Little Women And Mermaidling Request Day!

Thursday, February 28, 2019
My Dear friends, 

How are you, darling souls? I have some banana bread in the oven and I am waiting for the kettle to whistle. I am so excited to share this post with you.


You may not know this about me, but a few years ago when I picked my paintbrush back up after  36 years, I decided to create a day of the week that I would offer to paint little custom illustrations for those that wanted a piece of personal art. I had such a beautiful and warm welcome, that I have decided to bring it back. I have missed painting ever so much. 

I will be posting on my facebook fan page {link above} every Thursday for custom painting orders, or you may comment below here on ye olde blog.  It was and has always been a special experience for me to paint for you. I posted a few paintings below from my very first customers.


An original custom Mermaidling or Little Women {I named it after little woman as that is my nickname from my father since I have been a child. I think it's a sweet sentiment} Illustration. 4.5" x 6". Each little painting is $20 sand dollars. Every little portrait is in sepia ink and painted with watercolours. I then infuse the paper with aged seaweed, flower tinctures and floral notes that I personally created from my garden here at Staffordshire Cottage.

My saltwater has been charged with crystals of rose quartz and moonstone. I believe that sending my paintings into the world with a little magic adds a touch of love to all those that purchase my art.

Along with each painting comes with a personal hand chose beach combed shell.

In order for me to navigate through with your classification please clarify your desires accordingly:
~ Hair colour and length/ updo or down
~ Skin & or scale tone
~If you would like a particular historical era.
~ If you would like to add particulars such as a pet, flowers, your Mermaidling/Little Woman in an active pursuit such a reading, writing, gardening, borders, etc. specify that as well. Each addition is $1.

Explore your dreamy imagination. I can paint whatever you'd like!

Your Mermaidling/ Little Woman ships worldwide through the post in a medium size packing envelope.

If you would like to upgrade your shipment to priority shipping so you can track the painting, please be sure to let me know before purchasing.
This upgrade will be $6 within the U.S. and $13 internationally!
This is of a little picture that I painted of Wren with her pet rabbit. This was such a popular painting that I sold 16 prints. Every time I have it printed, I immediately sell out.

I believe that is why art either sells or doesn't sell. Have you ever wondered about that? Why does some art sell rapidly and some art you couldn't give it away for free. 
I believe all things are energetic. If I am an artist that absolutely is in the flow and I am so happy painting, I know my art will sell. I trust and believe in vibration. When the artist and the recipient are lined up, in a sense we are energetically dancing with one another.
Three pets of a dear friend that wanted some whimsical art to hang in her tea room. She hangs these every year at Christmas time. 

This was a newly married soul mate couple and wanted a little painting to remember their initial union. 

My dear friend Beth from Patina White. This was a memoriam from her two pets that had passed. 

A sweet painting of an adoption story of a little girl with her two puppies.

A grandmother and her grandson. They have a special tradition at Halloween storytime.  This depicts that moment for them.

My dear friend Ashley, The Mermaid Lady/ Author with her darling husband while on an underwater photo shoot.

A sweet friend with her pet kitty. 

A sweet little mermaid that loves to sing. 

A painting I did for my mother on Mother's Day. She absolutely loves squirrels. 

A sweet mermaid holding a heart of her beloveds name and banner of the date they were to marry. 

A little woman holding a candle. 

A Valentine for a granddaughter.

Do you believe in energetic vibration too when it comes to art? 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

The Art To Manifesting Your Dream Home {A Mermaid's Energy Wave}

Wednesday, February 27, 2019
 My Dear Friends,

I had the sweetest birthday on Monday and my beloved gardener surprised me with some beautiful foxgloves, Eugenia topiaries and some mint herbs. I was busy working on a DIY project out back in the garden and went to go check the mail a little while afterwards and boy wonder had surprised me by leaving the flowers by the garage. I shed little tears. I was reminded of his genuine kindness and thoughtfulness towards me. All of my children have been exceedingly kind and have been messaging me quite frequently. What a welcoming feeling. My heart is full.

In Honour Of Beatrix Potter { An Artist/Authors Dearest Treasure}

Thursday, February 21, 2019

My dear friends, 
It should come as no surprise that I have had a fascination with Beatrix Potter since I was a child. 

Even though her books are recommended for children ages 7-12, I presently enjoy them, and will forever more.

My books are also for ages 7~12. I have always been drawn to Beatrix in one form or another. Whether that was collecting the storybooks to read to my children, decorating my children's nurseries with rabbits, or having my very own cottage bunnies, just as Beatrix did.

