out of prison after all she experienced; a more powerful creator? Yes, she did. She had a mindset behind that beautiful brain of hers. She lived in an optimistic attitude. She used the time in prison to teach. That's what all good teachers do, are they teach.

However, you can’t teach what you don’t know. And the only way to KNOW is to live it. To actually LIVE the experience. I’ve said it a million times in my blog posts. Experience teaches words do not. What does the world need right now? To be taught, through experience. All will come out the other end, hopefully with a better sense of life and a deeper knowledge of themselves.

A large portion of my learning came from leaving a marriage of 24 years, and my son's murder. My son's death has prepared me and continues to teach me every day. It also reminds me that tomorrow is not promised. At the end of the day, we all are here for a short amount of time, and we might do well to realise this notion. Furthermore, something like this will also teach folks most profoundly. In a way, that nothing else has been able to teach them.

I highly promote living the best life possible. That is what I’ve been doing these last five years (after discovering the law of attraction), and I plan to keep on doing it. Because whereas many folks are down in the mouth, I see the positive. I am not going to look at the negative. We can choose to see a situation wholly awful or want to see the possibilities. And like Emily Dickenson said many moons ago, “I dwell in possibility.”

I will come out thriving in this situation. You know why? Because I went into it with that mindset. If you or someone you know wants the answers to all of this, it’s to CHANGE THE MINDSET.

How do you change a mindset, you might ask? You begin with each experience by training your mind to think on every single thing; positively. At first, it’s not easy, but your mind is a muscle, and it can be trained like anything else. It gains strength. When a negative situation (contrast) arises, flip the scenario. Now find the positive and milk it to death. And before you know it, you’ll be on the path to positivity. I promise you.

You must also remember you’re a mighty creator. You have extraordinary power. You just have to believe it. Like when you were a small child, you would so easily believe things. Be like that. Believe my friend and the world will once again become your oyster.

No grit. No pearl.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

The Art Of Distraction

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

When in times of uncertainty it might appear to some that I am a wee bit silly to write about such things such as what I’ve been doing to improve the cottage for the foundation {The Carter Settlement}, what books I’m reading or how I’m finding joy while being at home. However, the power of focus is, well, ‘a powerful thing.’

The Art Of Feeling Certainty In An Uncertain World {During The Outbreak Of Coronavirus}

Sunday, March 15, 2020
Last night I went to collect some bakery buns for supper. While I was placing my items on the conveyer belt, the woman behind me went to grab the stick to divide our groceries. As soon as I went to reach for it too, {I was trying to help}, she pulled away promptly while wearing her white latex medical gloves.

I wasn't phased by her actions at all, but it surely enticed me to examine what this virus is doing to stir up many people in the world. I also received word this morning that my inlaws cancelled their trip to England. They had been planning their trip for two years. They are very downtrodden about it. This is another reason that I encourage others to live their best life. To stop waiting for {within reason I know some things have planning requirements} for the world to adjust. Stop waiting to write that book someday, move to that country, live that dream. No one is promised tomorrow. I can say this with great clarification. My son's murder had a way of putting everything into perspective. And whereas I know you can't relate to me in that particular scenario, I know with this outbreak, it most clearly has a way of placing the importance of {your life and the lives of your family} into perspective, and quick like.
I know this epidemic is going to be the best thing to happen for many folks. It is most undoubtedly going to inspire some folks to get out ahead of this and to initiate self~reliance. Most people are very reliant {too reliant, in my opinion} on others and use other people to feel consolation and to seek relief of pain and insecurities {whether that's physical or mental anguish.} This virus is calling many souls forward, whereas some life experiences have to be experienced to set things aright. What I mean here is this. Many folks are going through this world {before this virus} without the recognition of how scared, cynical, sceptical or insecure they indeed are daily. An epidemic surely has a way of displaying such distress in oneself, does it not? I surely see it. Just look around. The folks that are out of their minds with fear, most likely deal with anxiety much of their lives when life is so to speak "normal." This pandemic has a way of revealing hidden emotions and fears.

I'm hopeful this will encourage folks to rely on their very own inner being. {I'm an optimistic kind of gal.} When there's no doctor, or therapist to talk someone out of their feelings or calm their nerves, often it's the best remedy for folks, therefore, to begin consoling their own lives. We must learn as individuals to take care of our own souls and our own minds, especially our thoughts. Our thoughts create our reality. We must look inward and console our own heart.
The only reason that any human ever does anything is knowing that whence they do it, they will 'feel better'.

