My Beatrix Potter'ings At Carter's Cottage, Book Release, And Splendid Intentions

Friday, January 17, 2020

My dear friends,

Let us have some tea. I am going to make some scones from a receipt that I found. However, I intend on changing it up a bit. A few of the ingredients that I will properly use will be rose water, rose petals and the nut selected will be pistachio. I am naming the scone Merrymaid Scarlette Rose Tea Scones. If however, they are a splendid tasting scone I will add them to the menu when I get my very own tea room {MerryMaid Scarlette Rose's Bakery and Tea Cottage}.

Your Anchoring Beliefs Are Preventing You From Being A Powerful Manifestor {And How To Remove Them Swiftly}

Thursday, January 16, 2020
My dear friends,

Pour some tea, and let's chat about our childhood belief systems, shall we? Oh, how delightful a topic! 
"The way I feel is always an indicator of where my vibration is at."

It feels quite brilliant to be back to writing. Another subject that I wanted to share with you is the spirituality aspect of vibrations and emotional scales. 

I Am The Next Beatrix Potter {According To Abraham Hicks}

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Good day, Dear friends, 

I had the jolliest of a good time during holiday. I have now returned with an ingenious, most important, way to account for even more expansion with my online diary/blog. I also spent the better portion of 2020, carving out a more accurate depiction of what I desire for my spiritual voyage. My desire has continually been that I want you to come, settle in with me, have a cup of tea and chat.  However, I also have the desire to bring thought to a new Sphere. There are many delightful websites that cover the topic of spirituality. However, I myself was beginning to grow bored. Have you? Now, don't mistake me, and I'm admittedly in tune with everyone having their own journey, it just seems that once folks get to a specific place with the law of attraction, if they don't manifest large desires, they become disillusioned. They begin to believe that the LOA doesn't work. Also, as I was contemplating this for myself and receiving feedback from others, it tuned me into the frequency of wanting to expand in my knowledge even further to uncover why this was transpiring. If not for myself, but to also share with you. As I was in meditation a few days in a row, I came upon a video that set me right. I realised what was happening and why some folks would complain of manifestation barriers. I know I have discovered the answer. I want to share a few categories that many who know or semi~practice the Law of Attraction tend to fall into.