How Tasha Tudor Used The Art Of Scripting

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

My dear friends,

This post is sure to be most delightful. Might you pour some tea and let us have a visit. I think my choice of tea today is cinnamon spice Chia Teavana. I cannot get over how much more flavorful a loose leaf tea is.

Shall we get on with it? As i was pondering how to bring my salient characteristic to this post, I thought what better way than to pull life experiences along with copious articles that I am personally fond of. What could be more perfect than writing, art, and life metaphors through one of my heroes, the great Tasha Tudor!

The Art Of Making Staffordshire Cottage Shipshape

Monday, February 18, 2019

My dear friends, 

I am having my tea a bit early. I wanted to gather my thoughts, so I have put on some Claude Debussy to angle my disposition of writing this evening. The day has been quite scorching and conditions are lacking in adornment, however, the sand cranes have been flying overhead cackling. I love to hear them and my ol' beloved seagulls. I cherish the sounds of seagulls along the ocean waves as they kiss the stoned fairy moss rocks. 

Mermaid Musings, My Thoughts On The Law of Attraction And Why I Won't Ever Read The Secret

Saturday, February 16, 2019
 My dear friends,

Did the day of LOVE serve you well? I surely expect that if you didn't have a Valentine you were your own Valentine.

It is so very important that we show ourselves a deep love and appreciation before seeking to find it from another. I read this quote this morning and wanted to share it with you.

"The world outside responds to the world inside of you." I really loved this reminder. I think all too often we want to blame others for the way things are in our own lives, when in fact, It's actually we just simply must change what's going on inside of us. It is not difficult to change the world inside of us, but it will take releasing resistance. The only action that we should put forth is inspired action {Here}.

The way we see the world, and what is happening to us daily in our lives is mirroring back what we are sending out.

If your car is broken down, if your checking account is in the red, if you got into a fender bender, a speeding ticket, can't seem to sell your home that's been on the market, fights with your family members, got taken by a hoax posing as a Munk, have a disease or illness... Guess what! That's all of your thoughts leading to things.

You are creating that. I know it seems harsh to hear, the truth always is. If someone resonates with my blog, I know they are the ones that are seeking the same things as I. I believe there are many in the world that are not ready for such in-depth understanding of universal laws. I look at some of the great seekers of the world, and at the time of their living, they were all considered lunatics. The truth is, they were ahead of their time. Oprah still won't put Esther Hicks on her tv network but will interview her on her radio channel. Esther Hicks is the entity that channels Abraham {Higher Consciosness} the key original source of, "The Secret".
The Secret was a watered down version of the Law of Attraction, so as to get people to accept the idea. Before the Secret was written, Rhonda Byrne went to Esther Hicks one on one to tell her that she was going to write a book based off of Abrahams teachings, but not tell them where it came from. She felt they wouldn't accept it because it was "out there." In my opinion, I think she wanted the glory to stay her own. I mean let's look at the success of her book, It has sold over 30 million copies and has been translated into 50 languages.

Esther says that really bothered her, but that the path of least resistance would be not suing Rhonda.

That to me was a form of stealing plagiarizing like an artist because Rhonda wouldn't tell the source of where she received her information. Always, always tell where you got your sources from or do not share. It is a form of respect. Esther Hicks asked Rhonda to please leave notes in the back of the book so that if others were to seek further they would be able to learn more. She did not do that. Esther ended up removing herself from the movie because she would not receive residuals from the sales of Rhonda's book. I think that is plain dirty what Rhonda did. I never read the book just because of that.

Furthermore, all you have to do is attend a workshop or follow Abrahams teachings and you will learn all there is to know about the universe and how it works at large. The teachings of Abraham far outweigh Rhonda's book "The Secret" and furthermor,e the words in" The Secret" are Abraham's so the book is bound to be a success.

I love to expand and become more of a deliberate creator of my life.
I am seeking satisfaction in my daily life and really having a fun time. I disembowelled the carpet from the cottage this week and I am so tickled it's finally all gone. It's been a bit of a prickly situation for me as of late. I am so eager to place the cottage up for sale, but we haven't quite put the sign up yet. Do you ever have those feelings? I do believe it is a matter of making a choice and following your bliss. The issue many have is when they want one thing but contradict it with a belief. We then become confused. That is all confusion is though. A worried sense that if you make a certain choice in life it may be the wrong one.