Think about how children are right now in this world. For the most part, children aren't phased by this coronavirus. They aren't aware, because they aren't focused on it. Parents would fair rather well in learning from our little children. They are doing what adults should be doing. If parents continue to embark on becoming downright fear mongers, their children start to pick up on that vibration of the parent. They then take on those same emotions and feelings as their parents. Like attracts like. Remember, all things are vibrational. Anxiety and fear are the manifested emotions of being disconnected with self.
Most landlocked folks that are petrified might be significantly turned off by my approach in this post. When we as humans can learn/remember our own power, and the powerful creators that we are, fear will not consume us. And I get it, some will read this and be absolutely disturbed by what I'm saying. I know this is the exact thing that I expect from certain people that are pinched off from their inner being. I'll tell you why. When you {I'm} saying something to someone {like I'm doing here} and I'm speaking a profound spiritual truth, and it fails to resonate with someone, it's assuredly because they {the reader} doesn't want to hear what I'm saying. You know that ol' saying, ” the truth hurts.” When a person pushes so hard against their own inner being, by not listening to their gut; that profound truth is inside of them regardless. When we don't face the truth, our inner being is still leading us towards our innate nature. That doesn't feel good {emotion/feeling wise} when one is reading something such as this post. It's quite souring.
Just the opposite. If another reading this, trusts that all is well in the world {despite what it looks like presently} and trusts that when everything is said and done, will also be comforted in knowing that all things happen for a reason, they won't be remotely offended by this post. In fact, those aligned and trusting will undoubtedly feel real hope and solace reading my post. I’m not going to blow smoke up folks asses just to get someone to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I think it’s most assuredly an excellent notion to be positive. I live each day with the attempts to align my soul and spiritual nature with feelings of joy and good thoughts. However, I am also immovable and firm in my truth. I am a great advocate for finding joy in life, no matter the circumstances that are at the helm of our lives in any given moment, we can choose to see the joy or choose to see the sadness. It's rightfully for everyone's choice. I choose joy! These are the moments {in a crisis like this} that define us and build our individual character. What is light if there was not dark? What is happiness is we knew not of sadness? What is courage if we knew not to fear? What is a certainty if we knew no certainty?
My parting advice for you during this time is to go inside of yourself and take the time {if you’re hunkered down which many are} and evaluate what you have been doing with your life. How do you want to be a different person? After all of this has died {maybe, another word would have been suitable, Errr...} down, and things are back to normal? What would you like to change about your life? Now go and do that! I have faith in you. I know you will be fine. All is well, my friends. I am coming from a place of unyielding, but a very loving place too. I wish you a wealth of wellbeing and happiness.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

4 Ways To Navigate Through The Coronavirus Using The Law Of Attraction {A Mermaid's Metaphor}

Thursday, March 12, 2020

The coronavirus is obviously on the minds of many folks. In my case, I have only kept up with it vaguely because depending on whether or not Europe's travel gets suspended has to do with Jeffrey and me house sitting for our inlaws that are planning for their vacation there.  England is on the suspended going out. However, the coming in is still lifted in the UK. That may change; yet, I'm sure I'll hear from the inlaws if they do end up cancelling. 

Several Things Redheads Are Sick Of

Monday, March 9, 2020
[Disclaimer: this post is an all-out whining session, feel sorry for poor ol' me, and I'm undoubtedly going to make some sweet innocents in this delightful world quite upset with me. However, what else is new? Nothing to see here folks. You've been warned.]

The Art Of Naming Our Mermaid-Esque, Victorian {The Scarlette Rose Cottage}

Wednesday, March 4, 2020
A few days back, I posted about how Jeffrey and I are converting a one-room little vacancy on my folk's property into a little itty bitty cottage for The Carter Settlement. Its the beginning of my dream coming to fruition in the having of a real non-profit foundation. I'm not entirely sure what will transpire when we find our forever property; however, I'm living in the now and enjoying this process extensively.

The Art of Being Unapologetic For Making A Living From Blogging

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

I make money from my blog, YouTube channel, Etsy, Amazon and podcast. However, today I'm talking specifically about my blog.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an author and artist when I grew up. However, after a few of life's experiences and abandoning my dreams, I didn't pursue my writing nor artist career. Sure I still wrote in my diary daily and lettered to pen pals ever since I can remember.