I know this feeling all too well. I was always struggling with this. I believe it was because I was raised a religious girl, and I was taught you can be wrong for things. I now understand and know otherwise.

What would you do differently in your life if you knew you could NEVER get it wrong?

Would you make different choices or decide on something? I guarantee you would. I did. My greatest contradiction was to finally decide once and for all I was divorcing my ex-husband. I made the choice and lined up vibrationally with it. It went fairly smooth considering all of the horror stories I have heard of. I created the story about my divorce that I wanted. So be it, so it is.

 I wanted to show you these unsightly photos just so you would be assured that life isn't always the most perfect setting. To live amongst restoration, remodelling or anything else is perfectly the way it's supposed to be. I used to struggle with how everything appeared externally. It came from my beliefs about having to be perfect and making all things around me perfect. I am actually writing a book about it entitled, "A Real-Life Mermaid's Transformational Tale, Her Voyage Back To Self Love" which will be published at the end of this year.

Are you on my tail E~mailing list, The Current? Sign up to get updates, the signup is in the sidebar or you've seen it as a pop-up when you logged on. 

That is a belief that will cause someone to want to give up completely. Mormonism {my old religion} was notorious for this. The culture that is placed and engrained into girls, women and people, in general, is a dangerous slope. It does nothing but place this neverending drive inside, feeling you will never be enough no matter what. I am not bitter, and I most definitely appreciate the church for what it was. It served me well at the time in my life when I needed it.

I knew innately this was not my truth. No matter how much I wanted to fit in, I never did. I have learned my truth now, and it is the most wonderful feeling I have ever known. I have truly come home.

Have you come home?
This is the throw carpet that I found at the thrift store for $19.00. It is 11 x 15 and almost fills the whole room.
A few of my books this week. I keep piles of books all over the cottage. Reading has always been my anecdote for anything in life.
Chickens chickens chickens... I am writing my book, and I am almost complete. The next step will be the illustrations. 
 Every time I see a bunny, I know the universe is giving me a nod," All is working out for you Raquel."

What have you manifested as of late?

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

The Art Of Southern Quotidiens On The Celebrated Day Of Love {As Mermaid And Ship Captain}

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's my dear Mer~friends, 

This is the only vintage mermaid valentine in my collection, so I thought that a fin'tastic idea would be to make some of my own. Do you favour the old Valentine's as much as I? I think they made them so lovely. Do you celebrate the day set aside for LOVE?

A Victorian Author Reading At Whistle Stop Gardens And Tea Room

Sunday, February 10, 2019

My dear friends, 

I promised an oath that I would show you photographs of my mermaid author readings at the tea room. 

I have had a few more, however, I was so caught up in the twirling tizzies I forgot to take pictures. 

A Skettle Of Fish, Pottering, And Musings At Staffordshire Cottage

Friday, February 8, 2019

My dear friends, 

Pour some tea and let us have a wee visit. I made myself a bowl of porridge with some cottage cheese and honey. I also made a cup of English breakfast black tea. Let's have a go. 
Meet Ms Merry Thistlewood!

This is a photo of our new little rabbit. This is the picture sent to me from the darling girl Brianna that I met at the tea room. We began chatting in between my book reading and immediately knew she was an ol' kindred spirit. Of course, she was intrigued by my dear Oliver and began explaining she has a sweet pet rabbit as well, but that she needed to find a new home for her. She will be going to college pretty soon and won't have much time.

Why Instagram Sends Women Into A Tailspin And How I Used Law Of Attraction To Understand A Life Lesson

Thursday, February 7, 2019
getty images
My dear friends

Pour some tea my darlings and let us have a visit. The title of this post is something I wanted to share with you now that I have been off of Instagram for over 3 months.

A Victorian Mermaid's Cabinet Of Curiosities: {Show Your Work}

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

My mother has the whole set of blue Danube china, and she knows I love tea, so she gifted me the teapot and two cups. She said I'll receive the whole set when she passes. 
 My dear friends,

Pour some tea, and let us have a visit. I had such a wonderful response to my previous post about stealing like an artist by Austin Kleon, so I thought I would share a wee bit about another book of his called, "Show Your Work", which you can find {here.}

The Art Of Thievery: {How A Victorian Mermaid Steals}

Saturday, February 2, 2019
My dear friends, 

I have been a bit under the weather, but I must write. Oliver and I wanted to say Rabbit Rabbit even though we are a day late!